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The event that marked the start of the Superhero era was, of course, the beginning of superheroes. Following the exposure of metahumans as a race, superheroes were born. The superheroes we saw in the comics, on the big screen, finally came to life. Metahumans finally knew that it was their time to fight for what they believed in, and fight against threats they knew no one else could.

The public fell in love with their superheroes too fast to even believe. As quickly as superheroes rose, so did supervillains, and vigilantes. The world became a playground for all types of displays. Awesome power, caught on television... well, the merchandise list became quite extensive.

But the Superhero profession promoted metahumans like nothing else. It was because of superheroes that even normal people felt comfortable coming out of the shadows. The metahuman underground became an integral part of the profession as well, all around empowering metahumans.

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