The SYC Armada



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You were born into a normal enough life. segregation matched with acceptance, and over time, even becomign a vampire, werewolf, Changeling fae, or any other myriad of 'NIGHTBREED'' peoples. Man and monster fought side by side for hundreds of years to fight off the legions of hell... but, thats only stories.. right?


the year is 1560 P. A. ( post apocalyptica)

Peace was supposed to follow the bloody battles leafding to the fall of Mad parliment,-the court of lawmen that made sure the creatures of the night hunted carefully with regard for their laws. You were there when the towers of dark haven fell... you saw Gaia, the goddess that IS the earth rose up and SMote Ezekiel MAtrone, the lord of the stolen castle there. ou saw the castel rise intot eh air and fit back where it sat one thousand years ago... GAIA TOWERS. You were there when the world cried out in anger even as the poisonous swamps receeded into nothingness and the world was oncemore safe to inhabit outside the walls of Evercity and vatican city, the ONLY two strongholds left on earth.

You were there when the world changed... again.

Forty years after the fall of darhaven, and much has changed in this WORLD OF DARKNESS based dice-less Futureworld Roleplay. Lines have been drawn int eh bloody sand, and governments, weakened by the lack of horrible control monitored by Mad parliment in dark haven- have pointed their figners at the second most powerful man on earth. Lord Armand Desaecula and his army, the SYC ARMADA.

You are a soldier int eh Armada. The Most elite soldiers, with god-like skills. You and yours have carved paths through armies int eh past hundred and fifty years, you and yours have seen comrads die, and legends born.

Join the hunt against Dracula, the living proof that those who walk the shadows are gods on earth.

Join the new revolution with a Myriad of evolved characters who already have fine stories of wars long past And enter the world of darkness oncemore for a fight against the masses of misinformed hunters, Humanoid monsters, Natural disasters and wild goosechases after obscure treasures.


You are expendable... but legends never Die int eh SYC ARMADA.

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okies im here...lets get this party started!!!! hehehehehehehehehe *evil kitten laugh*