The Sword of Embera: Jani's Tale

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Chapter One: Flowing Air

They say in the world, those are the bravest, are also the biggest fools around. I don't know if I support such a notion or not. I've know a great many fools but not a great many brave souls.

In fact, the only brave heroes I've ever heard of my in my short life so far is that of *Sky and Medea Videlin. Around 20 years ago they halted a massive army of humans from conquering the famous kingdom of Chenoa led by the ambitious Emperor Jason. He had attempted to summon a demon that had once consumed much of the Faye World more than three hundred years ago. Summoning a powerful spirit from a sword made of Embera, they drove Jason to the sea and the demon was slain by Sky Videlin.


Of course, I may just be trailing off in random back story. Here in Musette, the Category government under Sky is just starting to make its way up here. I guess, us Northerners have always been backwards compared to the Western Island nations like Zeledin or Chenoa.


I would like to change that idea of backwardness, for I believe it can be done. I have been recently hired by a famous family that simply calls themselves the Traide to create an airship that the world has never seen before. I don't honestly know if I can do such a thing with the help of my dedicated staff of allies at our small shop. But first things, first I must find them all and convince them to travel down to Fort Colinsburg with me…
A small section towards the back of the shop was quite for the first time that day. It had been a hub of activity since dawn, but as the day wore on and work got finished, it slowed.

Xavier sat at a work table amidst all of his rather unusual machines. Only one was still active, a small machine that was organizing documents and tools on Xavier's workbench. As it bustled around it repeatedly had to walk around Xavier.

He'd fallen asleep at his worktable, with nothing to do he had decided to close his eyes for a second, and fell asleep that fast. This was typical though, for all his zeal, Xavier was still feeling his age, and it showed in how much he slept.
Kuja delicately licked the tip of each of her fingers from the salty meal before her which she was choosing to eat using minimum cutlery. She peered around at the rather uninspired crowd within the pub before flicking her gaze back to her meal. Her attire was practical for the setting, a pair of tan breeches and a loose tunic in bottle green. but even the looseness of it did not compare with her natural attire, the almost ethereal wisp of a white dress she kept with her most dear belongings.

Lifting a glass of watery ale to her lips, Kuja silently toasted her companion, wherever she might be. Determined to try and convince more foolish souls like Kuja to join her, Kuja had little doubt. A vain errand, perhaps, but the girl had spirit that Kuja admired. Taking a final glance around, she decided herself finished, tossing a few coins to the barkeep as she stood.

A few even strides of her slender legs brought her to the door, which she opened to peer out at the town around and breathe in deeply. The air was thin here, none of the thickness she had felt in the more humid, stiflingly hot places she had been.

Kali sat crouched in the corner of the shop's garage. In front of her was an old machine that had become a little project of hers. After a little maintenance it was running again, but the stubborn thing went and broke down again shortly after.

Feeling the frustration building, Kali decided to take a little advantage of the lazy atmostsphere around the shop today. She plopped down in a chair and probbed her feet up on her little work desk, arms crossed behind her head for a make-shift pillow as she dozed off.
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