the tale of a magical knight

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  1. The story involves three universes called dimension Square Circle and triangle These places Are in order circle Which is like Earth Square A place called of worship And triangle around not reachable easily but I do too Encircle magic is available and psychic powers from dimension square or available And in dimension triangle Magic is used freely and with great power Psychic powers and dimensions square include the ability to Rip apart and reattach Adams control space and time it so and manipulate anything around you However you only have a certain amount of energy you can use At any given time. In dimension triangle and circle magic which can be unlocked through multiple processes is capable all that phycic powered are but they require the creation of runes in the air which can take time. Portals appear naturally linking the universes but they can also be created by either magic or phycic abilities.
    Dimension circle has a history similar to ours but has forgotten about magic in the present. In the past magic thrived allowing those who wielded it to accomplish incredible feats. In the future for dimension circle the natives of worship a race of catlike anthropomorphic cat like people (tails and ears of a cat with increased agility strength and senses ) have taken over in retribution for the same being done to them by humans thousands of years ago. At first tension is high but as things calm down a peace is brought to the two species. This is referred to as the golden age because humans and natives develop clean bio tech. Intact almost everything is bio tech including peoples houses. Over time all the damage humans have done to the planet begins to dissapear. This rp takes place in this dimension dimension circle.

    We will stay in one time period per day whether it be present past or future

    Other than that just don't be that one guy who feels the need to ruin the fun for every one else please

    My past character is dean the white knight
    my present character is kyle rodes
    My future character is general feral

    Beyond that go crazy but note no god like characters please I don't wanna have to kick you out for something that stupid
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