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THis story started 2 years ago... literally. My name is ALex. I have been a storyteller for years. i started this game over MSN messenger 2 years ago in june. next sunday marks the last episode of a plotline that has ran 2 years, three locations and over 45 character. Mathias Lanier has been part of it since the beginning using the same name

using the World Of Darkness: vampires the requiem as a beginning, we branched into all of the major core rulebooks for characters. I think this idea needs to be heard by you all too. so here it is. not the story, but the world of long in the future.

This... is GAIA TOWERS.


The world ended a long time ago. but not in the sense most people would assume.
The anti-christ did not come. jesus did not come nor did nuclear armegeddon or zombie apocalypse. and the world lived on a thousand years longer than the ancient foretold. the teachings of confucious ran out, and soon all the prophets words went silent. there were no more prophecies to be told, no more fear of the sudden end. science and technology had made man immortal... at least until age took them.

then came the rain of tears. THe animals started to dissappear in 3456 A.D. a memorable year for more than numerical reasons. three years later, the first anamalia-a race of humanoid, intelligent beasts- rose from teh oceans to talk with man. and just as we thought the world had become more diverse... It all ended.

the sky turned dark and the earth cracked open. myths and legends of a darker time flooded out of the cracks and demons flew throught he skies with ancient dragons and vampires and werewolves came intot eh spotlight like never before. and god sent his angels, and man sent his soldiers, and for a thousand thousand years, we all hid from the devestation of the armageddon nobody saw coming... the war between heaven and hell on earth... a literal war on earth between heaven and hell. Gigantic monsters teh size of cities toppled the capitols and destroyed humanities strongholds, and poison filled the earth.

and then came a revolution. the soul-core driver system created be Fae magic and the hardwork of a vampire. now mankind had a weapon that could be forged to destroy the devils that ahd taken hold. massive ships were erected to fight the gigantesque, and only 400 years later, not long in teh scope of the war, the ETERNAL CEASE-FIRE was signed. and oncea gain man could live in peace.. however. they now lived in musch smaller areas, much less people, and the myths lived alongside them without the veil of mystery.

two cities survived, EVERCITY- a strip of land along the east coast of North America from Maine to FLorida, stritching into louisiana. every inch of land was city now save for small places were vegetation was grown.
And VATICAN CITY- All of rome and the surroundign countryside stretchign north. the holy capitol of humanity avoided harm alongside the holy lands. but the poison of the land drank in all the water of the Medditeranian Sea. a city was built inside it and another erected over it. undercity, and the vatican city untop of it.

ANd so humanity livedd for 510 years in these new cities, surrounded byt eh STORM WALLS- mile deep storms of lightning that kept the poison of the eternal swamps out of the city walls.

HOWEVER... this is the story humanity forgot. Armand Desaecula was a vampire born a man in 1412 A.D. He lived to th age of 21 years before vampirism took him from his life. and lived without rest until days before the eternal ceasefire. he disappeared for 200 years then... and durign that time, teh castle he overlooked, GAIA TOWERS, the cape the earthmotehr built over herself was stolen and taken into eh heart of the swamps. and the poison spread more than ever. settlements outside the stormwalls were swallowed. thousands died and humanity became smaller and smaller. so now upon his return in 310 P. A. ( post apocalyptica )

Armand sought out a means to right what had been wronged.


Ahem. well... thats the beginning of the story, from there amrand assembles help and seeks various methods to his ends.

so would anyone be interested in thsi RP idea? there are several sections to teh story. again, thiRP on tabletop has literally gone for 2 years... i have the resources... and the skillz :cool: