The straw the broke the camel's back.

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  1. This is a positive thing, had this random ass inspiration to write this. My depression and anger got the best of me, and wrote this.

    Enjoy, or hate. Either way.


    There once was a camel. Not any irregular camel, just your normal, typical, average day camel who loved to take long walks across the sand. Oh how he enjoyed the sun, the sky, the breeze. He didn't have very many friends, but that was okay, he had four very nice friends, and three nice relatives.

    One day, he decided to take all of them on a journey to a new land, as the land they were on was nice but lacked certain resources. So, on he treked, his caravan of friends and family following close behind. One day, his brother went missing (and of course, his wife was there to nag the poor camel we shall call Fred, and Fred was very upset by this but vowed to find his brother), so he goes off alone, in search of his lost brother. He found him, but his heart became burdened to know that his brother had died in the bitter cold of the desert. He made his way back to deliver the sad news, a rock in his heart. His brother's wife berated poor Fred, and he grew sadder and sadder. The weight of the pieces of straw upon his back were causing him much grief as they finally made it to their new home. But no matter how much his friends and family offered to help, he refused. "I can handle it, it's nothing." There, with his last three remaining relatives (and the widow), and his four friends stood there at the gates.

    But they finally entered into their new home, but this strange new world shocked Fred in one of the most unpleasant ways he wouldn't imagine before. Now on the job market, he began to try to earn his living by pulling carts, giving people rides, and just an assortment of work. Things were going well apart from the shit flinging the adolescent howler monkeys seemed to love to fling, and the misdirected customers who seemed to believe that he was their servant or Sherpa, who also threw a fit when it came to filling out incident reports when they let their little brats run around and one thought it was a good idea to take a jumping leap onto his back and missed, so he continued with his casual job, and brought home money for his family.

    But come the holidays, his nagging, obnoxious and quite narcissistic widowed sister-in-law comes to his house for the holidays. She barges her way into his door and calls him an assortment of names. And he's just listening to her, watching her thin lips move, her squeaky, high pitch nagging voice echoing in his ears. Until that final straw caused him to cripple down. But as his family surrounded him, his friends, he looked at his sister-in-law, taking up that ladle that was in the gravy and loudly exclaimed, "NAY!" He proceeded to chase her out of his house with the gravy ladle until she disappeared over the hills. He then turned to his family and friends, who'd expected him to be suffering so after all that he'd been through. Little Bill, who was his nephew, asked, "Uncle Fred, why are you not sad?" He just responds with, "Some people are worth mourning over when they leave our lives, some aren't." Little Bill looks at his uncle and asks, "How do you know who the bad ones are?"

    "They are the ones putting the straw on your back." Fred held his head high from then on, his back repaired, though scarred, remembering the day he finally stood up and said he wanted a better life, and changed his ways. And now, when he runs into a hard moment, he lets his friends and family help aide with the weight, and then he does his best to go on. He is a happy camel.

    Moral of the story:

    People who put stress on you in such a way aren't healthy and will end up hurting you. It's best to put distance between them until (if ever) you are ready again.

    And sometimes bad things happen, but that's why you have friends and family to help you along the way, never be afraid of accepting help.

    Anyone else have stories like this that have good morals to them?
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  2. I have an aunt with schizophrenia. This aunt had for years Harrass her father, my grandfather about people in the TV and how he, my grandmother and I we clones and many other outrages and stressful claims. Well we sucked it up she was our family.

    Then my grandfather had a stroke, came home from the hospital for my birthday with a pace maker. While grandma was away buying a house 200 miles away from home I woke up at 9am to my aunt screaming at the top of her lungs at my grandfather about this guy in highschool she knew the secretly admired her told her things about clones and blah blah blah more loud crazy obnoxious stuff. I could see a stess just revolving in my grandfathers brow so I spoke up and asked her to lower her voice.

    She turned. Suddenly it was me! I'm not real and the real me couldn't and let live so I commitwd suicide and that this clones had blood not good enough to be an actress...

    I was promptly yelling back at her that I didn't care and if she didn't lower her voice I would call the police for disturbing the peace.

    I chased her off the porch with a broom and all the way down the driveway she screams an yells about suicide. This wasn't even the worst instance.

    Once my grandmother had told her to leave for, you guessed it, endlessly yelling Qmd talking about clones and shit. And she struck my grandmother and my aunt new new is a very big woman. Not slapping, but bitch slapping my little frail grandmother. Befor wi could even react my grandmother curls her chin down and like a moutain ram, head butt her good enough in the belly to send her flying off the porch,which stood about three feet above the ground.

    Now my grandmother is living in her new home 200 miles away,as of only two days ago, from that psychotic mess of a person. My aunt refuses to take her meds and really believes there isn't anything wrong with her. All she does is blame her failures on other people.

    I most certainly can say, without a doubt, that people who don't pull their own weight are people who choose not to help themselves and those people are beyond toxic to everyone around them. They will always blame everyone else for their shortcomings, envy their betters, and even amental illness can't be an excuse to not protect yourself and your loved ones from abusive people.