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  1. Name: Amarië Lee Sindarin (pronounced [aˈmariɛ]) was a Vanyarin Elf who was in love with Finrod Felagund, and he with her. At lest that was the story her mum would tell her.

    Age: 16

    Personality: she is very shy and quiet most of. Sweet to only few, most of the time she is cold.

    Mental illness: she was diagnosed with depression bipolar, split personality disorder and schizophrenia.

    Background: she was born in a little town in North Wales. She was a single child her father was abusive drunk, he would beat her mother and her. At night he would do sexual things to her and rape heb as well. some of her teachers of school noticed marks on her and tried to help her but her dad was well known and liked so no one believed it. At the age of 7 she started to cut herself then was put away for awhile. The truth was then spelled out and her father was put in jail, not for long though. While she was in there one of her personalities came out his name was Jeremy, he is very violent and enjoys the thought of death the way he looks kind of looks like he's a ghost. She refers to him as brother. To her he is very real, when he isn't inside her body taking over and controlling her he's always usually beside her. She only trust him, after a couple years in the mental health facility in Wales she was released to her mother. they told her mother r that she needed to be moved to 1 in the Us that could help her better. So that's what happened. for the next couple months her and her mother live in a peaceful environment until her personality started to come out, she end up stabbing a kid at school so her mother decided to homeschool her. Two years later her father is released from prison and her mother took him back. poor Amarië went back to being abused and raped frequently this time, eventually she just learn to enjoy the feeling of being hurt... What else was there to do. One night her mother came home late from work and saw that her husband was having sex with his daughter. All she heard was " this is what you get for putting me through that hell.... No tell me you like when daddy fucks you. " Amarië didn't want to say anything but she knew it would end faster if she did. " yes baby... Very much... !" she said as she looked over at Jeremy and knew he was quite upset so she started to cry just a little bit. After seeing and hearing this her mother was so upset she couldn't talk for days or even look at them. Her mom decided to kill herself one night because she couldn't take knowing the truth. Amarië walked in right as her mother put the double barrel shotgun in to her mouth and shot herself, she was only 9 when she watched her own mother's brain splatter all over the wall and her own face. It's been years since that day and she has been in foster homes ever since.


  2. Name: Kail O'Grady


    Personality: Dark and violent on the inside, but a Gentlemen until provoked on the outside.

    Mental Disorder:schizophrenia, violent temper, Manic Depressive

    BackGround: Kail loved killing, whether it was hunting deer or Human. His father Jack O'Grady the butcher of Baghdad taught him a lesson he'd never forget "kill em all," he got military training from his father and blade training from his mother. He was constantly bullied for his scrawny size and build. No one knew the beast they were building or what he could do.One day he had enough and went to the local gun shop killing the owner and his wife grabbing a shotgun and an AR-15 "you want to mess with me" he laughs Psychotically "one by the one they will fall, lining up bodies down the hall, a psycho answered the mighty call, that is such as a O'Grady." When the parents asked how some survived they just said "cause we showed kindness to Kail". Kail gets home covered in blood holding his new weapons "mother send out a coded message, I need a challenge."His mother sends out the message wondering how his boy is holding up with his first massacre "we raised him well."[​IMG]
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  3. It was a really cold rainy night. Amarië was just released from the hospital earlier that day. She needed to take a walk its been months since she's been out on a nice night like this. She decided to walk through the old abandoned park. Walking over to the swing she sat down looking up into the rainy sky then to the other swing. " brother...isnt it nice out tonight." She said to the empty swing. " oh dear sister...it is a lovely night...for blood HAHAHAHA.!" a voice said from the empty swing. It was Jeremy....Amarië's other personality. He was there...but only she could see him.
  4. Kail walks out of a bar wondering where he could kill some time or someone, he had gotten a tip that this town had someone very interesting and moved down here to start the hunt. He goes around the corner feeling the bump of the new 357. magnum against his chest "goddamn its a good night to kill." The voice inside his head said with a cackle "a good night indeed." He looks towards a local park, seeing and hearing a girl talk to thin air smiling as he thought to himself "my pray has arrived." He smiles pulling out his revolver "well lass who are you talking to hmm." As he plays with the revolver in his hand.
  5. Jeremy looked towards the sound of someone coming. He got up from the swing. " brother what's wrong....?" Amarië asked worried. He had a not so happy look on his face. " oh dear sister we have company...and it looks like he wants to play...be ready I will jump you soon!" She said watching the man come towards then.
    { jumping is when the other personality takes over}
  6. Kail gets upset with the woman "who the hell are you talking to lass" he presses the revolver against her head before hearing a police officer interrupts him "son please drop the gun." He smiles "watch this." He twirls around shooting the cop five times "damn son HAHAHAHA." The voice in his head. He points the revolver back at the woman "I fuckin' hate cops, they spoil the fun."
  7. Jeremy gives her the signal" its jumping time." She says smiling and taking over Amarië 's body. Jeremy laughs at the man " you are so pathetic...why wo t you. Torture your victims...you no fun...." Her voice had to tones on it. She got up head butting him causing both them to bleed. " come on shoot me....your a bloody pussy..." They say as they punch him a few times. They took his gun and shot him in the leg. " we will let you live...but only because you seem fun....till next time!" They both walk away
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  8. He watches as she headbutts him and starts punching repeatedly before feeling his gun getting pulled away, He feels the bullet go into his leg "fuckin A." He cackles, the pain pure bliss as he watches them walk away. He calls his mother up "guess what, I found my player" His mother Laughs over the phone "A man?" He smirks "a girl!"His mother paused for a moment "damn son, are you ok you sound in pain" He cackles for a moment "no mother i feel only bliss."

    he sees a cop walk into the park alert and ready "Hey lad, nice gun." The cop gets his cuffs out and enters the kill zone, Kail grabs his arm slamming it into the swing set breaking it in three places while grabbing his Glock shooting him 6 times.He finishes the conversation with his mother asking for dad to come down to the city for intelligence reasons.He starts following the girl for days, trying to get a pattern. He runs into her again a week later "lets have some fun lass, I like you." He gives her a big grin waiting for an answer.
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  9. Amarië hears the commotion at the park. " well brother looks like he's throwing a fit." She looked up at him " no sister....hes seems happy to have found someone that can handle hin. Or beat him...i cant wait to beat his face in next time...now lets go home.! Jeremy says kissing her on the head. Days go by and she lives life like normal. Till she runs I to him again. " see sister I told you he would come back...and he wants us to play a game with him. !" She says walking around the man. Amarië looks at him "what kinda of fun?"
  10. "We turn this place into a war zone of coarse lass." He looks into her eyes smiling with his evil twisted smile "by the way, I want my 357. magnum back," he said with a frown. Over the week, he had been getting intel on this girl from her name to her mental illness from his dad, a hacker and a former SAS member. He uses this info to his advantage "Amerie is your name right, and you have a multiple personality, I bet that's who fucked me up right."

    He looks at her seriously trying to read her "Fuckin kill her mate, She screwed up your leg" Angus the voice in his head says. he grabs his head "Shut up, Angus people will die don't worry."
    He gives the girl his best fuck it face, before pulling out the Glock and shooting 3 people behind her. He starts shooting at passing cars hitting at least one person in each "come on lass,jump!"

    He said as paramedics show up "I'm an O'Grady motherfuckers" the paramedics don't see until it's too late. He grabs one and stab him repeatedly with a K-bar knife, when he's with his first victim out of the two he turns to the other who is shocked at the violence the teen unleashed "come on lad, you've never seen a monster before?" He says before jumping on him and beating the man's face in with his bare hands" he hears sirens in the distance "lass, we must go the pigs are coming."
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  11. They both just stand there and watch him go crazy and kill everyone they see. " brother what is wrong with him......" she looked up at him " he's just insane! And he's definitely not getting that gun back because I gave it to you.!" Jeremy says petting her head and giving her a nice smile.
    Then they hear cops coming and Kail O'Grady tells them they need to get going. She watches as he takes off but she just stands there for a moment and think do I really need to go then just takes off running after him. They finally catch up with him. She takes a moment to catch her breath.

    Amarië just stares at him blankly not really caring what he has to say. " well you cannot have it back brother got it for me..." she pauses for a moment and looks up to her side obviously looking at Jeremy. " should we play this game brother? " she asked Jeremy. A twisted smile came across his face . " oh dear sister we shall play this game most definitely..HAHA... I can't wait to tear this ignorant mother fucker to pieces...!" Amarië tilts her head to side and smiles at the young crazy man across from her. " brother accept your challenge!...." she says before being interrupted by Jeremy jumping her body. " damn fucking right I'm the one that fucked up your leg.... And I can't wait to tear you limb from limb." Jeremy says to him, for some odd reason this man really irritated Jeremy. Jeremy definitely hated him.
  12. Kail bows before Jeremy smiling, "I am honored that you came to play, lad." He cackles, going to the car and pulling out an m-16 and hands it to her, "you need a weapon to play, you're well worth the fight in the end." He grabs a 12 gauge out of the back smiling with a sick grin, kail found an apex predator like himself. He racks a shell into the chamber and looks at Jeremy, "why kill me when we can have so much fun."

    He didn't want to admit it but he loved this girl, she was the perfect psychopath. He decides to say it "you're cute amarie, both sides" He puts a round into a cop that tried charging them. He walks down the street like a god of destruction killing people left and right, "kill them all, Kail send them to our master HAHAHAHAHA."
  13. Jeremy doesn't do anything but stand there and watch. This man annoyed him he wanted to cut him into little pieces. As Kail hands them the gun and tells them to kill others he puts it down. " why be so open to the world....im not one for showing off my joy...and I'm not a gun person." He said as he pulls out a fire ax from the car. " plus I'm more of a chaser...i like the woods and old fashion killing of teens ..more fun to play with...oh the way the girls scream....send yummy chills down my spine.!" he smiled at Kail.

    Once Kail made his the remark of Amarië being cute Jeremy didn't like that " don't call my sister cute btw...or its your head...!" He said getting in to the car. " when your done....we can go find some real fun!"
  14. Kail smiles at the remark about being chopped into pieces "you gonna take that shit,son." His voice said as he picked up the m16 off the ground smiling. He gets into the car cackling "you know jeremy, I love sharing my joy with others because it strikes sweet fear." His voice in head take over his body and Jeremy meets Angus for the first time "if it were up to me ya fucking limey bastard, i'd gut you like a fucking pig." His eyes grow wide as he lets Kail have control again.

    Kail looks at the girl next to him and pulls out a machete out of the back before he starts driving again "the runs just beginning Angus, don't you do that again," they drive up to his house and an older man comes out with a duffle bag and smirks "father, thanks for the toys" his father nods before Kail gets back into the car turning it over "where to Jeremy, it's your show."
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