MECHANICS The Supersoldier Serum


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The Supersoldier Serum began development in 2015. After years of the SPME physically breaking in every captive metahuman they had their hands on, they decided to seek out something better. A serum that would make their prized specimens docile and compliant, hungry for any command, and even more powerful.

The Supersoldier Serum is extremely volatile. It can often times drive the subject mad, warp their powers in ways that they can no longer control, or harm their mind to the point of no return. Even when the serum works perfectly, and the SPME can easily manipulate their subjects, they are easily snapped out of this state when reminded of loved ones or traumatic past events. That's why it is key to separate the subject from those that they know for maximum success.

Throughout the years in the Superhero era, the SPME experimented heavily with their serum. It failed more than it succeeded. Most people who were even successfully influenced were eventually rescued. It still became a large fear for the metahuman community, but was eventually abandoned.
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