The Survivors

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  1. Some people call it Armageddon, some call it a virus, while some call it the destruction of everyday life. Every human, plant, and animal has died, save for a few people who were somehow immune to the virus. Those who didn't die no longer need to eat, drink, or sleep. The virus dies out a few days after it appears, seeming to just evaporate like microscopic steam. Now that the disease died out, the survivors live a few more days to adjust to their new lifestyle before a futuristic race of humanoids come to earth (Not aliens, they look more like elves or angels w/out wings). The survivors realize that the aliens only want the resources like water and metal, but their main goal is the core of the planet. Whether you are religious or Athiest or another skin color, you (the Roleplayer) must guide your characters along their path to either stop the invaders or let them destroy your planet... you know what to say.

    Police Records (Not real):
    Previous Job:
    (If needed) Sexual orientation (Needed just in case the invaders do come to destroying earth, you will want someone to hold and love when you die... but it probably wont happen)

    1. No Godmodding: This is normal humans against futuristic beings, so don't try to say that you punched one of them and they blew up or something. lol
    2. No Magic: Have you been able to do real magic lately? Neither have I.
    3. No alien characters: That would be both awkward and mean to the humans. I think... If you read this and think otherwise, please tell me on my profile, @Necropolis
    4. No alien weapons: You can pick them up for a few seconds, but any more and your hands will be fireballs! You can look, you can touch, but no keeping.
    5. Robbing or GTA is a job as well, but it's pretty useless since everyone has their own everything.
    6. No being spotted: You must be undercover agents, or else they will know that the humans are here. You will read what they will do to the humans.
    7. The aliens need to breath, so they can only be killed by suffocation or guns (recommended to have a silencer on it).
    Name: The Ma'quiin (Ma-keen)
    Sex: No sexes (creeepy)
    Age: Live for 100's of years at a time
    Color: White and blue armor, with a few yellow lines and patches
    Religion: Their god, Cwuoryuon. (Q-war-yawn)
    Personality: Differing between them.
    Police Records: None
    Biography: They came from the planet of Hwuoron (Whore-on) on a mission to please their gods, collecting planet cores along the way. They currently have 12 planet cores and some species of plant and rock from the different planets, and now they are on earth to collect it's core. In order to please their gods, they had to enslave the beings that were like them (humans), but they don't know that earth harbors them.
    Appearance: images.png
    Weapons: Spears that are the same as their armor, but have built in guns and a vial that contains sleeping gas.
    Previous jobs: Varying between Builders, Fighters, and Caretakers, also Healers.
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  2. Name: James Olson
    Sex: Male
    Age: 23
    Color: White
    Religion: Christian
    Personality: Kind and Non-judgmental.
    Police Records: None, he's Christian dude, committing a crime unless it's for the greater good will ban you from heaven.
    Biography: He was an absolutely pure christian man, and he loved to preach to children and adults alike. He was at the store searching for organic fruit (chemicals taint god's gifts, and turns them into fake food) when the first person dropped dead in an isle nearby... then another... and another... and soon, people were dropping like flies. He simply believed that it was Armageddon, as spoken of in the holy manuscripts, or the Bible, so he waited for god to take him to heaven. When he outlasted the pandemic though, he believed that god had left him here to preach to the survivors that remained. He searches for survivors before the "impure angels" were cast out of the celestial place that is called heaven.
    Appearance: Brown hair, blue eyes, and glasses. He would actually look a lot like this kid I randomly found while browsing pics for this RP. 1896824_835326996562168_5299321519632738620_n.jpg
    Weapons: A holy cross to battle the evil in the survivor's hearts. What weapon would a christian hold anyways, other than the cross, right?
    Previous Job: Carpenter, or he builds houses, and also a volunteer preacher.
    Sexual orientation: Female
  3. I just clicked this tab, my question is if this is real or b8 because this shit is fucking ridiculous.
  4. 1. This is a real RP
    2. Ridiculous good, or ridiculous bad?
  5. As in I thought the characters were a joke.
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  6. :(
    I thought that it was well thought out...
  7. I think it looks like a well thought out rp, and the CS isn't bad. The characters are actually pretty nice, but although this is sci-fi, it is in a way Apocalypse, and I've had my fair share for a while. I think it's a nice rp, but not my cup of tea at the moment. Nice banner for it though ^_^
  8. Thank you... I half expected the RP to die quickly, being as it was my first attempt at such a scenario, but I'm a little disappointed that it never hit more than a few comments.
  9. I'm currently thinking up ideas for a more large scale roleplay. Provided you have the time to discuss and help get the ideas flowing, maybe we can work on it together, with another one or two people, of course.
  10. I thank you for the opportunity, and I'm sure that we ( You, me, and others) would come up with some great ideas, but I get nervous in large scale RolePlays. There are too many players and scenarios to keep track of, and if it is a successful thread, there are usually up to ten people, some with more than one character to control. It's usually too much for me to handle, and I get left behind or picked off because I can't reply on a regular basis. Thank you again, and I do hope you understand, but I regretfully say that I must decline.
  11. Honestly, it's perfectly fine. It's an offer you're free to decline. after all, I didn't put a gun against your skull, though we both know that would make things much more interesting, wouldn't you agree? Anyway, I'll look for others, but once I get it up and running, you're free to join, or take the extra Co-GM position, provided it does get started, and there is one ^_^
  12. Thank you for that, and I'm sure that I will be able to if it is a small enough party of people. I'll keep in touch, so you can PM me when it gets going.
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