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    • Alright, let me set the scene for you. It's Caroline's birthday. She's decided to go back to Mystic Falls for her yearly party bash, and has of course invited everyone to the bomb fire she'd be having. As usual, nearly all of Mystic Falls shows up- even some unexpected guests. Klaus, Elijah, even Davina. Normally Caroline would attempt to at least get Klaus to leave, but by the time he arrived she was wasted and couldn't care less.

      The hour is midnight. On way or another, all of the main characters have found their way to a clearing in the woods, with a firepit in the center. Confusion swept through everyone, wondering why they were all there. Some received a note from a secret source, others a text message from someone else in the group. But, no one had any idea there was anyone else invited to this clearing... so what exactly was up?

      Just as they were about to make their way back to the party, a figure emerges from the tree's. She's a dark skinned women, who looks to be in her sixties. "I know of all the crimes you have committed!" She proclaims, her voice strong and her hands raising to the sky- the flames growing larger as she raises them. "All of you. Punishment is due, children. But, do not fret. I have not been sent to take away your lives, though I feel that would be the most just punishment of them all."

      Everyone remains silent- for the most part, at least- as she makes her speech. Listing off all the people they've ever killed, all the wrong they've ever done. Shivers run down everyone's spines, and just when everyone (especially the Originals) have had enough, the old women smiled wickedly.

      "You're punishment shall be what we call 'The Switch.'" She declared. "I do bid you good luck." Some try to take action, try to stop the old women from the horrible thing she is about to do to them. But they find that they are frozen in their spots, unable to lift their feet. Even Bonnie cannot find her voice, so that she cannot counter the spell. After some mojo-words and the flame rising ever-higher, there's a flash of light white... and everyone falls.

      When they awake the next morning, they all have headaches. Besides that, however, everything seems fine. They're able to stand up, walk around. By the positioning of the sun it is estimated they'd been out for at least twelve hours, and it is about one in the morning. They all decide to go back to their places... The Slavatores to their home (along with Katherine), Caroline to her mother's house, Jeremy and Elena to the morel room they rented for the weekend. Even the Originals decide to stay for another day, and return to the house they had decided to stay in during their time in Mystic Falls.

      But, all is not well with our characters. As they are about to find out....

      Okay, yeah, I know I'm not very good with Storyline intro's, but I hope this grabbed your attention at least long enough for me to explain what 'The Switch' is.

      Everyone is still who they are.... just, not what they are. Okay, okay. I know that sounds confusing, so stay with me here.

      Klaus is still the arrogant bastard (who really just wants to be loved) that he has always been. He's still witty, still thing high and mighty of himself, still has his lovely accent. He is still who he is. But, he is no longer an Original Hybrid (in fact, he's not even a hybrid/werewolf/vampire). This is what The Switch is. It take's one's abilities/species, and switches it with another. (So, since Klaus is so complex, he would either be a Witch, a Human, or Vampire Hunter {Like Jeremy... so he'd have the tattoo and whatnot} depending on what the person playing him wants him to be.)

      So, for another example, Bonnie's personality would be untouched, but instead of being a witch she can either be a Vampire, Hybrid, Werewolf, Hunter, or Human.

      I hope this makes sense. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I do hope people are interested in this.

    • I only have a few very simple and very basic rules, that I do hope will be followed.

      1. NO ONE LINERS- I really cannot stand these. I am asking at least one paragraph per character. This shouldn't be too hard, and also should have been anticipated since I did put the posting expectation at Intermediate.
      2. I'm going to set a 5 paragraph limit, just so that the more advanced roleplayers do not make everyone else feel intimidated.
      3. You may play one or two characters for now, I may alter this later. (See Characters tab to see who is available.)
      4. If there is a character I left out (such as Camille, who I left out cause I don't see anyone wanting to play her) feel free to ask to play them, and I will more than likely allow you to do so.
      5. Please, no godmodding. It really just ruins a roleplay.
      6. Be realistic. If your character get's into a fight with another, your character WILL get hurt. Play it accordingly. If you do not I will call you out on it, and require realistic changes to be made.
      7. As far as The Switch goes, your character can be ANYTHING else other than what they are in the show.
      8. I'm really only looking for Canon Characters, so no OC's. Sorry.
      9. If you are going to be gone for an extended amount of time, please just make a post in the OC. It's common courtesy.
      10. Relationships are okay (Great even!) and you do not have to follow the pairings in the show. We will start with everyone single, just to make things easier. If your character wants to have a crush on someone, you can do that without asking- as it would be in real life. However, if you want to move the interest past anything but a crush, you must PM the other roleplayer and discuss it with them.
      11. In addition to relationships, if things begin to get saucy, please take it to PM. Making out? Okay. Feeling eachother up at a party? Okay. But once the clothes start coming off and the characters start to even think about seriously having sex, please take it to PM. This isn't in Libertine, after all.
      12. I think that's it.... have fun!

    • Remember, if I left out a character you'd like to play just let me know and I will add them. These are in alphabetical order by first name.

      • Bonnie Bennett---- OPEN.
      • Caroline Forbes---- Brea (CS)
      • Damon Salvatore--- OPEN.
      • Davina Claire---- OPEN.
      • Elena Gilbert---- Reserved by Vixen.
      • Elijah Mikealson---- OPEN.
      • Hayley Marshall---- OPEN.
      • Jeremy Gilbert---- OPEN.
      • Katherine Petrova---- Reserved by Zaira.
      • Marcel Gerard---- OPEN.
      • Matt Donovan---- OPEN.
      • Niklaus Mikealson---- OPEN.
      • Rebekah Mikealson---- OPEN.
      • Stefan Salvatore---- OPEN.
      • Tyler Lockwood---- OPEN.

    • [Insert quote they live by here]
      [Insert image(s)/gif(s) of character here]


      Old Species:

      New Species:



      Changes you will make to the character to make it your own?:


      Bio (Optional):

      Extra (Optional):

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  1. Color Ref: 03a39b

    "I'm a terrible, awful person... but I'm working on it."


    "I'm Caroline."
    Caroline Forbes

    "Old enough to take care of myself."

    Old Species:
    "Just don't call me a bloodsucker."

    New Species:
    "Truthfully, I miss being a vampire. It was so much easier."

    "I'm pretty awesome."
    Loyal, Protective, Responsible, Self controlled, Confident.

    "They're not perfect, but you gotta love your parents."
    Mother- Liz Forbes
    Father - Bill Forbes

    Changes you will make to the character to make it your own?:
    "I think I'm just fine the way I am."
    My version of Caroline will be more accepting of others (Klaus, for example). She's also be a bit more secretive, and careful.

    "I can be a bit boy-crazy sometimes."

    "I think we've covered everything."
    ~ Lives in an apartment in Mystic Falls. ~
    ~ Works at the bar, as a waitress ~

    "Just because I talk a lot doesn't mean I always know what I'm actually talking about."
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  2. Could I play Elena Gilbert please.
  3. Can I reserve Katherine, please?
  4. Of course, she's all yours!

    Yes. I'll make your reservation now ♥
  5. Name:
    Elena Gilbert


    Old Species:


    Only living family- Brother Jeremy Gilbert

    Changes you will make to the character to make it your own?:


    "I'll survive, somehow I always do."
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