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    Hello Punks! and welcome to the show....well more like gang but hey you get what i mean!
    Now let us be serious, My name you ask? Well im Know as Akuma the destroyer. But my men? they know me as Akarahashi Momoto the top leader in the towns Crime Syndicate. Yes i know i know why would this be a great title? Well im not completely sure but shit plenty of people have joined me already. But i mean look at this beautiful city.
    Tell me that isnt nice....huh of course you think it is but look deeper into it
    whats this place have to do with it? well this place is very corrupt and very you say backwards and over the years it has changed.
    well im here to show them just how bad they have made it and it is time to turn this city into our own. Now some people will call us supervillians...just because of our special powers....but hey long as the government continues to make super soldiers then i see nothing wrong with what we do.
    And from our destruction there will be new government...NEW POWER!
    Here is a little introduction
    This guy? this is Rhydian Jensen , or as i would call him our sense destructor. as it follows his power, and honestly he definitely has a darker side to him but....hey who wouldn't?​
    Huh next up is​
    Veronica Heidi Rodriguez, huh what a name right? but nonetheless she is our pyromaniac, which is very useful in tight situations.​
    Now meet our thinker Eris, our intelligence region and back up plan coordinator. She is very urhm how you say fond of herself, but what can you do with a brain like hers?​
    OH MY LOOK ITS OUR LORD AND SAVIOR! hah im just kidding​
    This is Father Lorik, i would more like to call him Father madness but i dont think he would like that at all. Despite his lord loving ways he seeks change just like the rest of us....but much more violently than most preachers do.​
    Oh look who it is my disciple​
    This guy right here, Mr. Reito Ketsui. I would like to call him my right hand man...but im not entirely sure if i can trust him as far as i could blast him, but he is very "cool" and collected. Ha get it cool because he is our Ice user, who is very useful when we need to make surprise entrances and exits...or just a plain out brawl.​
    But we cant forget our thunderhead​
    Graceland Simmons, Think ill just call him volts maybe....But anyway he is our shock and entry but he is also like a ticking time bomb with the way his powers can go out of control, but hey who doesn't like a bomb as an escape plan.​
    Last but not least our how he says " Mechanical Madman "​
    And believe Paxillus Atropa when he says madman, because this techno path will tear you limb from limb...or maybe not, im not completely sure but he definitely had balls bringing his younger sister to the group......but lets see if he can convince me to let her join.​
    o yeah i can forget about me​
    I am Akarahashi Momoto but you can call me Akuma...and this is my super villain gang who will change the world at any risk​
  2. "Supervillains don't take the subway," Belladonna muttered for at least the dozenth time as they climbed the stairs leading out of the station.
    "Supervillains don't whine like a little bitch," Paxillus retorted with a scowl. "And supervillains definitely don't get their cars stolen. I'm not risking the Black Beauty in a shithole part of town like this."
    "You're risking your little sister, and you're not nearly cool enough to be the Green Hornet."
    "Don't make me rethink bringing you."

    The rest of their walk was done in silence, stony on both their parts. Though they had similar facial structure, that was where the resemblance ended. Pax was unkempt, dressed in simply what he could find- a white wife beater, dark jeans, and a ratty leather bomber jacket that had seen better days. He didn't really need the jacket, but the sleeves covered the mechanical glove on his left wrist. It was his latest invention, and contained all the functions of a smart phone as well as a small laser, knife, and stun gun, with a series of plugs designed to let it power nearly anything. It was the only part of his outfit he cared about.
    Bella, on the other hand, had stepped into her newfound supervillain identity with a flourish. She wore an absurd getup of black and purple lace & leather, complete with eyemask and extra long boots and gloves. It bared her newly pierced belly button, a tiny silver and amethyst spider adorning the pale skin of her midsection. She looked half a child and half dead, but with the low light and dark streets around her, she could pretend to be intimidating for a few minutes.
    Perhaps it worked, or perhaps the streets were just deserted, because they made it to the headquarters unmolested. As Paxillus swiped his keycard, his little sister let out a snort of disbelief. "The secret lair is opened like a cheap hotel room? No gigantic, rusty iron keys, no fancy eyeball camera..."
    "They're called retina scanners, and they're too damned expensive. Go rob a bank or something if you have to have the fancy equipment," Pax snapped. "Now shut up, I'll be the one doing the talking from here on out. Akarahashi's letting me take you as a favor. If you want to be one of us, you'll need to walk the walk, not just talk the talk, and act like a goddamn adult." She threw up her arms in the "watch out, we got a badass over here" gesture, but kept her mouth shut for once.
  3. Eris made a laugh. She had made it to the hideout moments after Paxillus and his younger sister had shown up. "Do not worry child." She came up behind Belladonna. "This lair is not easy for others to find." Eris pulled at her glove with her hand making it tighter. She was in her usual formal dress, it was what she believed someone as great as her should wear. She glanced over at Paxillus and then back to the girl. She brought her gloved hand up to touch Belladonna's face. "Just follow me and you will be fine." A smirk appeared on her face as she slowly pulled her hand away.
  4. Lorik sniffed the air in disgust. "God be damn. Heretics and heathens stink like demon's piss." He shouldered the bloodied mass and began walking. Although he certainly didn't want to carry the damn body, he didn't have time to do anything proper about it. Someone had seen him skulking in the alleyway and had run to call for help. He sighed, "The things I do for my lord."

    When he considered his surroundings to be clear, he dropped the body and gave it a kick. The kick had no real purpose. He just felt angry today. Lorik began with a low hum that rose in volume. The air was suddenly cold and he began chanting. There was a shifting of shadows and light seem to bend away as he continued. With a final syllable, he bent down and smacked the corpse on the head. "By the power invested in me, rise!" That last part of his prayer was completely unnecessary, but he reasoned that other priests did sillier things. The thing on the floor began to shift sporadically. It rose and Lorik backed away slightly.

    He put his hand on it's shoulder and spoke, "Welcome son of our savior. We have much to accomplish. Join your brethren and be discreet." The creature seem to open it's jaw to answer, but only a gurgled moan came out in reply. Lorik pulled the red hoodie up and looked at it closely. "Looks alive enough. Shouldn't attract too much attention." He just hoped that it didn't stir any trouble. He had just cleaned up a mess left by another recruit. The red hooded thing walked away. It wasn't even dead for half an hour and was almost entirely intact, but if you looked closely the limbs were definitely too rigid to be normal. Lorik sighed. Now he had business to deal with the gang. He walked towards the hideout, caring little about his bloody appearance. There was a irritated look in his eyes.
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  5. " not tolerable. Zero points, toketsu."

    A voice chilled by a taciturn demeanor spoke out from an alley away ahead of where the first group of people were arriving. Stepping out from the cover of the building to meet the newcomers, he observed them behind the shroud of cerulean lenses of his shades which obscured his optics. He attire consisted of a pristine white business suit, accentuated by a neatly pressed ocean blue tie. His hands secured in his pockets as he stood before the newer members of the Syndicate. His posture was refined, his attire immaculate and his demeanor all combined to convey a personality that adequately represented his existence; cold. Having thoroughly observed the amassing group with a gaze of steely indifference, he motioned his head towards the entrance of the of the hideout.

    "He awaits your arrival."

    He ushered them towards the entry way, not moving from his position. He was tasked with ensuring that each member was capable of finding their way to the assembly. A social endeavor in which he accepted begrudgingly. Despite his unwillingness, it was his task and based on his principles he'd see it through, however he was not obligated to be pleasant about it. Assuming the group headed his directive, he would remain true to his orders and await the rest of the attendants.
  6. Graceland glanced down at the screen of his phone, glowing in the darkness. He was going to be late. He gave a short sigh before turning it off, stuffing it back into the pocket of his long black coat. It's not like he particularly cared about being tardy, he just didn't want to hear about it later. It was mostly his own fault this time as well... Ah well, if the big guy got mad he'd just bare it he supposed.
    As he walked silently down the seemingly abandoned streets Graceland noticed a familiar, blood stained figure heading his same way.
    "Would you just look at my timing, good evening Father." he greeted upon catching up with the irritated looking man. "Or, maybe not judging by that look on your face." He chuckled, completely unphased by the man's appearance. He wasn't so much interested in the conversation as much as he was the other's current mood. He had a bad habit of "poking the bear".
  7. ". . . ." Rhydian was never the type of person to show up more or less than a few minutes late to important meetings or simple gatherings. Sure, he'd rather spend the rest of his tiresome mornings sleeping in and devote quite a little bit of his abundant free time dozing off under the shade of some tree nearby home. But instead, he took it upon himself to get up twenty to thirty minutes earlier than his usual waking up routine, just because it was in his nature to repay the debts he felt he had under Syndicate, for welcoming him into their turf with open arms when nobody else did. He thought by vowing his full and undying allegiance to them, the guilt he felt inside would subside. Despite lacking motivation or some sort of ambition like the rest of the crew, Rhydian still would've preferred being the first to show.
    If only he didn't take a shortcut through an old and abandoned park nearby a vast lake, then maybe he would've made it on time.
    "I don't mean to complain or anything but will you slow down a bit?! My feet are throbbing and soaking wet!"
    ". . . ."
    "Like seriously, what are you trying to do? Win a marathon? I can feel my skin peeling off!"
    ". . . ."
    "Rhydian! Don't ignore me when I'm talking to you you ungrateful living piece of-"
    "I actually hate you less when you're not trying to get me to talk to you or when you don't drag me down to the stunts you pull."
    He cut her off again, this time with a little wave of his hand. She didn't seem to appreciate his rudeness, and the sour look on her face only caused him to smirk in amusement. "You don't know how to swim yet you insist on fooling in the deep end until you're choking on water," he lectured slowly as if she were an unruly child. "You can't expect people to save you all the time. Take responsibility and stop messing around." Satisfied with himself, Rhydian nodded twice to confirm the fact and headed on, completely tuning her out. Frowning in a way that made it clear she was offended, the pink-haired girl, Veronica, roughly brushed past him so she'd be taking lead now. She never enjoyed not having to be the person giving lectures and would immediately refuse to acknowledge the idea of someone else telling her what to do without a second thought. Which was why she couldn't help but to feel an overwhelming sensation welling up inside her and couldn't control the puff of smoke steaming through her ears even once they reached the headquarters undetected. Well, at least she was no longer drenching from head to toe.
  8. In spite of herself, Belladonna flinched when the other woman touched her face. It was so strange that anyone would willingly lay hands on her, gloved or not, that she had no idea how to respond. "What the fuck do I have to worry about?" She asked after a moment with a shrug, rolling her dark eyes. In the right light it was revealed that they were stained by the poison and had a faint purple sheen, but in this lighting they were simply black, pits more than windows to her soul. Or perhaps it was that selfsame soul that loomed so dark within. "What does it matter to me if someone finds this shithole? I'm not even a real part of your little cool kids club, in case you didn't get the memo." For all her bravado, Bella was quick to catch up to Eris, walking to her side. "You're the braniac, right?"

    Pax had been watching his fellow villain for a moment when the voice of Reito drew him from his reverie. A bit annoyed to find his mental image of the genius on her knees suddenly dispelled, he gave the younger man a quick frown. While he appreciated the cool professionalism the other man could sometimes use, his aggravation at being bossed around by a kid too young to even be out of college yet. "Are you Akuma's verbal dog?" he asked, tone cool and his face deadpan. "You are certainly proficient at eating what scraps he tosses you and vomiting them back out again. Quite a talent, but wouldn't a parrot have been cheaper, toketsu?" On the last word his voice lilted upwards into a falsetto impersonation, and he let his deadpan be broken for a moment by a sneer. "The only word containing "tard" here is accurate concerning you, not me. Get a new watch, we're still three minutes early." Walking away inside, he looked at the other man over his shoulder and added as an afterthought, "Sit. Stay. Good boy!"
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  9. Eris made a smile. "Brainiac, I suppose you could say that. I am the most intelligence person there is." She said, it was obvious how well she thought of herself. She made her way into the building. She glanced at the girl through the corner of her eyes. "So, you want to be apart of this wonderful group, eh?" She finally turned her whole head to face this girl. "What's your name? Perhaps I will help you make your dream come true." She paused and put her hand onto the girls head and pet her head. "As long as you listen."
  10. Lorik glared at younger man. He took a long breath in and breathed out slowly. "Greetings Mr. Simmons, I would have hoped Akuma had dropped you a long time ago, but it seems you are were given a miracle by the lord. It would seems being a battery does have it's advantages," Lorik spoke with restrained dislike. He had never liked this kid. Graceland seemed to false to him. He seemed to be excellent in social prowess in appearance, but Lorik suspected too much. Graceland had too much control over himself. Lorik did not like dishonesty and Graceland seemed to be screaming it in his face with his words and actions. Lorik continued to the hideout without another word. Graceland seem to follow him step by step as if tempting Lorik to cut him. He shook away the urge. Akuma would not like me murdering his crew indiscriminately. He also didn't want to deal with being shocked not that his nerves felt much these days.

    They arrived seeing that six members had already reached here. The sight of Reito with the others had somehow made him annoyed. There was things he wanted to do, but he had to attend this gathering under Akuma's orders. He sighed and went forward, brushing past the group of people straight towards Reito. "Akuma inside I assume?" Lorik didn't feel like hearing the response, and headed in, "Doesn't matter. I'm going to wait inside. Have fun greeting the grunts." He proceeded inside.
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  11. "It appears that your delusional sense of dominance has left you ignorant to your place in this organization. It would behoove you to keep in mind that not only do I not care for your existence, but my obligation to adhere to Akuma's orders is entirely based on my tolerance."

    Reito's voice remained chilled with disdain as he said this. Normally, he wouldn't stoop so low as to grace Pax with a rebuttal, however today his threshold for patience was particularly weary. He turned his head slightly in order to focus a side ways glare in his direction.

    "Know this, I have no qualms with leaving your sister entirely an orphan; as it would take a negligible amount if effort to make that a reality.", the intensity of his gaze and the chilling air that emanated from his form cemented the resolve behind that statement. He was in no mood to be underestimated by the likes of him despite his age and hoped that this made it very apparent as to where he was stood in terms of his feelings towards him. Not only that, but he was admittedly already frustrated at his current task.

    "Now, as directed he awaits your arrival and if you wish to carry on with this "dick-swinging" contest you will not only undoubtedly be late, but you will PERMANENTLY be dismissed from all further meetings, toketsu."

    With that he returned to his task of ensuring that all en route members were able to make it to the designated meeting area without a hitch. Of these members, outside of Belladonna and Eris, Lorik had just arrived and appeared to be displaying the same sour mood as Pax, a fact that for the sake of his own sanity he dismissed. So far he only awaited the arrival of Rhydian, Veronica, and Graceland. This fact only proved to annoy him further; the longer they took the longer he would be tasked with the menial and tedious task of acting as the Syndicates "doorman". He sighed in exasperation as he got the hint that this night would be dragging on for quite a while. This would be the last time, he would agree to such a demeaning task regardless of his respect towards his mentor.
  12. Graceland continued smiling in response to Lorik's less than friendly greeting, allowing himself to fall some steps behind the other and continue the walk in silence. It was no secret that Lorik was not at all fond him, and it was best not to push his luck despite the urge Graceland had to do so. There was a time and place for everything, and now certainly wasn't the time to instigate a fight, nor was Graceland really looking to. He may have found pushing peoples' buttons amusing, but starting trouble for no reason wasn't his style.

    In the end Graceland had managed to fall a little behind, arriving slightly after the older man. It looked like he wasn't the last to arrive, though, so there probably wouldn't be any problem. With his hands shoved in his pockets he headed for the entrance, in no rush at all. "Sorry, I'm a bit late it seems." He offered an empty apology as he passed by Reito on his way to join those who had already arrived.
  13. As everyone had made it to the headquarters either...calmly or a little hot headed as usual, they would typically gather around the table in which were akuma was to be. But he was not there at the moment and the room was just empty with the large TV screen on it playing white snow. The crackling sound of the snow seems so everlastingly annoying and which is why Akuma enjoyed the sound as it trickled down the long black hallway underneath the TV, When everyone had actually made it to a seat in the room. A man had ran out from the dark hallway, some man in a business suit. He landed on the table looking at everyone with bruises and scrapes on his face, he held a hand out to them and shouted " HELP! PLEASE HELP ME! PLEA-" the man cut off by a sudden conundrum of shaking and awkward jerking. The man grabbed his ears and stumbled back into the wall his ears beginning to bleed through his hands and down his cheeks, his eyes beginning to let blood drip out of his tear ducts. The man ran his teeth over his own grinding then together, Falling to his knees he let out a small yelp before his head literally popped. Letting blood splatter on the floor, Pieces of skull riddled the table and the ground also. His brain laid in basic debree on the floor as his now dead body twitched on the floor, Which by the doorway was an evil chuckle and then a sound of shoes clicking against the floor down the long hallway. Walking out of the hallway was the one and only Akuma, Yes yes a big entrance for such a feeble man in the eyes of these people. But he enjoyed it and if there was newcomers it would help them learn what he has in his power to do to them, As he made his way out into the open he ran a hand through his hair looking down at the body and then back up at the people. A smirk on his face, he spoke smoothly and a bit more chilled " Good to see some familiar faces here, and some not familiar faces " He said looking at the people around the table.

    " Sorry for the mess...huh...this pig tried to rat me out so i had to blow his brains out " he said making a gun with his finger and pulling the trigger, making that incredibly generic clicking noise along with it. Whipping out a cloth from the inside of his suit jacket, he placed it on the table and whipped it across it. The spot were he wiped became clean again and he placed his palms there leaning on the table looking at everyone and the stopping when he made eye sight with father lorik " Ah good good, I'm glad you could make it Father....What would this little..uhm... Soiree... be without you " Akuma stood up straight and rubbed his hands together and said " Well welcome everyone and today we make history " he said pointing his finger up in the air and wagging it " I have chosen the...uhm best of the best " super villains " to aid me in my life changing journey " he smirked again " Life changing hah i make myself laugh " he shook his head " Look guys here's what it is, we are going to blow shit up cause alot of trouble and probably get in a lot of trouble " he nodded as he pondered " When we have collected enough notoriety as a group then we will begin the you say big and dangerous missions like capturing points of control and holding hostages and all the shebang from the comics " He looked at everyone inspecting there attire and there facial expressions as that can also show an either like or dislike of his idea.
  14. "Your obligation to Akuma is based 99% on your lips being, apparently, permanently grafted to his ass," Pax replied acerbically, turning for half a moment to give Reito an almost amused look. "By the way, get back to school. The term is dick-measuring - and I don't have a microscope with me, sorry - and my sister's already an orphan. The term refers to lack of parents, and I might be a lot of things, but a motherfucker I'm not. Whoever the fuck her dad is, he ain't me."
    Flipping the bird, he followed the other villains into the building, completely unafraid of retribution. Reito was big on the talk, but Paxillus had never seen him act on a threat. Akuma was the sort of bastard he wouldn't cross, but his lapdog wasn't half so fearsome. In fact, no one on the team was particularly fearsome. Father Lorik was the only other member of the team that the elder Atropa sibling wouldn't jack with. He had learned early on not to stick his dick in crazy, and only slightly later not to dick around with crazy either, and crazy didn't begin to cover the priest. Pax gave him a wide berth whenever possible, and found himself walking beside Graceland. "Don't apologize, kid," he offered, the closest thing to friendly advice anyone on the team was liable to get. "Sends the wrong message."

    In front of him, Bella giggled slightly at Eris. "Most intelligence person, huh?" She asked, sarcasm apparent. "I'm Belladonna. Soon everyone will know me as the Purple Panic. I'm not becoming a supervillain with some lame-ass name." And Pax's unhelpful suggestion of the Tween Terror would be promptly ignored. "Do you have a decent one yet? Hard to find a cool name for just being a spernerd, no offence."

    She shut up quickly enough once they reached the meeting room, at least, and found herself sitting beside her brother just in enough time for Akuma's show. He managed to maintain a straight face through it all, but Bella's jaw dropped in shock and horror before she composed herself and put on a facade of nonchalance. It was weak, though, and he eyes showed just how much the incident had disturbed her, blood and brains everywhere... yech.
    "How do you manage to hire cleaners for this place?" Paxillus muttered, halfway rhetorically, under his breath. Somehow he didn't see their fearless leader renting a rug wizard and getting all the bloodstains out himself.
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  15. Eris laughed as she watched Akuma's display...and Belladonna's reaction. "Get used to it." She whispered. "You're going to see that a lot." None of this bothered Eris at all, in fact, she was quite interested in Akuma, not in a romantic way, she just thought the way he acted was interesting. She crossed her legs and watched with a smile. "As for my name." She made a pause. "What do you think Eris means. It's the goddess of chaos, strife and discord. I happened to be born with the perfect name for me." She laughed a bit wickedly and pulled at her glove again.
  16. The spectacle was amusing, but utterly wasteful. Father Lorik shook his head. It was a perfectly fine body, but he decided it was mostly salvageable. There were more than one uses of flesh than just raising it. He grinned in contemplation. There was a certain project he would likely want to finish early, but didn't have quite enough material for it. He finally concluded this corpse on the floor would be a start. "Akuma, you sure make a lot of work for me but I certainly appreciate every scrap," Lorik spoke a bright smile. There was certainly something off in the way Lorik tilted his head slightly and showed his strange white teeth.

    Lorik turned to Paxillus, "He doesn't need cleaners. I can get my brethren to scrub this place until the floor is as polished as mirror. But this would be a most magnificent start to a proper place of worship." Lorik swept across the room with his eyes, envisioning the perfect kind of church ground. Red everywhere with bodies strewn across the walls. Perhaps a few impaled heads for good measure. He always enjoyed a good moaning head. Makes for good dreams. "Certainly more red would help," Lorik contemplated softly. He picked up the body and slung it over his shoulder like a sack. Blood gurgled down onto his clerical collar, but he didn't mind. Lorik faced Akuma and said, "So what kind of trouble are we going to begin with? I do have plenty to do on my own, but please enlighten us with your plans."
  17. "I certainly wouldn't put such an act of depravity past scum like you...", Reito stated in passing, a reference to the "motherfucker" line. As for the ensuing volley of insults, Reito would hold his tongue; entertaining this any further would only serve to draw things out. Despite his blatantly negative stance towards Paxillus, his wit along with what only could be described and distinct lack of fear no matter what lied before him was a commendable trait. Unfortunately that was all the merit he would attribute the man on the account his uncouth, perverse, and deplorable sense of character that he had come to loathe; no doubt these traits along with his vast array of skills were the reason he had been scouted into the organization, but that didn't make Reito like him anymore than it would a man who admired the beauty of a rose as he was forced to grip it by its thorns. However as it stood, all members were in accordance and thus the man made his way to the meeting area along with the rest of them. His hands remained secured within his pockets as he climbed the stairs to the meeting room, arriving just in time to avoid a projectile blood splatter shot from the macabre display that was a telltale sign of his mentors involvement.

    The debris splattered against the wall behind him and his response in return was that of cold indifference. Despite himself, he did make a note to observe all of the members reactions to, what some might refer to as, a horrific display of violence. He gathered based on his past experiences with Akuma that this was, first: a display of his power in order to set the tone within the group and second to weed out any squeamish newcomers among them who might be a hindrance to organization. Quite a bit more theatrical than he himself would have gone about it, but he knew Akuma had a flair for the eccentrics and as long as it got the point across Reito had no qualms about the method.

    Scanning the room for any obvious signs of disturbance among the cast, his lavender optics came to rest upon the newcomer Belladonna from behind his shades. He had encountered the most of the other members on several occasions in the past and gathered that for the most part this was nothing new for them. Her not so subtle facial change in response to the act, followed by the hasty and quite frankly desperate attempt to mask her discomfort behind a charade of what appeared to be "nonchalance", gave hint that she was somewhat out of place in regards to matters of this nature. He took note of this, all the while observing her as she attempted to collect herself and fortify her composure; her eyes however still portrayed her disgust, a fact that was understandable to the newcomer within the Syndicate, but a potential problem no less. Reito made a mental note to regard her with a more thorough investigative stance as things progressed within their movement to see if she had the fortitude to handle what the future held. If nothing else the Syndicate had it's necessity for violence, a fact that all those in line with it's goals would have to come to terms with no matter their constitution.

    His fixation was broken by the notably haughty laughter Eris released. He averted his gaze towards the woman as her laughter persisted, he gathered that she was a prideful sort, which was putting it nicely, and undoubtedly possessed some sadistic tendencies. It came to no surprise that she would view this as pure amusement; the victim's cries of pain akin to symphony to her and his remains strewn about the room mere paint on the canvas depicting the art of carnage Akuma so vividly and earnestly cared to share with all those in attendance. He detected that she displayed a keen a sense of interest towards him, more likely than note the same interest that caused Akuma to align himself with the man so long ago.

    His concentration shifted, most likely in turn with everyone else's, to Father Lorik as he made his way across the room to adorn himself with the recently deceased man. Slinging the corpse over his shoulder with a visage of maniacal delight was quite befitting of a person of his stature. It was no mystery that he was both the most unstable and most revered in terms of insanity. It was in the best interest of most to regard him for the lunatic that he was and even better for them still to respect him for it; it was because of that fact that he was at home within the Syndicate and the Syndicate in turn was happy to welcome him there. With this it seemed that the twisted sense of formalities were done with and now business could get underway. Reito remained at the entrance, retaining his ever present professional composure as he awaited for Akuma to convey their directive.
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  18. Graceland would occasionally poke the bear simply to test the waters, but Paxillus would prod and prod until he'd back the bear up against the wall. One of these days the bear was going to strike out at him, and Graceland couldn't help but think he'd like to be there to see it.

    He hummed, amused by the advise the older man had given him. "Thanks, but I find it's far easier to catch flies with honey than with vinegar." He smiled and continued on his way, taking a seat around the table with the others. Graceland made sure he didn't give others reason to hold a grudge against him, so even when he pushed or teased it was hardly ever in an overtly venomous way. There were plenty of people that didn't like him, sure, but it was far easier when you were simply disliked for your personality, rather than having enemies made from things you purposely did. That was dangerous. Graceland had enough to worry about, constantly watching his back was not really something really he wanted to add to that list.

    The little show that quickly followed their arrival didn't particularly surprise him. As the gore splattered throughout the room, he simply pulled his hands off the table, shoving them back into his pockets to avoid actually touching any of the mess. It was a little over the top, but he had expected about as much from Akuma, especially with potential new recruits present. Speaking of which, Graceland stole a glance across the table at Belladonna, obviously disturbed despite her attempt to cover it up. She certainly didn't seem to be anything like her brother, all bark and no bite. How long would she last, he wondered?
  19. Clapping his hands together once, his mind full of ideas and projects which this group could do nodding his head a bit. " Well i guess you guys are roaring to go and blow shit up then right? " He looked around the group again. " Well then here is your mission " He spun around in a circle and pointed at a map on the wall, He walked over to it and leaned on it " Hows it going baby " He then looked back at the group his hand moving about as he spoke. " Teams that's what we need is teams " He traveled his fingers about the group " Uhm lets see Reito and Pax should be a delicious group " he said chuckling and then continuing on to the others " Uh mm Graceland you can go on the bloody rampage with father lorik " he looked at Eris smirking " You're with me Eris " his eye then snapping over to belladonna. He walked over to the young girl staring her down, his eyes seeming to be destructive and cold. Like running through ones soul and tearing it out of there ears or eyes...something like that. " And...Who...Are...You " he said looking at pax and then back to her the fact that a minor had made it into his domain was slowly bothering him deeper and deeper. He always had a problem with young adults due to there fact of to much pride and bad decision making skill, He needed someone who wouldn't become a hinder if she was killed in the progress as a young child dying would be...very...very good for his title. His mind was now running with new ideas but he did not speak aloud of them.
  20. Pax snorted, completely unsurprised by Akuma's decision. The man thrived off of chaos and discord. Well, bully for him, when it came time to get a job done both he and his unfortunate teammate could both get down to business. Professionalism was an admirable trait; maybe the only trait he actually found positive in Reito. The kid's powers weren't half bad, but you needed more than mere ability to make it in this world. Pax had learned that, the easy way and then the hard way, and it was a lesson he was eager to teach his kid sister.
    As a matter of fact, their glorious leader seemed to be doing a decent job of teaching her right that moment.

    A sneer formed on her lips. She had seen too much to be intimidated by a mere look, even one from a man like this. "I'm the Purple Panic," She replied, voice cool and aloof. "If it's death and mayhem you're looking for, I'm your girl. A snap of my fingers and I can poison everyone in this room. I have the misfortune of being the Madman's sister. I guess you can call me Belladonna, if you need to. Don't let my appearance fool you. I've been around longer, seen more, heard more, and done more than you'd likely believe. Blow me off because I look like a kid, and you'll regret it."
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