The Story of Joshye

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  1. Skye is a young professional Australian ballet dancer.
    Joshua is an Hawaiian arts and music student in New York.

    Chance bring them together.
    Will keeps them close.
    Faith turns them inseparable.

    This is their story, the story about how two creative souls formed a bond that brought two continents closer together.

    This is the story of Joshye!

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  2. Name: Joshua Levy
    Age: 27 years old
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Personality: Joshua is a fun loving person, an adrenaline junkie and is artistic. He is social and nice hearted. A very gentleman like person despite something being quite judgmental. He sometimes forgets himself and sounds arrogant or looks it, but he doesn't do it on purpose. He is also quite a religious person even if he doesn't quite practice it.
    Bio: Joshua has had a very agitated start of life. His younger sister was kidnapped and was found years later after her adoptive family was killed. He moved around the world before his family settled in Hawaii where he did most of his high school. Once admitted to Columbus, he ended up meeting a young lady that he loved so much that within a year he got engaged with her by the age of 24. Unfortunately, she died of an unknown disease leaving him in distress to the point of taking a break from everything. It took him a bit of time to get back on track, but he eventually moved on and continued his schooling with a healthy mind despite still loving that woman.

  3. Name: Skye Francesca Collins
    Age: 25
    Born: Brisbane, Australia
    Home: Melbourne, Australia
    Height: 157 cm
    Weight: 52 kg
    Build: Slender and wiry, but physically fit
    Eyes: Blue/green/grey
    Hair: Blonde

    Personality: Skye has a great sense of humour and is extremely sassy and witty when she wants to be. She is a glass half-full kind of person, very impulsive and usually does things without properly thinking them over. Skye is very easy to talk to and most people see her as cute and innocent which sometimes gets on her nerves. Many wants to be her friend since she is very compassionate and kind, but that also has its drawbacks since she has many boy friends, but very rarely manage to take it to the boyfriend-level.

    Bio: Skye was born in Brisbane on the Australian Gold Cost to a ballet-dancing mother and a professional surfing father. She has a younger brother, Benjamin and is also close to her cousin, Daniella Carlisle.

    Skye grew up loving the beach, the surf and her mother’s dance studio. Practicing gymnastics and ballet at a very high level even as a little child, Skye grew up to be quite the talent.

    Once she was old enough to start school her parents sent her to a boarding school in England because Francesca didn’t want her daughter to loose contact with her old homeland. However, Skye went home to Brisbane on every holiday, and once she graduated she moved back to Australia.

    She worked as a dance teacher at her mother’s studio for a few years, practicing hard at her own dancing and auditioned for multiple jobs until finally, at 22 years old, she got hired as a professional dancer in the main company of the Australian Ballet. Stationed in Melbourne she now owns her own little flat right next to the beach and if you’d ask her, she’d say she is exactly where she wants to be.

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  4. Sunday morning 8.30, New York, USA

    Skye practically stumbled out of the airplane on which she had spent the last 22 hours of her life. It was morning here, but her body screamed in desperate need of the sleep her internal Australian watch told her it was high time for. New York is 15 hours behind Melbourne. She had practically travelled back in time, and yet lost a night's worth of sleep.
    "Miss! Miss?" someone yelled from behind and it took a while before Skye understood it was meant for her.
    "What?" she swirled around. "Sorry, I'm a bit tired," she smiled feebly.
    The flight attendant nodded understanding and held up the a bag. Skye's bag.
    "I think you forgot this?" he said and handed it to her. "Have a nice stay!"
    "Oh, thanks," Skye smiled and took the bag with the Australian Ballet's emblem on.
    If she had walked off into the airport without her bag, that contained her point shoes, her stay here might have gotten a bit complicated.

    Skye had been selected by the Australian Ballet director to be a part of a project that gathered a handful of young professional dancers from around the world at New York University. There they would offer work-shops to the students, but also lectures and share their real life stories about the life as a young professional dancer to inspire more students to dare choose that path of profession. They would also practice and train together and at the end of their stay they would perform a show in honour of the art of dance and the many cultures in the world. Skye was excited and very thankful that the dancing wouldn't begin until tomorrow.

    After having retrieved her suitcase from the baggage carousel she made her way outside and loaded everything into a taxi that drove her to the hostel where she were set to stay. She checked in and went up to her room. It was picturesque and simple, but high enough standards for her to smile as she opened the door to the bathroom. Three weeks she would live here, and she was sure she would enjoy it enough to not miss her apartment back home too much. After some quick consideration as to whether or not she would go straight to bed or not, she settled for a quick shower and change of clothes. She was hungry and it was time to explore the town.

    With light footsteps she left the hostel and bravely she ventured out on the busy streets of New York to find a café that could offer her some well needed brekkie. After some walking around she found a little quiet place at the back of an alley and smiling to herself she took a seat by a table next to the window and ordered herself and omelet and a cup of black coffee.
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  5. Joshua was seating behind her on the booth and heard her order by mistake. He didn't mean to eavesdrop all the time. Well actually, he often did the mistake of eavesdropping without caring. '' There omelet is a bit bad, just saying.'' he said out loud not flinching. They bot couldn't see each other, that was for sure except if they turned to look who was talking. But he knew how she looked liked. He spotted her walking in the cafe just a few moments earlier.

    '' If it was for me, I'd go with their pancakes. '' he added eating an omelette himself before he sighed and leaned on the boot, his head slightly touching hers inadvertently as he drank half of his coffee in one shot.

    The coffee shop was pretty familial, not too fancy. Many kids and families, but it was quite cheap and their food was OK to say the least. The booths were a brownish red and the table were brown. Since it was rainy a few hours back, people entered with wet boots and the floor was a bit dirty but overall it wasn't too bad of a place.

    Josh pushed his glasses as he started drawing in his electronic tablet a view of a Canal and it was very realistic. He was beyond amazing with his hands and a lot of people asked him and actually paid him to do a few drawings. But that was not all he could do.

    Him and his art piece (open)

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  6. Skye chuckled, not prepared for anyone commenting on her choice of breakfast.
    "Really?" she asked, smiling to herself.
    It was a bit weird, talking to someone she couldn't see, but she thought he must have noticed her accent and figured she wasn't from around here. Come to think of it, it didn't quite sound like he was from New York either.
    "If I go change my order, I trust you'll take full responsibility if the pancakes aren't good either?" she asked, but she didn't get a reply, instead his head briefly touched hers and she chuckled and stood up.
    Without looking around to see what the person behind the voice looked like she walked over to the cashier where she asked if she could change her previous order, from omelet to blueberry pancakes. It didn't seem to be a problem and she thanked before walking back to her booth, however, she didn't take her old seat, instead she went for the one opposite the dark haired young man who must have been the one talking earlier. Skye wasn't shy, on the contrary she found it very easy to make friends and talk to people and he had started the conversation. That was pretty much as much of an invite as one could get in a cafe filled with strangers.

    "Hi there, I'm Skye," she greeted before sitting down, not asking if the seat was free or not.
    She glanced at his tablet. The drawing on it was astonishing and she couldn't help but be impressed.
    "Did you do that?" she asked, realising she was being nosy but all the same too tired to care. "Are you an artist or something?" she smiled and leaned back in her seat, crossing her legs and looking at him. He was one of those people who had been blessed with looks beyond description, he most probably had a girlfriend, but Skye wasn't interested in that sort of things. She just wanted someone to chat with while she had her breakfast and he seemed nice enough thus far.
  7. Joshua couldn't help but laugh gently as he took a bite of his omelet while saving his art, '' Yes indeed. I did.'' he said with a gentle smile as he cut a piece of omelet to offer it to her, '' Told you it wasn't very good. Feels like they mixed water with powder eggs, '' he said scrunching his nose a bit as he pushed his plate for her to pick it without eating from his fork since he wasn't really the type to share bottles or fork. Saliva somehow disgusted him.

    Grabbing his coffee, he sipped it before looking at his screen and uploading his new art work in a blog and deviantart before closing his computer. He looked at Skye ready to share a conversation with this stranger.
  8. "Wow, you're very good!" Skye complimented and watched him save the picture.
    She was a little surprised as he offered her a piece of the omelette, but she wasn't one to decline free food and she truly was curious to what it tasted like, seeing he had felt the need to spare a total stranger from the disappointment.
    "You really don't approve, do you?" she asked with a chuckle and picked up the piece he had cut for her with her fingers and put it in her mouth, chewing some and nodded. "You're right! It really isn't very good at all..." she smiled and leaned back in the booth. Watching is silence as he uploaded the picture on some sort of website.
    "So, do you come here often?" she asked, trying to make conversation.
    This was probably the strangest encounter she had ever had. They had shared food, but she didn't even know his name.
    "I'm new to this place, but you might have already noticed?" she added with a feeble smile and put her hands on the table.
  9. " Indeed, I have notices." Joshua Said chuckling before whipping his mouth done with his Food. " The Australian accent defenitly sold you out," he added with a gentle smile before crossing his legs and looking at her with his hand around the coffee mug, " I'm Joshua." He introduced himself gently quite pleased That he found a potentiel Person to talk for the following hour he has to burn. He always enjoyed a little Company and This woman kind of made him feel a déjà vu. Her face told him something.
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