The Step Sibling's Love ( Onyxforever & smell_the_roses)

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  1. Sophia Smith
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  2. Jake Sullivan
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  3. Setting: First time they meet each other. The girls are moving in.

    Sophia crossed her arms as she looked over at her mother. Why did she have to freaking marry? HEr father was an a**hole and so she hated all men. She held onto her small cat into her arms as they drove there. Her mother said, " Listen you have to be good and be nice to them okay?" She asked. sophia sighed as they pulled into the driveway. She was upset that they married to someone else so fast. What was great about this guy? She looked at her mother as she got out, holding onto her cat as she went to go and get a bag of her things while holding the cat, she headed towards the house. Sophia's mother stopped and was greeted by the husband. Sophia realized that they were now rich, did that mean she got her own bathroom and bedroom?
  4. Jake was in the backyard leaning against a tree (just like in the photo) he twisted the sword in his hand a little to let it reflect light. Sighing he looked up through his golden blonde hair. Why did his father remarry so fast after his mother died? It didn't make sense. Apparently he now had a new step sister as well.

    "I wonder what she will be like..." his soft voice was caught by the light breeze that blew his hair. He had a nasty appearance but was actually a caring guy. Sure he had a tattoo and liked to mess around with swords and stuff but that was normal.
  5. Sophia eas led by a servant to go to her room. She smiled before thinking. She didnt know what else to do. She was told by her mother to check out the place that the sercants will get anything. She bit her lower lip thinking. She smiled lightly. She bit her lower lip thinking. She was happy. She glanced at him. She was happy. She tilted her head wondering. She soon went to look around the estate then she came into the backyard. She was wearing leggings anda tank top. She sighed to herself " why the fudge did my mother do this?" She muttered to herself.
  6. Jake leaned his head on the tree behind him and closed his emerald green eyes. He was told that they looked just like his mother's but hers had been a darker shade. He sighed and felt a drop of sweat roll down his head. He had been training today in the sun and he was hot. Thankfully he was done for today but he wasn't going to let the sun stop him. Opening his eyes he stood up and grabbed the sword from the ground sheathing it in its scabbard before turning to make his way to the house when he saw a strange girl standing there. She certainly wasn't any of the servants. No she was too pretty for that. Who is this girl? He shrugged and started to walk back to the house the sheathed sword in his hand.
  7. Sophia sighed as she looks around. She knew this was a life was going to be hard to get used too. She smiled as she thought how it was going to be. She wants to know who this guy is.she went towards him ": wait excuse me I would like to speak to you " she said to him
  8. He was quietly thinking when her soft voice brought him back into the world. Stopping he slowly looked at her, "What can I do for you?" His voice was soft but sounded deep and purposeful.
  9. Sophia's eyes were soft as she gazed at him " oh I just wanted to know if you are my new brother " she smiled lightly at him. She said " im Sophia " she said to hi.she glanced at him as she fiddled with her hair
  10. His eyes showed a softness under his seemingly cold exterior, "I guess so. My name Is Jake. Nice to meet you..."
  11. Sophia smiled lightly. She nodded at him " thats a cool name " she said honestly.Sophia glanced around thinking. Sophia smiled as she looked at him. She then sighed " yeah it is " she rubbed her arm. She eas glad she eas away from her father because he was abusive. She glanced over at him and said " so how long did you live here?" She asked him.
  12. He looked up for a second in thought, "I have lived here my whole life." he gestured to a small tree, "That tree was a fairly large sapling when I was born."
  13. Sophia smiled as she saw the large tree. She smiled " woah " she smiled " I've moved a lover since I was little.. "
  14. "Must have been tough..." he looked back at her, "If you will excuse me I need to go take a shower..." he nodded and walked to the house opening the sliding glass door and strolling inside.
  15. Sophia sighed " yeah ": she rubbed her arms. She nodded at him before going to a bench as she looked around the backyard.
  16. He shut the glass door and laid the sword on the counter before grabbing a glass of water. Downing it quickly he sets the glass on the counter and grabs his sword moving to the staircase while yelling out to one of the maids, "Sora! Could you start a warm bath please!?" a reply could barely be heard, "Of course master Jake!" he made his way to his room and threw the sword onto his bed before falling onto it.
  17. Sophia sighed softly as she looked around. She then tolted her head thinking. She was scared. She knew tgis life was going to be different. She walked around the backyard seeing they had a swimming pool. She walked over to the sliding door. She gulped.. she went to go and someone asked her if she wanted anything. She blinked and said " a smoothie please " sophia gulped thinking
  18. He decided he had rested enough and sat up. Looking around his room Jake looked out his window as he stood up and moved to the door. Walking out into the hall he makes his way to the bathroom where he could hear the bath running. Entering he nodded to the maid Sora who was a pretty girl in her mid twenties with black hair and blue eyes that were soft and caring. She smiled and shut off the water, "Your bath is all ready master Jake." he nodded politely, "Thank you Sora you may leave now." "Of course sir." she smiled and walked out shutting the door behind her. Sighing he stripped off his clothes and slowly climbed into the bath soaking in the warmth.
  19. Sophia just kept on walking around the house seeing what every room was. Sophia smiled thinking. She looked around and the maid came with her drink. She was shocked. This was going to be a different change. She gulped looking at him. She closed her eyes thinking. Sophia smiled thinking. She tilted her head thinking. She smiled at them " thank you. " sophia tilted her head thinking. She smiled at them before going back outside
  20. He slid farther down into the tub soaking in the warm water, "This is nice..." he closed his eyes and wanted to fall asleep but he knew that probably wasn't the best idea so instead he just let all his muscles relax and he was laying out with his arms keeping him held up out of the water.
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