The Talking Dead of Iwaku (SPOILER ALERT)

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  1. Yee be warned, there are spoilers in this thread.

    So I am on the fifth season waiting to see the finale. And for some reason I actually give a shit of who lives and dies this time because (yes, I will admit that I do like the commonly loved outsider character) I actually enjoy Daryl, and I love Glenn. For any of you that haven't read the comics Glenn died...horribly. So I'm watching the trailer and reading that post Reedus made about bringing Klenex and telling you that you are going to yell at your TV, and I am wondering if Daryl's tabs have finally been checked/if he's going to kick the bucket/die in such a manner that makes Jason and all the pretty murderers squeel (que the parody of all the Single Ladies) with joy.

    But on the other hand, they might just surprise us with that horrible death of Glenn. Or maybe other beloved characters, but it's pointing towards Daryl. But that's a great move on the producer's part; kill off a beloved character and watch another go apeshit insane (Carol or Rick). But Reedus is their cash cow, so there's a possibility that they might actually keep him on, though that's not their best move at this point because hype can kill things/characters. Killing a loved character before they get too...well, redundant is a move that often saves the images. However I think with all the death happening, I honestly think that this show might have reached it's shock value limits and has entered the realm of 'whatever'. And what I mean by that is people are no longer really shocked anymore and they are able to predict.

    But then again, would I have made this topic if I wasn't shocked? Probably not, but I'm not that hard to impress at times.
  2. I entered "Whatever" territory with the show before the first season even ended. I love the comics, but I could not give a shit less about the characters in the show to carry on watching.

    Plus I heard they pretty much neutered The Governor, which saddens me. He was fucking terrifying in the comics, not Andrea's love interest for a bit.

    Also, Andrea's still alive in the comics and a fucking stone cold badass.

    ...I'm afraid to ask if they ruined Abraham, too.
  3. Oh they ruined a lot of things in the series, but I have learned quite a while ago to place a show/movie in an entirely different category than books/comics/other.

    As a show not linked to the comics I enjoy it, as it connected I say fuck that shit.
  4. You are a wiser one than I. I have a hard time with the disconnection. Teach me your ways, oh wise one.
  5. I can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not.
  6. Of course I'm not being sarcastic.

    But srsly, I actually am impressed. If I love a source material a lot, I get really excited for seeing how stuff's portrayed, and I'm usually pretty open to changes! Just when it's so off the mark like The Walking Dead TV show, it's like everything I love is dead, like coming back to Castle Town after pulling the Master Sword out of the Temple of Time and seeing everyone I know and love are ReDead.
  7. Oh yeah, I get that. I understand the frustration (I hate what they did to Andrea and Michone was so much more fleshed out in the comics).
  8. I'm just hoping they don't fuck Negan up too much. He's one of my favourites from the comics.
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