The Stone & The Flower [ 1x1 RP ]

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  1. Hello everyone, nice to meet you all :) I'm seeking for a 1x1 hetero RP for this idea (though we can make it a homosexual type plot as well), and please I would really appreciate my RP partner, if you so happen to go ahead with this, that your style must be in third person and can post up to one to three paragraphs. Yes I understand one liners come up and that is acceptable so long as it's not all the time.

    Alright on with the idea~


    The setting takes place in a mystical time, where creatures of all shapes and sizes dwell across the globe. Unicorns, dragons, fairies, ogres you name it. Most of the land is at peace, save for two particular kingdoms, of dwarfs and elves, that have long been at odds with each other because of their different views which lead to a lot of rumors and stories about their races circling around; causing more negative energy between them.

    Then one day things take a change when MC, a young elf princess, is out in the forest gathering herbs when she decides to go outside of her kingdom's boundaries despite that it's against the rules, curious as to what lies beyond which takes her towards the dwarf territory (as they live in the mountains and rocky hills). Once there her exploration leads the princess to the sight of a fallen dwarf who is injured (YC) during a hunt for food and having lost sight of his comrades earlier. At first YC attempts to heal the stranger, though albeit with some hostility, but eventually they manage to be civil. From then on it sparks a forbidden friendship between them as they begin to learn from each other; that really their races aren't so completely different in a way after all which then turns their relationship into something much deeper the more they meet in secret. What happens when the two kingdoms rulers find out about the meetings taking place?
  2. Forbidden romances are one of my favorites. I would love to play this out with you. I'm good about giving at least a paragraph's worth if not more as long as the story keeps moving and I'm generally interested. I like to try and match the amount that is given to me. It only seems fair. I'm interested in what this would be like if they were both male, but I'm willing to play it either way. So if you still want to play this out and are still looking for someone, then you might want to choose me.
  3. Why sure :) I'm still interested lol I can make you up a thread for you real quick though before I do, did you want to do an RP that kind of hints towards sexual moments or would you prefer to describe them? It's fine with me either way, I just know some people can be uncomfortable roleplaying sex scenes, seeing as this idea will gradually build up to that point as we go along :)
  4. I fine with playing it all out. I don't shy away from sex.