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    The Legend of the Summer Sword

    Since the beginning of time, the seasons of the year have governed the conditions for life. From the shimmers of light at the first break of spring to the bright green of summer follows the wind, rain and colours of autumn and the unforgiving winter. An endless cycle bound to be repeated forever, or until the world collapses. Whatever else in life that falls short, one can trust in the changing of the seasons. The farmer sows in the spring and reaps in the autumn. The bear eats in the summer and sleeps in the winter. The birds fly south in the autumn and return in spring. So do the years go by, one season flowing into the next, as precise as clockwork. Yet one time, long ago, something terrible happened.

    It was spring. Rivers ran wide with the melted snow. The light you saw lasted longer than before, stretching the dawn and dusk to where they were a year ago. Everywhere you walked, the birds chirped to one another, signalling the early days of warmth. The fields now bare were already being worked on, preparing it for the warm days to come. Yet as days became weeks and months, something appeared completely wrong. It was about time for summer to come when the trees started to their transformation to red, brown and yellow. Their green color never peaked, and neither did the heat. It was the shortest summer in man's memory. The crops had barely grown before it was time to bring them home. Everyone were in panic, as neither animal nor man had food enough to get through the cold winter. No one knew how to explain it, and blamed the Gods and the winds and everything in between. Making it through that harshest of winters, most lived to see the spring again. Yet the days hardly grew warmer before the weather declined into autumn's rain and wind. Again, summer had eluded them. This second time, everyone were in panic. What would be of the world without its days of warmth? The kings and rulers of the lands asked for answers, but even the wisest of men could not explain. What had happened to the season of the sun?

    By the third year, food was becoming dangerously scarce. Would this go on, the world could perish. The thought set fear into the mind of man. Desperation gripped many. The sounds of war could be heard from one kingdom the next, everyone fighting for a future of their own. Those who did not benefit from war had to fend for themselves. Lawlessness spread like wildfire as man turned to beast, feeding on the next man's feast. It was a dreadful time of chaos and decay; the candle of hope burning quickly away.

    Yet not everyone had lost faith. In a town like many others, there came by a strange merchant. The carts his oxen dragged were bulging with exotic wares from every parts of the land. Though most would save what money they had for food, many peculiar items were also sold. From the depths of one of the carts, one customer had found an old children's tale. Long forgotten by people past, it was a tale of the four seasons. Everyone thought he was a stupe for buying it, but he had a childish hope of maybe finding an answer to why the summer had gone. It was called "The Legend of the Summer Sword."

    The tale spoke of four brave knights who were supposed to be the protectors of the whole world. They defended man through all the seasons by guiding the weather and keeping the peace. It was their duty to ensure that the seasons went by as they did. Incredibly powerful, they each wielded a unique sword, which each had the powers to govern a season. Feyline, bright and earnest, held the Sword of Spring. Edeyrn, having the defining qualities of a knight, held the Sword of Summer. Horwin, stout and trusting, held the Sword of Autumn. Gabriel, perhaps the strongest of them all, held the Sword of Winter. They had to work together to make the seasons function as they should. Yet Gabriel, arrogant and hungry for more power, was bound to break the peace. Especially, he was envious of Edeyrn's powers. Everyone enjoyed summer; it brought light and warmth to everyone. Winter did not. It got to the point where he begun to hate Edeyrn and his Summer Sword. Thousands of years passed without more than quarrels, but the tale took a grim turn when Gabriel challenged Edeyrn to a duel, to prove which season was the strongest. Reluctantly, Edeyrn went along, in an attempt to appease Gabriel. But the fight got out of hand, and Gabriel cut Edeyrn down. Feyline and Horwin watched in horror as Gabriel ripped the Sword of Summer from Edeyrn's hands. He had finally proved his might, and the two other knights didn't dare challenge him. In the years to come, he vowed that the world would see a lot more winter, and locked the Sword of Summer away in his tower. The Tower of Winter, it was called, its walls impregnable. The only way in was through its gates, which only opened once a year. The knights continued to weave through the seasons, but it was not the same. The balance had been broken, and darkness covered the lands.

    It was a disappointing ending to a children's story, but on the very last page there was a map. It was a map of the real world, and it marked the location of the Tower of Winter, far to the north. It was too much of a coincidence not to be of significance. Maybe the Sword of Summer had been taken. It would explain a lot. Yet, could the legend be true?


    In this roleplay, you will be playing a small group of people who have banded together in order to retrieve the Sword of Summer to restore balance to the world. The RP will mostly be about their hard journey through war-ridden lands. It's in a traditional fantasy setting. I will take on the role of the environment and of the people you meet. Basically, this will function in much the same way as D&D or other rpgs, just that there's no focus on leveling up and rolling dice and all that crap. I'm looking for a maximum of three people for this RP, so the better your CS is and the sooner you deliver it, the better your chances are of being a part of this RP.


    The CS skeleton below is simply a guideline. You can make your own template or not at all if you want, as long as it includes enough information to make up your character. Heads up, I appreciate well-rounded characters with both flaws and weaknesses. Note you can be anything from a poor farmer or valiant knight to a hunter or nobleman. Points are given for creativity. Please don't post the CS below - PM it to me instead.




    Appearance: (Image not required, but if you do choose to use an image I'd appreciate some written details as well)

    History: (You can be creative with the world here. That is to say, you can invent cultures and places and whatever you wish. Try to include how your character was affected by the recent Summer-less years.)



  2. I don't suppose I could reserve a spot? It's rather late here and I'm quite brain-dead.

    Would the idea of a bard-thief interest you for this RP? Suppose he got caught and was forced to go on this quest (lest he loses his head), but also realises that the unbalanced season is also affecting his 'trade', shall we say?
  3. Should we place CS here, or is there another place you want them that is not in the Interest Check forum?
  4. I'm not going to reserve any spots, but there hasn't been a lot of interest, so you shouldn't worry. As for your character concept, I don't see why a bard-thief couldn't fit into a traditional fantasy setting like this, so knock yourself out. The reason for him joining doesn't seem reasonable though, but maybe he becomes natural partners with the others because he has to flee the town around the same time as their journey starts. In the beginning, he could be using them only as a guise, but as he gets more involved with the quest, he sticks around? I don't know, it's just a thought.

    Please send all character sheets to me directly through private messaging. Later, when enough people have been accepted, I'll make the OOC and you can post your CS publicly.
  5. i am down as well
  6. I am very interested. But just to be sure, D&D meaning you will act as the NPC and post the outcome of our PC's entire actions, yes?

    I will pm you soon. It is lates here.
  7. No, it won't be as strict as that. To clarify, it will only loosely resemble such a working relationship. The point is that in forums it's going to take forever if the DM has to communicate with every player about ever little detail, so most minor stuff can just be RPed out by the players themselves. Especially this is true for action-heavy scenes. To give you an example, if you want to gather wood, you don't have to wait for me to tell you if you manage to do it or tell you how much you gathered. It's just assumed that you do manage it, and take what is needed.

    However, I will control all the NPCs, and will be the one to drive the story forward. If an issue arises where a player has written too far ahead, for example if he single-handedly butchers everyone they're fighting, I will simply overrule it, rewinding to where things got out of hand and counter whatever he did wrong ICly. Like I could write, "although he fought well, the enemies were too many for him to handle all by himself." So in essence, I have the right to veto a player's actions. As the DM, I will have the first word, and I can have the last word, but I will be very lax about what you can or cannot do.

    To those who have sent me a CS and haven't received a reply: there has been an influx of character sheets arriving in my inbox, so if I haven't replied to yours yet it just means that it's still being processed.
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  8. After extensive consideration I have decided to discontinue the development of this RP. Thanks to everyone who showed interest, and I apologize to those who have invested time creating characters. Hopefully you will be able to use them somewhere else instead.
  9. What? Why? T-T everytime.... atleast give us or just me your reason. Please.
  10. It must be my fault. I came here from another RP site because all of the RPs I was in there died. Seems like the plague follows me. :(
  11. If he's leaving does this mean we can take over?

    I rather like the plot idea
  12. Did you come over from RPG?

  13. I don't think thats the problem. Lol ^^ writing roleplays are just difficult to start and maintain, much more if there are lots of people with different personality involved.
  14. Oh and I came from another RPG site as well. Let's just keep our spirits up.
  15. No. RpNation
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