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  1. "Incarceration. It's a very temporary measure, isn't it? You fight for us, and we won't just let you rot here for the rest of your miserable lives."

    You're bad. Real bad. To the point that your atrocities have you incarcerated in The Box, the largest high-security prison on the planet. It doesn't matter what you've done, or how long you've been here, you all receive the same note in your cell, sealed inside a crimson envelope:

    "Are you willing to serve your country? Fight. Die. Serve your time on the front line. Claim redemption and be free. Shut down the projects and weapons that ordinary people can't. Respond in 24 Hours.

    You've been enlisted to join 'The Team'-A long-standing traditon at The Box. A team of hardened criminals who are enlisted by the government to do the things they can't. Or won't. Maybe you want redemption. Maybe you want to finally get out of jail. Or maybe you just really like killing people. Either way, The Team is your only hope.
    But know this. You'll have to make decisions that'll tear you apart. And not everyone will return home...

    Basically The Team, is a 'villain redemption' story in the vein of Thunderbolts or Suicide Squad. You'll be faced with difficult decisions, and yes, characters will actually die. After your character dies, you can continue participating as a new character. The Team will be enlisted to go on various missions-espionage, assassinations, and other tasks-but all of the missions are connected in a far larger conspiracy...

    Now, here be the rules:
    1. No God-Modding. Not Cool.
    2. Be nice to each other-no insulting other players. Or GMs.
    3. OOC stuff goes in the Singularity Room, created by the fantastic Thuro Pendragon:
    Error |
    4. Keep it appropriate. 18+ stuff gets taken to PMs. No execssive gore either. Injury, etc, is allowed, but be reasonable.
    5. Characters die. See my above paragraph for more information on that.
    6. Both Fandom and OCs are allowed. OP characters can be mildly depowered if necessary.
    7. Have Fun! (Yes that's a rule).
    Alright, here's your CS Guidelines:

    Character Name:
    Universe of Origin: (Which series your character comes from):
    Age: (Roughly-Doesn't have to be exact)
    Why they've been imprisoned: (Good Guys can be framed for a crime they didn't do,etc)
    Short Character Biography:
    Character Powers:
    And finally, just a sentence saying 'I agree to the rules'. I know that you're all probably lovely people, but just in case.
    The Game will begin very soon, after a couple of people sign up.

    Let the Sign-Ups Begin!

    @FireDrake150 -Victor Kresnik (Tales of Xilia 2)
    @Thuro Pendragon -John Crichton (Farscape)
    @BarrenThin -Safffron (Firefly)
    @❖Cats❖ -Abner Jenkins/Beetle (Spider-Man)

    @TheBlueBurch -Zim & Gir (Invader Zim)
    @Hospes -Reservation Made
    @OrlandoBloomers -Reservation Made
    @ResistingTheEnlightened -Reservation Made
    @Ananfal -Jinx (Teen Titans)
    @CookieMonster -Robin Armona Tyler (Doctor Who OC)
    @Victor Markov -Richard B. Riddick (Riddick)
    @The Silver Paladin -Kirigaya Kazuto/Kirito (Sword Art Online)
    @CrunchyCHEEZIT -Zaaed (Mass Effect)
    @Kaykay -Accelerator (Toaru Majutsu no Index)
    @Emperor Palpachu -Reservation Made
    @Forrest -Vaas Montenegro (Far Cry 3)

    @Tokusentai -Raoul DeChagny (Love Never Dies)
    @Tokusentai -Agent Kester (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles)
    The Handler -Calvin Zabo (Agents of SHIELD)
    The Handler -Rachel Alison (The Team: Operation RAIN)
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  2. Word of advice, you say OOC's instead of OC's. Simple Typo, But I was MOMENTARILY CONFUSED!!!!! XD jk

    Victor Kresnik (open)
    Character Name: Victor Kresnik (Or Ludger, an alternate dimention version of Ludger)
    Universe of Origin: (Which series your character comes from): Tales of Xillia 2 Worlds name is: Elympios'

    Age: (Roughly-Doesn't have to be exact) 25? well, he has a daughter, so I'll say 35. 35.
    Why they've been imprisoned: (Good Guys can be framed for a crime they didn't do,etc) Intent to kill the Prime dimention version of Himself and restart the world with Him and Elle Living happy lives, or, for the Murder of Rowen,
    Jude, Milla, Leia, Elize, Gaius, and probably several more. Yeah, it's probably the murders.

    Short Character Biography: Victor kresnik Murdered all of the people who were formerly his friends after the death of his wife. Sending his daughter, Elle, through a Dimentional rift, he intended to get Elle to bring him the real ludger kresnik, so he could murder him and replace him as the prime dimetions ludger. from that point, he intended to get to Canan to reset the world and make Elle and himself and his wife to live happily, even though it would kill him as he is now.

    Character Powers: Fantastic Chef. Chromatis: (Ability to take on a sort of form that replaces his typical dual pistols, dual shortswords, and Hammer with a lance and slows time for his target and himself to duke it out. Every Time he uses the Cromatis, the Black marks on the side of his face and body get larger, consuming more and more of him. Eventually, he will become a Divergence catalyst, or the reason the Dimention he is in needs to be destroyed as it differs from the prime dimention. timey wimey, wibbly wobbly, gobbletegook.)

    Normal Victor:


    Chromatis Victor:


    Theme Song: Hymn of Proof:

    Wihout the Lyrics, ALL Lyrics to this song are fan made, just the melody. (Yes, its a sad song for a murderer, because even though hes a villain, the reason he has done what he is doing is pure of heart and for good.)

    In case you Don't like Victor, OR you want another, I will OC Ize Ace, or assume he is from a different spiral of Orience.

    Ace (open)

    Character Name: Ace

    Universe of Origin: (Which series your character comes from): Final Fantasy Type-0 HD: the Worlds name is Orience

    Age: (Roughly-Doesn't have to be exact) 16
    Why they've been imprisoned: (Good Guys can be framed for a crime they didn't do,etc) FRAMED: Wanted for Treason: Murder of Queen Andoria of Concordia (Yes this happens in the game. Our 1x1 hasn't gotton there yet.)

    Short Character Biography: Ace is one of 14 Elite Agito Cadets from the Covert Class-0 of Rubrum. In a word, a Soldier. after getting stopped after a successfull sabotage mission, Rubrum, Millitesi, and Concordia signed a Non-
    violence pact. from this point, they were allowed to stay in millitesi for a short time, during which, the queen of Concordia was murdered, and The Agito Cadets were FRAMED for it.

    Character Powers: Using a Deck of cards as his main weapon, Ace is a better Ranged to mid ranged combatant. He is a Mage, and can use magic, so long as its sparingly. Can't repeatedly cast to no end. after about 5 consecutive spells, each further will require a Dice throw, or a cooldown period / Magical restoration. (I am using this as the limit because there is no practical way to do a Mana bar thats fun.)



    And finally, just a sentence saying 'I agree to the rules'. I know that you're all probably lovely people, but just in case.


    "I agree to the Rules?" No wheres my Cookie? :3
  3. Thanks for informing me about the Typo Fire.
    Victor and Ace sound perfect. Accepted! Which one are you going to use first?
  4. Which SHOULD I use first? XD

    You've seen me use Ace, but I can be more sinister, and more, "you all suck" with Victor. XD
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  5. I think that Victor would be an interesting one. Join the Dark Side Fire-We have cookies. :)

  6. Victor it is.

    Victor, I love you, Victor I do, Wherever a heart beats only for you...*shot*

    Too much harry plopper.
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  7. Character Name: John Crichton
    Universe of Origin: Farscape
    Age: Mid Thirties,
    Why they've been imprisoned: I can PM it to you privately, it has to do with events at the tail end of Parasite.

    Short Character Biography: Without going into a long spiel about his childhood, I will say that he once accidentally visited himself in the past and nearly got his younger self killed. But because the loop was broken by the events of a Traitor Game it is unknown if this still occurred.

    Many years later John had become an astronaut and a physicist. He had come up with a theory to increase a ships speed along using a planets gravity, possibly even unlocking the secret to extended space flight. The theory was, essentially, to safely 'skip' a shuttle along the surface of a planet.

    The experiment was a success. More than anyone had hoped. A wormhole opened up in space, possibly caused by his experiment.

    He landed in the middle of a battle between an escaping prison transport and a Peacekeeper force. He was brought aboard the transport and taken prisoner by the prisoners themselves, because they thought he was a Sebacien, or a Peacekeeper as they are commonly called. Humans and Sebaciens share many traits, although Sebaciens are in word, superior, and not afraid to let lesser species know it. In fact, the only ability that humans have over said species is heat resistance. Getting hot is, while not fatal, will put a Sebacien into the "living death".

    Over time he began to become to see the prisoners as friends, and they him, as they saved each other's lives several times over the course of their adventures.

    And then a fateful encounter changed his life, and the course of the universe. He was put in an illusion by an ancient alien named Jack, and when he eventually fought his way out of it, was granted the secrets of wormhole knowledge.
    The knowledge was hidden deep within his mind and his memories of it erased.

    He moved on as if nothing had happened, because without the memories of the knowledge that had been put in his mind, it was just another average day in hiscrazy little life.

    Crichton then had to infiltrate a Peacekeeper base to save the life of one of his friends, a peacekeeper woman known as Areyn. He was captured and subjected to heavy mental torture, and had a chip with a neural clone of his captor implanted in his brain, which he would not find out about for quite some time.

    He escaped, as he always does, and survived. Because if there is one thing that John does, it is survive.

    Then the unthinkable happened. The chip took control, and he killed the woman he loved. He killed Areyn.

    Blinded with grief, he flew off in search of, he didn't know what. Revenge? Hope? Understanding? He found his hope in the form of a Traitor Game. Which he refers to as the Wyatt incident. While there, a woman told him his future, told him that he might one day have the chip removed from his brain.
    He also found his understanding there as well while confronting a man with incredible powers as well as a disregard for societies purpose. He unlocked his wormhole abilities through sheer determination because he simply would not let Wyatt escape to harm another person.

    After the incident he's had extreme difficulty controlling his abilities without the assistance of a device that he built himself, which has multiple functions, although its primary is to stabilize his powers.

    The rest is something of a mystery to be uncovered.

    Character Powers: Extremely fluctuating and unstable wormhole abilities. He is also, as mentioned, an experienced physicist and astronaut. He also has extensive training in hand to hand combat and firearms, due to be shot at at least once a week.

    "Fine man. Just fine. Don't get em in a twist. I accept the rules."
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  8. Chrichton is accepted and in! Feel free to PM me about why he's in The Box.
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  9. Oh shoot. I forgot to add the part where I agree to the rules. Let me edit that in.
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  10. Saffron (open)


    Character Name: Saffron (To Malcolm Reynolds, but that's not her real name. That isn't given.)
    Universe of Origin: (Which series your character comes from): Firefly.
    Age: I'd say in her twenties due to how extensive Companion training is, but she looks young enough to pass for being in her late teens if dressed up right.
    Why they've been imprisoned: Saffron is something of a remorseless mercenary.
    Short Character Biography:
    Not so short (open)

    Saffron was initially married to Durran Haymer, a commander in theUnion of Allied Planets government, under the alias "Yolanda." After a time she left Haymer, making it appear as if she had been kidnapped. Haymer, having found that one of his employees had disappeared at the same time, assumed that she had left with him, however his opinion changed when he found the dead body of his employee. Haymer, having been in love with Saffron, was distraught. Saffron possessed abilities similar to those of members of the Companion's Guild, a guild of professional entertainers, though she uses those skills to con others.
    Some time afterward, Saffron was staying on a planet in the border planets, when the Firefly-class transport ship Serenity stopped on the world. Captained by Malcolm Reynolds, Reynolds and the crew engaged in festivities with the locals, during which a drunk Captain Reynolds unknowingly partook in a marriage ritual with Saffron, who was posing as a local. When he left the planet on board Serenity the next day, having forgotten the drinking ritual, he found Saffron on board the ship. Saffron was interrogated by Reynolds, who was unaware that he was participating in a marriage ceremony, and was only convinced when Derrial Book, a shepherd and crew member on Serenity, supported Saffron's tale. Saffron, however, was not accepted by Reynolds as a wife, who proceeded to seek ways to get rid of her.
    Posing as a subservient, eager-to-please young wife, Saffron attempted to make herself useful to Reynolds, making him food and cleaning his quarters. Despite this, Reynolds still did not accept her as his wife, and so Saffron was forced to use other means in her overall scheme to hand over Serenity and her crew to pirates. Finding Reynolds in his quarters, Saffron proceeded to attempt to tempt him into having sexual intercourse with her, under the pretext that, even if he left her on a different world thereafter, she would have been happy in her life. Reynolds was fooled by her act and kissed her. However, Saffron had applied a drugged lipstick to her lips and it rendered Reynolds unconscious.
    Once Reynolds was out, Saffron proceeded to attempt to do the same to Hoban Washburne, the pilot ofSerenity. Washburne, out of respect for his marriage to fellow crew member Zoë Alleyne Washburne, refused her offer. Saffron proceeded to attack Hoban, and render him unconscious, before changing the course ofSerenity so that it could be captured and scrapped by pirates. After Saffron escaped the ship, the crewmembers of Serenity managed to rectify the course of the ship, and avoid death. They were then able to track Saffron to a snowy world, given the limited distance the shuttle she stole could travel. Mal wrestled with her in her cabin before having her pinned, where she proceeded to tempt and tease him. He tried to pry her name out of her but when she became unresponsive, he knocked her out.
    Some time after her "marriage" to Reynolds, Saffron assumed the alias Bridget, and married a smuggler and friend of Reynolds named Monty. Having been married for some months, when Monty met with Malcolm Reynolds, he introduced her as his "wife". Reynolds, recognizing Bridget, drew a weapon on her, and Saffron did the same. After Monty had negotiated a temporary ceasefire, Reynolds proved that Saffron was not Monty's wife, causing Monty to abandon Saffron with Reynolds.
    Although Reynolds was loath to allow Saffron to live, Saffron persuaded him that she knew vital information to a prospective robbery that would see all participants gain a large amount of reward. Although Reynolds and the crew did not entirely trust her, Saffron persuaded them to accept her plan. Unbeknownst to Saffron, Reynolds has a crewmember and Companion, Inara Serra, secretly arrive at the rendezvous point for the mission in advance, in case Saffron betrayed Reynolds.
    Entering the house of her former husband Durran Haymer, Reynolds and Saffron sought to find a pricelessLassiter laser pistol antique from Haymer's collection. When they found the pistol, Haymer discovered the pair, and appeared to be overjoyed at the return of his "wife". Saffron, posing as if she had been kidnapped, continued the false tale, before eventually admitting a variant of the truth. Haymer, who revealed that he had called the Federal Marshals of the Alliance to arrest the pair, was incapacitated by Saffron after revealing this. Saffron and Reynolds escaped by fighting their way through numerous Federal Marshals, and dropping the pistol into the garbage disposal unit, which had been re-programmed by the crew of Serenity to drop off its cargo in the desert.
    On the way to the desert, Saffron fooled Reynolds into believing she was genuinely upset and stole his pistol. Holding him at gunpoint, Saffron made Reynolds undress and abandoned him in the desert naked. Proceeding to the rendezvous point, Saffron encountered Inara, who already had the pistol. Inara trapped Saffron in the trash bin before leaving to rescue Reynolds, and Saffron was left to await the Federal Marshals proceeding to the location.

    Character Powers:
    According to Inara Serra, Saffron had some Companion's Guild training. This organization of legal, high-society courtesans provided its members with psychological education to enable them to establish more than a merely sexual relationship with their clients. Saffron uses these skills to help her seduce her marks, even attempting to seduce Inara herself.
    Both Reynolds and Durran suspect Saffron is mentally unbalanced, because she reverts to feminine wiles when caught or trapped. This usually follows events of aggression or utter contempt for her victims. Her continued survival suggested that this was actually a successful strategy. She seemed unable to trust anyone, telling Mal that everyone plays everybody else.

    And finally, just a sentence saying 'I agree to the rules'. I know that you're all probably lovely people, but just in case.
    The Game will begin very soon, after a couple of people sign up.

    "F-fine... I'll be good. Just treat me nice, okay?"​
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  11. [​IMG]
    Character Name: Jenkins (A.K.A The beetle.)
    Universe of Origin: (Which series your character comes from): Marvel. (Spider-Man)
    Age: 30
    Why they've been imprisoned: Murder, attempt murder, stealing, and etc...​
    Short Character Biography: Abner Jenkins was a skilled factory mechanic. However, he had other plans, constructing a sticky-fingered battle suit with flight capabilities in order to become a master thief. During his first escapade with Spider-Man, Beetle had been released from prison and was plotting revenge against the Human Torch. Torch left his date to find Beetle, not knowing that the criminal was already watching him. Johnny went home, only to have Dorris yell at him for leaving her. Beetle listened outside and planned to use Dorris against Torch. Later, Dorris dropped her wallet while out shopping, which was found by Peter Parker. He took it to her address, where he was spotted by a jealous Johnny Storm. Storm later warned Peter to stay away from Dorris, which Betty Brant overheard, causing her to get jealous herself. After Torch left, Peter decided that if Storm hated Peter Parker spending time with his girlfriend, then he would really hate it if Spider-Man did. Beetle was observing the Home of Dorris Evans when Spider-Man arrived and Beetle attacked him. Dorris called Johnny on the phone for help and he thought she was kidding. Spidey and Beetle then smashed through the front window of the house as Torch decided to visit Dorris anyway. Beetle escaped with Dorris and Spidey followed them. Soon after, Torch arrived at the house and found it in shambles, with webbing at the scene. He assumed Spider-Man took his girl friend and followed after the web swinger. Torch battled Spidey while he tried to explain that he was trying to save Dorris. They both eventually spotted Beetle, who let Dorris go so he could have both of his hands free. Spidey and Torch chased him to a condemned building where they apprehended him.
    Character Powers: Jenkins is a competent group leader, and a gifted mechanical engineer. He is capable of advanced computer programming and analysis. Jenkins' most recent battle suit retains the suction fingertips of the original, without the dangling digits. Equipped with micromotors for speed and magnanium body armor for protection, the Beetle can ram through thick brick walls without sustaining any injuries. After Iron Man crushed his original wings, the Beetle replaced them with retractable ones protecting by metallic sheaths. The Beetle's exoskeleton gives him the ability to lift nearly 4 tons of weight. He has electrically-based discharges that he can fire from his hands, but which require him to divert power from the rest of his suit for really big explosions.
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  12. Both are accepted, but you'll need to Accept the Rules @❖Cats❖
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  13. And finally, just a sentence saying 'I agree to the rules'. I know that you're all probably lovely people, but just in case.
    The Game will begin very soon, after a couple of people sign up.

    "I AGREE!!!!"
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  14. Victor: *Looks to the sky, seeming to stare at an invisible something* Elle, We'll meet in the land of Canaan...."

    Ace: "When 9 and 9 meet 9, the depths of Reason shall stirr. When the Seal of Creation is broken, A voice like thunder shall sound, And Tempus Finis Shall be willed upon them." He looks up. "We did NOT Kill Queen Andoria of Concordia.....PLEASE LISTEN TO ME!!!!"

    (just to pass the time, AND quote them. YAY!)

    For Mighty Roman (open)

    Once we start after Ace takes over, Ace will probably take charge, and his Tempus Finis quote above will become the other version, something thats oddly apropiate here. XD

    "When 9 and 9 meet 9, the depths of reason shall stir. When the Seal of creation is broken, a Voice like thunder shall sound, and thou shalt know, We have arrived."
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  15. Can I reserve a spot?
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  16. Of course you can, Nick. Reservation made!
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