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    Noémie "Naomi" Renée Frédérique

    Sixteen | Ravenclaw - Sixth Year | Half Blood - Veela | French Native

    - Inheriting her mother's Veela heritage and the magical abilities of her Pure Blood father, Noémie has always been blessed with gorgeousness and a charming allure that seems to attract people, even when she doesn't necessarily wish it to happen. She speaks with a heavily accented voice, considering she was born and raised in France with her mother. As for Noémie's father, he abandoned the family shortly after her birth. His refusal to be a proper father has given Noémie a distasteful opinion on all men.

    - Noémie's mother and father had an affair, a fling, nothing serious. Her parents were never married and so Noémie has always carried her mother's maiden name. She does not know a lot about her father, the only information given to her is that he was a Pure Blood wizard from England and that he had attended Hogwarts for his studies.

    - When Noémie was about five years old, her mother suddenly got very sick and died while spending the Summer vacation in England with her daughter. Noémie was placed in an Orphanage and was left all alone without a friend in the world. Thankfully, she made a friendship with another little girl that was there as well. This girl was older and not related to her in any way, but Noémie began to consider her a sister.

    - The girls were adopted by a loving elderly couple and everything in their lives was perfect during this time. Sadly, the elderly couple died a few years later and their biological daughter, who hated the girls, took them under her own care. Noémie and her adopted sister were treated horribly, forced to live in terrible conditions and basically made to act as indentured servants. The only time they get to play or be happy is when they're at Hogwarts together.

    - As seen with most Veela, Noémie is gifted with beautiful blond hair and striking sapphire eyes. When angered or emotional, Noémie demonstrates her Veela abilities. These include her eyes going crimson, fangs elongating and razor sharp nails to extend. Noémie has a brilliant mind, although everyone seems to think she is nothing aside from a pretty face. She desperately wants to be a Historian and enjoys her studies very much.

    * * *

    Sirius Black

    Sixteen | Pure Blood - Animagus - Black Dog | Gryffindor - Sixth Year & Qudditch Beater

    - The younger son of the Noble Black family, Sirius is considered to be the lesser son in comparison to his elder brother, Regulus. His entire childhood, everyone in the noble family looked down at Sirius and it wasn't until he finally enrolled in Hogwarts that he gained a friend. James Potter, a fellow Pure Blood and yet so different than what Sirius had expected.

    - James and Sirius quickly became best friends, faithfully loyal to each other and always there when the other needed them. Sirius joined the Gryffindor Qudditch team as a Beater when James was selected to be the team's Seeker. They made an impossible pair, but worked marvelously together.

    - Although never jealous of James and his loving parents, Sirius often becomes victim to depression every now and again, understandably. When Sirius turned sixteen he got into a massive argument with his mother and decided to leave the house of Black, forever. His spot on the family tapestry was burned, by the very same woman that had given birth to him.

    - With nowhere else to go after his abandonment, Sirius sought shelter with James. To his surprise, the Potters welcomed Sirius in with open arms and basically adopted him as a member of the family. Now it's Sirius's sixth year at Hogwarts and he's actually happy to be alive for once.​
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    Adrianna Valarie Benedett
    Seventeen | Slytherin - Seventh Year | Pureblood

    - Pretty is something that Adrianna is often associated with, though she pales in comparison to her friend, Noémie. Her long, straight waves of gold always captivates others until a proper examination and they see that the rest of her is rather plain. She doesn't have a curvacious body, she is slim and fair; she has a long face and simple blue eyes and a nose that's actually a bit out of place - as though it is too long or too big for her face. Adrianna, on closer inspection, would be deemed "ordinary".

    - Adrianna arrived at the orphanage at a very young age, only knowing her name: Adrianna Valarie. No last name. Her parents, or parent, had dropped her at an orphanage with a letter saying to simply give her to a home that could care for her. Parents obviously feeling they could not raise a child properly and decided to attempt to give her a better chance instead with another family. Adrianna never resented them for their decision, she always had a habit of looking at the silver lining of things: now that she was in the orphanage she had several brothers and sisters.

    - Though ordinary and left alone at an orphanage, Adrianna really holds a happy-go-lucky attitude and trying to put a smile on anyone's face. If someone was bullying another, Adrianna was the girl to go to. If there were monsters underneath your bed or hidden away in your closet, instead of telling them that monsters didn't exist, Adrianna would dress obnoxiously so and throw herself into the darkness making loud banging noises and "fending" off the monster. Though she can stick up for many, Adrianna has a problem sticking up for herself, though. She'll always try to find a fault in herself instead of putting the blame where it rightfully belongs, some times this was a kindness as she'd take a dive for one of the children for breaking a vase when they ran in the hallways, but other times it was a toll that was much greater when the Benedett's daughter (the elderly couple's biological daughter) nit picked everything that Ardianna did. But she would take it silently and simply try to do better next time.

    - Because of the language barrier between herself and Noémie, Ardianna took the time to learn a little bit of French herself. She's not amazing at it, and most might complain on her rough accent with the language or her slight stutters or pauses when she speaks, but she does her best to try to listen and continue to have conversations with Noémie so that she can continue to practice her beautiful, native language.

    * * *

    Remus Lupin
    Sixteen | Half-Blood - Werewolf | Gryffindor - Sixth Year & Prefect

    - Remus lived a happy life with his mother and father, Hope and Lyall Lupin. But his father insulted another man, Greyback, who then took this out on Lyall's son. Greyback was a werewolf and waited for the right moment to sneak into Remus' room and bite him, successfully passing on the curse to Remus. His parents searched long and hard for some sort of cure to help their son, but were unable to do so, leaving them uncertain of Remus' future. He could not go to school, he would endanger the other students! But the headmaster, Albus Dumbledore did not judge Remus and instead assisted the young man on being able to receive a proper wizarding education.

    - Cursed to change, Dumbledore and Remus found a suitable place for Lupin to properly transform without endangering anyone. Once a month he would be taken to the shrieking shack where he could safely transform, but because he was so alone both in the werewolf form and when he was human, he started biting himself and harming himself out of frustration. Remus had tried to alienate himself from the other students so no one would learn of his secret. But in his second year, three students: James Potter, Sirius Black, and Peter Pettigrew learned of his secret and instead of shunning him out, as Remus had feared, they instead became dedicated to become Animagi.

    - Relieved that he now had friends to trust with his secret, Remus still stayed the reserved and quiet one. He often tells James and Sirius to not do something or that they would get in serious trouble as they were breaking the rules, but both rarely heeded Remus' warning. Remus isn't quite certain why McGonagall picked someone like him as a Prefect, maybe she had hoped that she could control his friends, but someone as soft spoken and quiet as Remus could not reign in the great Potter and Black at all. When spoken to he can be quite charming, he's kind and not judgmental at all towards anyone that might vent towards him with a problem, but he tries not to make a habit of getting involved with people in case one day his werewolf side is not properly controlled. He fears for that day, everyday.
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  3. I miss the orphanage, Adrianna found herself thinking to herself as she hastily made breakfast for her guardian, Maria Benedett. The loss on their parents had been hard on each of them, she's merely upset and taking her frustrations out on us...this will pass with time. Adrianna seemed to think every morning, but it had at least been five years much time did Maria need? She pressed her lips together as she made certain not to overcook the eggs again and quickly scooped them on a plate with bacon and a biscuit. She turned to the table where the wicked witch sat herself at, a newspaper formed a wall between the two but Adrianna's blue orbs fell to the shaking foot, obviously she had grown impatient while Adrianna had been cooking. Biting her bottom lip nervously, she placed the plate down in front of Maria and then refilled her coffee cup and watched her take a bite.

    "It's not terrible." This was the closest to a compliment that Adrianna would ever get as she nodded her head and then busied herself with cleaning the kitchen. Silence fell in the kitchen once more, and Adrianna was grateful for it; that meant there wasn't any yelling. Maria particularly didn't like Noémie at all, Adrianna suspected that it was jealousy of her good looks. What the muggle didn't know was that Noémie was not only beautiful, but also a Veela, making her irresistible to any man. "Where is that silly girl anyways?" Adrianna tensed at the question, it wasn't odd for Adrianna to be up first, she was the better cook out of the two after all.

    "Miss, I hope you remembered that we shall be leaving this afternoon...we'll need a cab," the girl swallowed a bit thickly at her last comment, if there was anything you asked Maria, it was not for money.

    Maria's cold green eyes snapped onto Adrianna as though she had insulted her as she folded the paper and sat up a bit straighter, "I suppose that means you'll need money then. Doesn't it? Tell me Adrianna, why didn't you get yourself a summer job?"

    "I-I did, I told you. I worked at the wizardring shop-"

    A chuckle made Adrianna fall silent as she looked towards the witch, "I meant a real job."

    Adrianna tried to muster the courage that usually burned in her chest when Maria whirled on Noémie, but she found none as she explained, "If I may, it is a real job. It pays for our books, quills, inks, and other school supplies-"

    "None of that even matters, you stupid girl," Maria snapped, rising from her chair completely. Adrianna fell silent. "Do you think that will get you a job in the real world? Do you think any of that truly matters? You and that other bitch are going to end up right where the orphanage found you, on the street-"

    "Don't call her that," Adrianna barked, money for a cab completely forgotten the moment Maria insulted Noémie. They would walk all the way to King's Cross if they had to, but Adrianna wasn't going to have her curse her sister. Maria had a smug look, obviously wanting Adrianna's reaction as she knocked over her own coffee lazily and snapped at her to clean it up before heading into the other room to prepare to leave for her own job.
  4. "Ma chérie, un jour vous irez à l'Académie Beauxbâtons de la Magie."
    (Darling, one day you will go to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic.)

    "Je vais?"
    (I will?)

    "Bien sûr, c'est là où je suis allé à l'école."
    (Of course, this is where I went to school)

    * * *

    Memories, all that remain of the woman that had given her love and compassion, guidance through the challenges of life...she was nothing more than a memory now. At five years old, no one is prepared to lose their mother. A child, barely old enough to think for themselves, is forced to endure the hardships of a devastating death. No longer welcomed into the arms of their loving parent, but rather, taken away from their beloved country and thrown into an orphanage. Never truly given an explanation of why they were sent here in the first place.

    For months, the isolation of an orphanage was all she knew. The world outside, its people and society were left to be mysteries that she'd never solve. That is, until the one day. Wandering around the building was often her only source of entertainment and it was along one of these afternoons that she gained a valuable friendship.

    The girl's name was Adrianna. Surprisingly not of French heritage, although she certainly was beautiful. Hesitant at first to speak, Adrianna's disarming personality and lovely smile was enough to inspire courage in the younger girl. Unfortunately, unlike Adrianna, the shy female actually was French and couldn't speak a word of English. This delay in communication was troublesome, but eventually the girls managed to overcome this little obstacle.

    Through sheer determination and patience, within a few weeks, the girls had successfully taught each other the basics of their two languages. In fact, it wasn't until a month into their friendship that they even learned how to introduce themselves.

    Stumbling with the awkwardness of her accent and the English language, the younger girl sheepishly insisted on speaking her first proper sentence. "My name eez Noémie!"

    From that moment on, Adrianna and Noémie refused to be separated. Having joined the orphanage alone, they built a sisterhood together. Thankfully, when adoption day finally arrived for them, the pair was adopted and officially made sisters. This was the happiest day of Noémie's life.

    Sadly, happiness seems to be fleeting in these girl's lives. Peace and serenity never last long in their presence.

    * * *

    "None of that even matters, you stupid girl," Maria snapped, rising from her chair completely. Adrianna fell silent. "Do you think that will get you a job in the real world? Do you think any of that truly matters? You and that other bitch are going to end up right where the orphanage found you, on the street-"

    Maria, the caretaker that has inherited the girls as her own responsibility, reluctantly keeps them as servants rather than additions to the family. The woman's screams echoed loudly throughout the modest home, a few flakes of dust shaking free from the walls.

    Although dreading to encounter the woman's wrath, leaving her sister without protection was not something that Noémie could tolerate. Forbidden to use magic outside of Hogwarts, Noémie was still capable of relying on abilities she'd inherited from her mother. Maria is not exactly knowledgeable of magic, but she does know that Noémie is not 'normal'. In fact, she's gone so far as to label the innocent blond as a 'demon' or 'monster'.

    However, Noémie only displays these abilities when Maria foolishly decides to forget herself and lash out at Adrianna. "Leave my sista alone," Noémie commanded, her accent still thick and present. When Maria dared to challenge the girl's courage, Noémie merely darkened her eyes to shade of crimson and thankfully, that alone was enough to silence Maria for now.
  5. Adrianna heard Noémie's broken English and immediately stopped what she was doing and entered the entrance way that the two were squared off in. Maria took one look at Noémie and quickly recoiled, her purse in hand, car keys in the other as she tried not to look too afraid of Noémie's change. Adrianna frowned herself, she wished she had enough money to rent them a place themselves, Adrianna was considered an adult in the wizardring world after all. But she didn't work enough to give them a place, and she only had one more year of school and didn't want to quite this close to graduating! Maria fixed her gaze on Adrianna, simply stating coldly, "you both better be gone to your bloody school when I have returned from work."

    Nodding her head, Adrianna watched Maria give Noémie one more hesitant look before moving around the Veela girl cautiously as though she might bite her with her eerie gaze, and then left. Adrianna let out a breath and placed a gentle hand on Noémie's shoulder, "Noémie, vous ne devriez pas avoir fait cela (you should not have done that), she already is very jealous of you. Do you really want her to fear you too?" Adrianna questioned her younger sister with her terrible accent, lightly scolding her - Adrianna had trouble making French sound fluent, she still practically sounded like someone just learning the language. She was grateful for Noémie's appearance and how guarded she was of Adrianna, it chased out Maria quicker from the house. But at the same time, Adrianna did not want her younger sister to make a habit of scaring people into submission. She was far too sweet for something such as that. Adrianna would lead her into the kitchen and sit her down, mostly out of habit as she started fixing them both a full breakfast after cleaning up Maria's own breakfast too.
  6. Adrianna was not only the elder of the two, but more mature and logical. As a result of Noémie's age and naivety, despite her intelligence, she is rather prone to emotions directing her actions and doesn't always consider the ramifications that can follow. This foolishness is only exaggerated by her Veela heritage. Almost all Veela are very hot-headed or prone to anger fairly easily. Thankfully, Noémie's shyness keeps those negative side effects of being a Veela under control.

    "I don't like her being zo rude to you, sista." She hardly ever refers to Adrianna by the female's actual name. A habit that formed when they were children and it's never gone away. Adrianna doesn't seem to mind it, though. If she does, it doesn't show. Noémie sat herself down at the table without protesting, she waited until Adrianna was finished plating their meals until she spoke again. "We could leave," she suggested casually, spooning a hearty scoop of food into her mouth. "We're witchez! We could find somew'ere else to live. Maybe?"

    Noémie knew they had to leave here eventually. Maria was fit to be tied with them and the longer they stayed, the worse her treatment towards them became. Returning to her meal and allowing Adrianna time to think on the offer, Noémie ate the rest of her breakfast in silence. The train would be leaving within two hours and they needed to get everything together for the journey. Noémie assisted in the dishes, giving Adrianna some time to pack for the trip. Noémie's only belongings already prepared and organized into her two backpacks, she didn't have much to her name in the terms of material items.
  7. She smiled at Noémie's concern, Adrianna enjoyed it when the Veela called her "sister". It wasn't that Adrianna didn't consider Noémie a sister, she was the closest family she's ever had, besides the Benedett's who passed away far too soon; but the older witch did learn to not give the other orphans pet names, to call them by their real name, that way when adopted it wasn't as hard. Adrianna had seated herself with a grapefruit already and poured a bit of sugar on her fruit as she ate, mauling over Noémie's suggestion. Her first reaction was to say, "Oh really?" But it honestly wasn't a crazy idea. Adrianna had a bit of money saved up, besides what would be used for their school supplies, Adrianna had intended for that money to go towards a cat for Noémie's birthday.

    The more she thought of it though as she thanked Noémie for doing the dishes and finishing her own packing, she supposed a better birthday present would be to not have to live in a terrible place like this. Albus Dumbledore was kind enough to offer her work at Hogwarts during the school year, but she wouldn't take more than what she earned even though he had offered. Maybe she should go to Gringotts and see about a loan? She looked to Noémie for a long moment, lost in thought completely as she thought about it. "I'll see what I can do...I'd like us both to have a home again," Adrianna said with a smile, and once she graduated she could get a better career in the wizarding world outside of doing house elf work. "We best be off then if we want to reach the train on time," Adrianna explained, double checking she had both of their supplies list and then carrying her own book bags downstairs and exiting the door. This could be the last time we ever see this place, Adrianna thought. She suddenly wished she had a picture of the late Mr. and Mrs. Benedett, to remember this house in a happier time. But she supposed if she remembered this place as a happy one, she wouldn't want to leave. The closest people she called parents were gone and Adrianna was going to be certain that Noémie and herself had a new place to call home come Christmas.

    "Bye house," she said as she locked the door with the spare key underneath the house mat and then finally turned to Noémie and gave a huge grin, "Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts!" Adrianna sang to a random tune, as Dumbledore always told them to simply pick their favorite, and led the way down the sidewalk and towards London. They didn't live a long way away from the bustling city, but far enough that the heat of the summer sun would definitely make them quite the sight to see upon arrival. Noémie would of course look beautiful even if she were a sweaty or frizzy mess, while Adrianna would look more like a very tired person - she was eager to get on the train and take a nap. "You first Noémie," Adrianna said out of habit, gesturing towards the pillar between platforms 9 and 10, though Adrianna probably didn't need to say it, Adrianna always insisted on her sister going first.
  8. Noémie stepped towards the pillar, tightening her hands on the bags hanging from both shoulders. She spared a glance backwards at her sister, then immediately ran through the pillar's magical teleportation and waited patiently on the other side. The Hogwart's Express signaled the final boarding call just as Adrianna arrived, at least they wouldn't miss the train. Noémie walked alongside her sister, struggling not to acknowledge the gathering of families and parents wishing their children a safe and successful year at Hogwarts. They only have each other, no one else. While it's sad being without the security and warmth of a mother's hug, the girls are more then capable of surviving on their own, so long as they stayed together.

    The train welcomed them, Noémie and Adrianna were instantly greeted by a few of their fellow housemates. Despite them being separated into different houses, Ravenclaw and Slytherin seemed to accept them happily, regardless of their sorting. This was partially made possible as a result of the girl's beauty and appeal, they're quite popular among the male population of Hogwarts. Especially Noémie, but Adrianna has her share of admirers as well.

    "How was your summer?"

    "Did you go anywhere exciting?"

    "Mum and I went to Ireland, it was awesome!"

    Overhearing the conversations between their shared friends, Noémie just withered into silence. The girls may carry on as actual siblings, but they are not and as such, they have no true family. Noémie shyly reached for Adrianna's hand and guided her down the hallway. They left their friends in the process, yet the group did not seem to notice the two blond's absences.

    Searching the compartments for somewhere to sit, Noémie kept her hand in Adrianna's hold. "Do you zee anyw'ere we can zet?"
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  10. As I said in the PM, so sorry for the wait!! It didn't alert me at all :s ))

    Adrianna made certain no one was looking, she still had to watch, how could no one notice her sister and herself just running straight at a pillar and then disappearing? Muggles are quite oblivious, mused Adrianna. She didn't despise muggles or anything, but she did find them amusing, what they were all oblivious and naive too simply because she was exposed to it almost every day. She ran after her sister, feeling the familiar rush as she was whirled into the pillar and couldn't stop herself from grinning as she slowed her pace so she didn't slam into Noémie.

    The conversations made Adrianna jealous but she was good about keeping a straight face as well as her sister as she moved towards the train. Friends swarmed them and she embraced a few of the guys in a hug, all of them eager to ask her which classes she was taking and when so that they could see which classes they shared. She answered the questions with a false smile, "It was fine." And "No, just stayed home mostly." She smiled politely and fell into a silence much like her sister as they went on to explain their own exciting summers, Adrianna didn't mind listening to them too much, she actually enjoyed thinking about how one day maybe she could do something like that. An impossible dream but one she enjoyed to muse on every now and again.

    As Noémie dragged her through the train, she poked her head in other windows in search for anything vacant, we should have left earlier. Adrianna couldn't help but pout as she poked her head into another compartment and tugged her sister to a halt, "it's open in here." She opened the compartment door to see two people occupied it already. One she immediately recognized, he was a Gryffindor Prefect, him and the boy across from him were talking quietly thought it ceased when the two opened the door.

    "These seats taken," Adrianna asked politely, nodding to the vacant spots.

    "No, please," the chubbier one said, gesturing to the seat. His gaze was immediately on Noémie, Adrianna was curious if he was going to start drooling as she smiled and lifted her bag into the upper storage and then took a seat next to the chubbier one - much to his disappointment. Adrianna didn't like the way he had been eyeing her, actually Adrianna didn't like how any man looked at Noémie, a sort of protective instinct taking over her with her younger sister. And the scrawny boy looked to be at least avoiding eye contact from Noémie so he didn't look like his friend.

    Smiling, Adrianna supposed she should introduce herself, "I'm Adrianna and this is my sister, Noémie, I'm a Seventh year and she's a Sixth. You're a Prefect, right?"

    "Yes, for Gryffindor," the scrawny of the two answered, looking a bit nervous to be spoken too, he turned back to the window, obviously not wanting to be spoken to.

    Adrianna lifted an eyebrow but jumped as the chubbier male suddenly said in a loud voice, speaking directly to Noémie, "I'm Wormtail- Peter, Peter Pettigrew." The Prefect looked to be trying to hide his laughter at his friend who was completely memorized by Noémie.
  11. The chubbier of the two Gryffindors easily became enthralled with Noémie and his behavior was painfully obvious to the Veela. A majority of men become enamored in her presence, it's something she had accepted. However, that's not to imply that Noémie is comfortable, nor appreciates, this repetitive occurrence. In fact, she finds these situations extremely aggravating and troublesome.

    Appearances, that's all these allured men seem to consider when glancing in her direction. Sure, Noémie has beauty and no-one will argue that as a falsity, but there's more to her than just an inherited glamour. Yet, aside from her sister, Noémie has never met another person that is capable of realizing this. So when Peter, as he had introduced himself, spoke to her with hopes of striking a conversation, Noémie just nodded and averted her eyes to the window. She shared the view with the other male, a man that she'd never met and despite that, he seemed familiar.

    Unable to place a name with his face, Noémie's crystallized eyes continued watching him from a sideways glance. However, the moment of peace in the compartment was shattered as two others students suddenly arrived. They both wore identical, wide-spread, grins and had nearly doubled over in laughter.

    "Good one, Padfoot!"

    "Not bad yourself, Prongs!"

    Ah, yes, the unmistakable duo of Gryffindor.

    "Oi, who do we have here?" The younger of the two asked, stepping forwards and lazily slumped back against the door, his arms crossed. Dark, messily arranged, locks of hair fell into the view of this man's eyes as he looked through the veil of brown. "A Ravenclaw?" He immediately noticed Noémie's blue lined robes and the tie hanging down from her neck. "Oh?"

    "Look here, Padfoot," the elder boy scoffed, his eyes narrowing from behind a pair of fashionable glasses. "Seems we have a Slytherin in our mists."
  12. Adrianna had leaned against the glass window, the one next to the compartment door, when her sister blew off Peter. She smiled at it as she decided to take a nap, it was a long train ride. She was just about to doze off when there was barking laughter and a door slammed open making Adrianna sit upright as she glared at the two disturbing the peace. She recognized them immediately, everyone knew of James Potter and Sirius Black, the dynamic duo. When their gaze landed on her, Adrianna could feel the tension in the room heighten. Adrianna usually joked about the Slytherin-Gryffindor rivalry but she never actually meant it, but some people on the other hand...

    "Guys, come on, she hasn't done anything," the Prefect finally spoke up.

    "Oh come now, Moony, neither have we," James said with a grin, seating himself right next to Adrianna, "not yet."


    "Lighten up, Remus. Would I do anything that would fluster your little head," Potter asked, but his gaze was fixed on Adrianna as a scheme formed in his head.

    Remus huffed and grumbled a, "Yes."

    Adrianna scoffed, "I'll just leave-"

    "No, no, what's your hurry, I thought we were going to be friends," James eagerly grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back down, Adrianna rolled her eyes as she moved as far away from the Gryffindor as possible.
  13. Noémie's eyes darkened, turning a slight shade of crimson as she observed the Gryffindor male so openly reaching onto her sister. Apparently, he believed himself to be welcomed to such personal contact. A foolish mistake and lack of judgement. However, luckily for him, Noémie refrained from displaying her anger towards the situation. Her sister successfully regained a reasonable amount of space between herself and the overly touchy Potter. Even still, though, Noémie's eyes remained halfway transformed. To avoid the questions that surely would follow, if anyone happened to look in her direction, Noémie turned herself away from prying eyes.

    "Don't worry, luv." Sirius grinned as he leaned forward, still standing beside the doorway. "He's harmless. A bit of a fool, yeah?"

    Harmless teasing, the duo carried on this tradition between their friends so's practically expected.

    "I don't think we've ever had such a lovely Slytherin in our presence, though."

    Noémie's lips twitched into the faintest smirk as Sirius blatantly applied his flirtatious charm to Adrianna. In some way, it was nice to have a man's affections diverted from herself and onto her sister. She just hoped Adrianna would be comfortable with that situation.
  14. Adrianna opened her mouth to correct him, she believed he meant to compliment her sister Noémie but when she looked to Sirius she saw that he was staring straight at her. Sirius Black was known to have a charm that he unashamedly used on anything with two legs, and Adrianna had to use all of her self control not to blush, she bit the inside of her cheek to hide a smirk as well. She wasn't quite certain what to say either, that was the thing, boys probably attempted to flirt with Adrianna all the time, but they tried to do it subtely. Too subtle to the point where Adrianna would completely overlook the compliments.

    "Um...maybe you should get out more often," she tried to say coolly, and kicked herself a bit at her stutter. She watched as Sirius took the last empty seat between Noémie and Remus.

    "So why haven't we seen you around, anyways," James asked curiously.

    "I'm in my seventh year, I'm certain you recognize my sister if you have shared any classes together," Adrianna said, putting the focus off of her as quickly as possible.

    All eyes fell on Noémie, "Oh yeah, she's that Veela girl. Et comment allez-vous? (And how are you?)" Adrianna was a bit surprised at James being able to speak French so easily and eloquently, she was actually a bit jealous.
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