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The §tars beside My §undae

[DASH="Yellow"][BG="#383838"]After sleeping over at my best friend's house, part of this story came out of an interrupted dream just before dawn. When we woke up, I started to tell her story right away, making up the details and continuation as I went along... Now, I've finally gotten around to writing it ;)
Special Thanks to Niyami-chan<3
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hapter One: "§top. Enough Already"



Don't think, Don't wait. Just stop...

It hadn't been long, but I was already beginning to panic. I'm not the type of person that can just still for very long. Especially not in such a terrifying situation. Struggling to take a deep, I look a look around. Not that the scenery was helping much. I was in a white room, with no windows or furniture. I assumed there were no walls either, because the far "ends" of the room looked rather hazy to me. And if there were any corners, I would've spotted them by now. I'm sure of it. Maybe it's a round room; I tried to imagine a room in the shape of that rounded box icon on Ms Paint. It looked nothing like the place I was in right now.

I took another deep breath and figured I should clear my mind and try to think of some kind of solution. Of course, I wasn't even sure what the problem was yet, but you know, these times come with time. Anyhow, the first thing I decided was that I needed to stop being so fidgety and calmly analyze my situation. This was impossible in my current state of mind. So I tried to think like Muzna. Muzna's my best friend; she's one of those calm, composed types. As I closed my eyes and imagined what it might feel like to be Muzna under these circumstances, I realized that there was a strange whirring sound somewhere nearby. It was a little irritating now that I could hear it, but any sound of life--or anything at all, was a relief at this point. My eyes were beginning to hurt with all this pristine whiteness. Whatever happened to bright, cheery and colorful dreams? Was this a dream anyway ?

As I crawled in the direction the sound was coming from, nothing changed, except for the person standing in front of me. It was this creepy lady all dressed in black. She had this scar running down one eye in crescent-shape. Leaning backwards so that I was sitting and staring up at her, I considered my options. I could run screaming back where I had just come from, possibly following off the ends of Earth itself. Or I could sit here and scream my head off until this woman relented under pressure. I thought the latter seemed less troublesome for my efforts, especially because the fog-like walls were now shifting in an eerie pattern. Or maybe it was my eyes playing tricks on me. In any case, I was sure I needed to get out of there fast. Before I went insane.

As I screeched at the top of my lungs, the woman did nothing. I stared at her, dumbfounded at her absolute stiffness. "It's unattractive to be that stiff," I spat, annoyed. She was such a nuisance. At least, back when the room was empty, I didn't feel so domineered by an existing human. If she was even human that is. At this very moment, she whipped out a pair of Gucci shades from her pocket and practically slapped them on.

This made me grin, "So you have some style after, all," I brushed imaginary flecks of dust from my dress as I stood up. And that's when it hit me. My dress! I was wearing the same blue & pink embroidered shirt that I was wearing to Muzna's house for the sleepover! I took in a sharp breath and looked at the woman, who was, motionless as ever. "Tricks over! This IS a dream, isn't it?"

"I am afraid you are mistaken."

My eyes went wide, "Y-You! Y-you just s-spoke!" I spluttered pointing.

"I am quite capable of speaking, princess."

If this was one of those cartoons I used to watch when I was a kid, my jaw would definitely drop through the floor and crash down into the floor below that a couple of times because I'd regain my composure. Even more than the "Princess", I was shocked to hear her speak. All this time, I'd been idling around because the woman showed no sign of humanity that could possibly convince me that there was no need to be afraid of her.

And then I paused, frowning, "Princess?"

"You can escape this place in only one way."

I stared. Was she a programmed robot that responded only to speech? Was that why she wasn't making any sense? I mean, if I looked at it that way, everything sort of matched up. The whole "I'm capable of speaking you dimwit" comment even fit into the whole scenario. Any normal human being would be curious as to why she was so stiff anyway. "Are you a robot?"

"The picayune thoughts of our captive princess."

There it was again. A totally irrelevant comment and now I was totally submerged in disbelief. "BAH. You are a robot!" I sighed, crouching down and then falling back onto the floor with a big huff. "And just when I thought you were going to help me get out of this weird place. Ahaa~ Muzna, where are youuu?" I moaned, kicking my legs in the air uselessly. I was willing to do anything to get out of there. I closed my eyes. If this was a dream, maybe I could wake up...

A few minutes of silence passed and nothing happened. When I opened my eyes, she was still there. Still as ever. It occurred to me that speech wasn't a good reason to qualify her as a human. I needed a more definite sign. Although, if she was human, she sure had a strange job. If standing still like a statue and scaring the living daylights out of teenage girls was a worthwhile profession, I might consider giving a shot myself. The thought of a resume reminded me of the SATs Muzna and I had been pouring over a little while ago. Just before this outrageous thing happened. Could I call it an abduction? Maybe this woman was an alien ? Or was I hallucinating and scaring Muzna to death even though i didn't know? Or was this one of those nightmares that you couldn't wake up from even if you pinched your arm black & blue?

I was starting to sound nutty. Honestly, I could just feel some kind of insanity pulling me deeper and deeper into those nonsensical contraptions I liked to call my roller coaster of thoughts. Most people have trains, but you must realize by now, I'm far from normal. Am I right ?

I started to fall backwards. No, it wasn't just in my head, I was really falling. This black mist was spreading around me until I was surrounded in it. I started to struggle, but it was like quicksand, pulling me in stronger if I moved a muscle. I let out a strangled sound, it was a kind of plea for help. Maybe I was expected the robot woman to create some kind of emotional chip in herself and jump to her rescue? Maybe I was expecting to finally wake up?

I don't know. But I wasn't expecting to see black mist above me, on the ceiling, forming an image of Muzna reaching her hand out to me. "Muzna! Muzna help me!" I cried out desperately. There was something terrifying about this mist. It was long and curved, like tentacles swirling around ominously. It made it hard to breath and curled about my ankles tightly, as though it wanted to squeeze the life out of me. The more I struggled, the more disgusted I felt. Like I had fallen into a stinky swap and tangled with the algae. "Muzna!" I screamed, but I could barely reach her hand. My vision started to blur. I didn't even realize I had started to cry. The black vines of terror twirled about my throat and even my voice stopped short. I chocked for breath, struggling.

Glancing quickly at the rest of my body, I was horrified. The black mist had tangled like vines, twisting about and trapping me from any kind of movement. I tried to scream. This was just like those horror movies where the zombie monsters use their evil graveyard powers to pull people into the ground and kill them alive. But I didn't want to die! Not like this! Not while Muzna's elder sister was going to treat us to triple chocolate sundaes in the morning! Some crazy lunatic zombie wasn't going to take away my chance in a lifetime to try the most delicious combination of vanilla ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate syrup, chocolate cake, macadamia nuts, oreos and milk! I couldn't lose to this darkness just yet! Maybe tomorrow, okay? Actually, show up on wednesday and maybe I'll be determined to escape for the sake of getting to skip math period!

I was surprised to hear my own strangled cries as I tugged at the final thread that had tightened around my neck, trying to wriggle it free. Triple chocolate sundae, I kept repeating to myself, triple chocolate sundae, triple chocolate sundae. I closed my eyes, imagining what it might look like. Think happy thoughts, right? That's what they always tell the heroine in cartoons when she's distressed. And then some friend of hers will make the stupidest joke sound funny to cheer her up. Most of the time, she'll manage to crack a smile. And then, she's be happy....Not free of her pain, but at least able to bear it.

There was a loud crack as I tore apart the part that was tugging at my neck. Black liquid went splattering through the air. I kicked like I was struggling to swim underwater, over and over again until the binds on my legs flew apart into the air. I was breathing hard now, finding it hard to catch my breath. I tried to sit up, but there was some strange gravity still pulling me down, forcing me to stare at the ceiling, where, Muzna had disappeared, but it was splattered with gooey black liquid from the mist.

I didn't even want to think about how black-colored mist turned into ropes and then into goo. It was probably to gross to imagine and not puke anyway. In fact, as I thought of this, my eyes scanned over the strange pattern the splatter was making. I trailed the lines until they crossed and gasped.

"X marks the spot."

That woman's voice again. She was still here? I strained my neck to try to get a glimpse of her, but I didn't even get a chance. I was pushed upwards with a such strong force that it knocked the breath out of me, driving straight for the center of that goo on the ceiling. Oh yeah? Like I was going to let it get me twice! Yeah, right.

I lifted my arms out of the tangling mist with a bit of a struggle and spun in the air. Somehow, the floor had pushed me up on some kind of mist geyser. Disregarding the weird qualities of such a creation, I reached up, my palm pushing against the ceiling to send me ricocheting in the opposite direction.

Of course there was one thing I hadn't forseen. Instead of jumping straight into the X on the ceiling like I was being forced to, I had reversed the flow and fallen into the black mist that had disrupted the entire situation in the first place...

Great. Just great. Did I really need to see bizarre creepy room two, black version?

●☆● ☆● ☆● ☆● Chapter End (: ●☆● ☆● ☆● ☆●

Lemme know what you think, kaay?
So far, it's my original dream, with the first-person point-of-view tweaking~ ;)
Whoa. That was interesting.

The woman was definitely interesting.
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