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    Introducing the newest members of the Fairy Tail Guild...

    Masako "Masa" Nao

    Seventeen | Human - Wizard | Magic - Eye of Truth | Fairy Tail Tattoo - Tongue

    Type of Magic:
    The Eye of Truth allows Masako to see through deceit and uncover the reality of any situation. Her eyes turn gold when this ability is activated. Along with basically acting as a perfect lie detector, Masako can compel individuals under her influence to alter their decisions. She can't break their free will, but Masako can place ideas or changes of the heart within their soul and it allows her to heavily provoke them.

    - Introverted
    - Dislikes Physical Contact
    - Enjoys Alcohol
    - Weakling for Children
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  2. Cole Belshade

    Eighteen | Human - Wizard | Magic - Projected Energy | Fairy Tail Insignia - Left side of Neck

    Type of Magic:
    Despite the appearance of his magic, he is not evil at heart. His Magic just has a black/purple hue to it. His ability with his magic is being able to project solidified forms of his magic/energy. When these are released, they fly at the target and explode on contact, releasing the built up energy to cause a devastating explosion.
  3. (Awesome. You wanna begin or shall I?)
  4. (You can begin :P. I'm slightly terrible at starting things)
  5. "Are you eager to begin a mission?" Mirajane, the Guild's lovely waitress and current bartender, asked the pink haired woman seated at the bar. "The board has been overwhelmed with requests lately. I'm sure you'll find something suitable there." Leaving to tend the other guests, Mirajane left the woman alone to her thoughts. With Natsu, Lucy, Gray and Ezra currently already deployed on assignments, the Guild's members were struggling to keep up with the quests. The world seemed to be falling apart into a mass of chaos in the absence of hose four.

    Finishing off the last of her Whiskey with a contented sigh, sparkling eyes of periwinkle-blue lifted towards the board's direction. A gathering of Wizards already present and obstructing her view from the bar. "You really should hurry up before the good ones are all gone," Mirajane sang teasingly, back turned with a glass in each hand. The younger Wizard smirked, dropping a few coins onto the table and left without a word. She walked towards the board with an echo of her heavy boots colliding with the floor at every step. Black combat boots, steel toed and up to her knees are rather loud against the Guild floor. She finally came close enough to read the notices, searching for something that she'd enjoy and would make a decent profit from.

    "Oi," someone tapped her bare shoulder, forcing her eyes away. "Aren't you the new girl?"

    She nodded. Indeed, she is. Shuffling herself further from the man's side and returning her attention to the board, she failed to notice his hand once again dropping onto her shoulder. This time it lingered longer than she felt comfortable with. The man's expression suddenly changed. Shifting from amusement to absolute horror, complete with an ajar mouth and widened eyes. Immediately following this transformation he removed himself, leaving the woman's side and his hand carried off as well.

    The woman's eyes were hidden behind thick lashes, but the slightest hue of gold could be seen from the right view. Selecting her notice from the board with a gloved hand, she walked off towards the bar once again and sat down. Mirajane smiled, happy to see the woman in black had returned. The woman in black, otherwise known as Masako Nao. The nickname? Well, quite obvious really. She doesn't wear anything aside from black. Her combat boots, lower thigh length shorts, casual t-shirt with sleeves so long they simulate a robe and the only color to be found was her eyes or hair.

    "What did you get?"

    Masako smiled, showing the paper to Mirajane and ordered herself another Whiskey. "Recover a stolen Magic Book."
  6. A man with a large purple/black cloak that was opened in the front with a chain connecting it so it doesn't flap around too terribly, walked down the road of Magnolia. He has only been a member of the guild for a week and he just returned from a job. A sack was slung over his shoulder and his hood was down, showing his insignia on his neck and he heard murmurs from the townsfolk. Slightly smiling to himself, he was a kind spirit and nice to everyone. Though, he could be dark and evil if pushed to far. He heard from a local merchant about how he seemed scary, not because of his attire, but because how his left eye was red and his right eye was yellow.

    The doors to the guild opened and the man stepped through. The rowdy crowds that always inhabited the table instead of seeming like they should be working on a job went quiet for a few seconds before going back to their own chatter. The man, Cole, made his way to the bar and sat down beside Masako, this is the first time he met Masako and he noticed her. So he turned his attention to Mirajane "We have a new person?" The question wasn't demeaning, but he didn't notice any obvious insignia, so she might of been looking at joining the guild.

    A hand clasped on his shoulder while he was ordering a drink, turning he saw it was a drunken guild-mate. "Hey man, how did your job go?" The guys voice was slurred, showing he was drunk.

    Cole gave him a slight smile "Went great. Wasn't even that hard" He boasted, his job was to dispatch a few Vulcans that were disrupting a village and kidnapping. He was paid pretty well, considering the village was small, but held a wealthy businessman.
  7. Mirajane happily introduced the newest member of Fairy Tail, motioning to her with a flourished hand gesture and smiled widely. "Her name is..."

    "Masako," the pink-haired woman interrupted Mirajane and extended her right hand to Cole. "Masako Nao, I joined a few days ago." With gloves that only allowed for physical contact of the fingers, Masako quickly dropped his hand afterwards. She doesn't like being touched. Cole seemed doubtful that she was indeed a real member of the Guild and knew he'd need some convincing. Without hesitation, Masako stuck out her tongue and displayed the black tattoo.

    "Masako is a...." Once again, Mirajane was cut off.

    "I can speak for myself, Mira." Masako teased, recoiling her tongue back and smirked. "Anyway, I have to get packed for this new mission."

    Masako and Cole, both being new recruits, gave Mirajane a perfect idea. "Why don't you two team up?"

    "What?" Masako tensed, freezing in place. "Why? We don't even know each other."

    Mirajane clapped her hands, "That's why! You need to get to know each other and what better way then this?"
  8. Shaking her hand, he noticed she didn't like contact at how quickly she retracted. Shrugging he picked up his drink that Mira gave him, noticing her stick her tongue out to prove she was a member. He believed her and wondered why she needed to prove herself, people just do crazy things. True he was doubtful, but Mira saying she was a member was good enough for him.

    He took a swig from his drink and then practically coughed it up when Mira offered her idea. Swallowing his drink so he didn't drink, he agreed with Masako, they just met and he knew her about as well as several other guild members. Why did it matter that he had to know her? "Ummm..."

    Stealing a glance at Masako, it seemed like she didn't want to be his partner. He may not know her, but it kind of stung a little that she didn't even want to be his partner, but with a partner he could take on harder jobs that pay more. Pushing himself out of the stool he seated himself in "Sure. I could use a partner" His eyes glanced back at her, to see her reaction.

    "The name is Cole Belshade by the way" He gave her a smile, a friendly one to show that he wasn't evil or anything.
  9. Masako isn't a socialite. She doesn't enjoy company, especially when forced. However, joining the Guild had been her decision and she knew that building trust is a fundamental skill that she'd need to adopt. So, setting her discomfort with the situation aside, Masako gave Cole a smile of her own. "Alright, let's get going." Before leaving the town, she needed to collect a few things from her apartment.

    "Do you mind waiting outside when I get to my place? I'll only be a few minutes." She wasn't about to invite him inside, personal boundaries and all that. It wasn't her intention to come across rude, but she might have regardless.

    "So, what type of Magic do you practice?" The energy radiating from his core was strong, much more powerful than Masako had expected. If having to guess on her own, Masako would have assumed him to be an elemental of Fire or something closely related. Nothing near her own art. "I'm a human lie detector or so I've been told," she giggled softly. "It's Magic called Eye of Truth and I'm also able to partially influence people."

    Masako waved a hand to Mirajane, walking towards the exit with Cole following.
  10. He downed the rest of his drink and set the mug down on the counter for Mira. Waving goodbye to her, he looked back to Masako "Sure. I can wait outside" He didn't mind at all. He understood that he just met her and doubted she would let him inside. He was actually surprised she even agreed to the partnership, who knows. This could be a really good partnership or terrible, they would both have to wait and see.

    "The type of Magic I have..." He thought of what to call it, his didn't really have a name that he could recall. "Projected Energy I guess" He shrugged as he walked with her, he knew how his powers worked and that summed up what they did. Sticking his hands into the pockets of the cloak, he smiled at his fellow guild mates as they left.

    "Eye of Truth....Never heard of it" He was being honest and was actually interested in this. He has never heard of any power like this and wanted to learn about it, only if she was willing to explain it to him. He wasn't going to pry into her power if she didn't want to explain it.

    "Mine is, I just solidify my energy and project it at my target. On contact it explodes, so, mine isn't that complicated" He smiled as he explained his own power. He was comfortable around anyone, it was one of his traits. His sack's cord was wrapped around his arm so he could carry it without the use of his hands. He didn't need to stop by his apartment to get anything, he already had his things.
  11. "Ah," Masako nodded as she listened to him explain the power he had. In truth, Masako thought her own abilities were fairly simplistic and worthless. "I can't really explain my Magic further. Perhaps one day you'll get to see a demonstration?" She wouldn't object to that. Masako continued walking at his side until they came to a small building with green doors. "I'll just be a second."

    Masako walked inside, having entered a private code and unlocked her doorway. She returned a few minutes later with a, surprisingly not black but white, backpack and had it strapped to her back. She had also grabbed a black cloak and lifted the hood to conceal her face with shadows. Hidden beneath the floor length cloak and hood, Masako resumed walking at Cole's side. "So," she looked down at the paper she'd stuffed in her short's pocket. "We have to go to Everglade Mountains. That's a two day journey from here. Do you have a problem with trains?"
  12. While waiting outside the apartment complex, he watched as people whispered and looked at him. They weren't being secretive about it, so he smiled and waved at them. Causing them to panic and run off. Turning his head as Masako left the complex, he followed her again. His own hood was down, sliding his hand back into his pocket.

    "Nope. Nothing wrong with trains" He looked at her. He wondered what kind of idiot or sad person would have a problem with trains. He let out a yawn as they headed towards the station. He just realized, he didn't use the train for his last mission. But, the mission was in a small secluded village, so they train wouldn't of been much help anyways. He purchased his own ticket, and waited for Masako and the train to open its doors to let them in.

    "So. Why did you join the guild?" He was just trying to make small talk with her, get to know her so she didn't feel so awkward with him.
  13. Masako sat down on the right side of the window, her legs crossed and bag set aside. "Why did I join the Guild?" She knew this question would come up at some point. Even still, she wasn't sure how much detail or information to give him. She decided on the short version.

    "My parents are having another child. We never really got along and they couldn't support me studying Magic. So, two months ago I moved out on my own. I found the Fairy Tail Guild and met Mirajane outside while she was restocking the inventory. I asked her for a place to stay and she welcomed me to a drink. I then spoke with the master and showed him my abilities. He said I was Guild material and after a few hours I was given the tattoo on my tongue."

    The train slowly began moving along the tracks as Masako finished her story. "What about you?" It was Cole's turn now. "What made you wanna join the Guild?" She reached into the pocket of her shorts, grabbing a wrapped chocolate bar and tore it open. Taking a bite first, she offered some to him.
  14. He listened to her story, his wasn't much different. Well it was and he would explain why. "Well.." He thought about how he should start off his story. So he sat silently and stared at the floor, wondering what he should say. He didn't know how she would react to his past.

    "Well..I was given an option..." He stopped looking at the floor and back up to her. "I was in a dark guild...before Fairy Tail" He was speaking seriously, but he wasn't emotional about it. It wasn't that sad "I was given an option...either go to prison or redeem myself. The only reason they gave me the second choice is because I didn't even fight...I didn't want to and they noticed it"

    He gave her a smile after his story, it wasn't about his parents. He never knew his parents and he didn't care to. All he knew was he was abandoned, and he didn't want to know parents that would abandon their child. So he leaned into the seat that was across from hers. "So..." He didn't know what else to ask really, he was bad on small talk.
  15. "A Dark Guild?" Masako knew very limited information about the inner workings of Guilds, but she was aware that not all of them had positive backgrounds. Fairy Tail's reputation is well known to the world. It's the Guild of destructive Wizards that have Magical abilities surpassing the standards set before them. Masako didn't want to pry into Cole's background, so she let the stories end there. She wasn't in the most talkative mood, either.

    When Cole stumbled for casual conversation and failed, Masako smirked in response. "Look, I know I'm not the friendliest person and all, but..." Suddenly the train shifted along the tracks, the impact forcing Masako from her seat and sent the young woman falling forwards. Thankfully Cole's lap was surprisingly comfortable. With cheeks turned florid and eyes widened, Masako struggled to her feet. "What happened?"

    Glancing outside through the large window and seeing the source of the disturbance coming closer, Masako immediately stepped backwards. "We have company, Cole." She gestured to the trio of Dark Wizards approaching.
  16. "Well.." He was cut off as well when the train shifted and Masa fell forward into his lap. His hands instantly shot up and grabbed her shoulders, helping her back to her feet. Standing up after she did, watching her walk to the window. "I don't know what happened..." He began looking at the hallway and at the passengers of the train. He hoped they were alright.

    Diverting his attention back to Masako "What kind of company?" Heading over to the window, he noticed it was wizards from a Dark Guild. He could see one of the members and his insignia, and recognized it as a Dark Guild. What did a Dark Guild want with a passenger train? To take them as hostages?

    On impulse, he opened the window and jumped out. Making his way towards the wizards, ready to fight in case they dare attacked him. "What are you guys doing?" He called out to them as he slowly approached. He didn't know what their magic was, so he had to be careful until he figured it out. This was always the dangerous part of fighting someone new, you don't know their magic.
  17. While Cole went to confront the Dark Guild approaching, it was Masako's responsibility to protect all the innocent people aboard the train. Several of the passengers were already frantically running in the hallways, frightened out of their minds. Masako struggled to weave herself through the crowd, shuffling dangerously close between people and their belongings. Suddenly she overheard the sounds of someone crying. The voice was barely above that of a whimper. Looking down to the source of the sound, Masako discovered a crying child huddled up against the wall of their compartment.

    No older than five years, it was a tiny boy with several gold rings adorning his hands. A child doesn't usually wearing such jewelry and Masako was confused until the boy lifted his face and she immediately recognized the tattoo across his forehead. A symbol of wealth, the golden vine was present on his skin. The boy clearly belonged to a wealthy family and had to be the target of the Dark Guild. Knowing this could become dangerous for such an innocent victim, Masako stayed at his side and vowed to protect him from harm.

    "Who are you?" The boy inquired with damp eyes finally opening, a few sobs escaping his throat.

    Masako smiled, "I'm a Wizard."

    "Really!?" He instantly cheered up, although still physically shaking with fear.

    She nodded, "Don't worry, kid. I won't let anyone hurt you."
  18. The trio of wizards turned to Cole's voice. The leader of the group nodded to the two after spotting Cole's guild insignia, as the leader turned to face Cole, the other two got on board the train. "I'm going to make this quick" The man lifted his hand as a yellow magic circle appeared infront of it, a burst of lighting shot out and straight at Cole as the man said "Electrocute"

    The train shook and following a large explosion could be heard.

    Cole shrugged the smoke away that was blocking his view, man, that guy had some destructive magic but terrible aim. Luckily the lightning hit the ground in front of him and he didn't have to worry about moving, though he did skid back from the force of the explosion. "That could of been bad..."

    Cole couldn't really use much of his magic, it was too destructive and the train was near, he could damage the train or worse. He needed to defeat this guy before he could cause any damage, so his purple/black energy formed around his hand. He knew that once he hit something with it engulfed in his hand, it would still cause an explosion, but the force would be directed in one direction instead of every direction.

    The two other Wizards were walking through the cars, looking for the boy. Yelling at some of the passengers even, "Where is he!?" They grabbed some people and picked them up. No one knew what they were talking about, but they were scared.
  19. (Sorry, wanted to get this fight over with)

    Cole lunged at the opponent, through the smoke he emerged, hand glowing with energy. The man would of been severely injured if he didn't have a quick reaction time. He jumped out of the way of Cole's attack, seeing how destructive it is when his fist collided with the ground.

    The train would shudder again from the explosion that followed shortly after.

    The train was to the mans back, and he didn't have to worry about damaging the merchandise as he raised both palms this time, creating a much larger magic circle. "Double Shock!" He yelled as a quick beam of light, electricity pouring off the light flew right at Cole. He grinned as Cole didn't have the time to dodge, but he had enough time to counter-attack, but the explosion would be devastating and might harm the train.

    Cole only had a moments decision, either be hurt and take severe damage or risk the train being damaged. He raised his right palm, a purple magic circle appearing in front of him "Destructive Shot!" He said as his magic took effect, a black beam, outlined in purple shot at the mans own magic. Cole took the chances.

    The two powers collided for a short period before resulting in an explosion that sent Cole flying backwards into the ground and tumbling away and the man sent into the side of the train. The force of the magic shook the train severely, risking in it even falling apart but the train held strong as it stayed upright. The man fell from the side of the train, leaving an indention of where he hit. Slowly rising to his feet. Cole was already up and charging at the man. Being thrown into the ground felt better than a metal train and wasn't as disoriented.

    Cole's fist connected with the disoriented mans jaw, with no magic behind it. Luckily Cole was physically strong and his two blows were enough to knock the man unconscious.

    Raising his hand up and pressing it against his chest, it was confirmed, he had a broken rib. He had to see what was going on in the train though, so he made his way back towards it.

    [Setting: Inside the train, before the fight was finished]

    The two goons yelled as the entered the car that Masa and the boy were in. "Where the hell is he?!" They yelled. Raising their palms, threatening to use magic on a person they didn't like the answer of. Eyes scanning the seats for him, and their eyes locked onto Masako and the boy.

    They started to head towards them both. Then the train shook violently as something large must of happened outside. Knocking one of the goons down and the other stumbling over him.

    (Sorry for the long post again. Just wanted to finish the fight outside, though Cole won't appear in that car for awhile)
  20. Masako moved herself in front of the young boy, placing herself in a position to be attacked. She prepared for a battle, readying her eyes to activate. Thankfully, the idiots lost their balance and went tumbling over each other. Masako approached them with extreme caution, her eyes already displaying visible white iris. She kneeled down to the attackers, placing a hand on both of their cheeks.

    Lifting their gaze to her own, she activated her Eye of Truth and saw through their subconsciousness. Scanning through their collected memories, Masako got the information she needed. The boy's name, his father's identity and the Dark Guild's involvement. Masako had every intention of letting the Guild members be detained by the proper authorities, but when they began struggling to move, Masako incapacitated them. Using her influence abilities to make them believe they were drugged and unable to move from paralysis.

    "Come along," she commanded to the young child.

    Obeying her without question, the boy immediately ran to her side and clung tightly to her right hand. Masako shivered from the contact, but didn't scold the boy.

    "Where are we going?"

    She sighed, blinking repeatedly until her eyes returned to normal. "I'm looking for my partner."
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