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[align=center]The Staff[/align]

Ever since the dismantling of nuclear weapons world wide there have been constant struggles to make a new weapon to gain an edge. It was a race to find a weapon that could kill millions without having the traces of radioactivity afterward. This race soon ended when a falling meteor from space revealed a technological breakthrough. The United States had called this meteor Borealis as it came from the north on its descent. Quickly the government locked away the meteor and studied the secret nanites on the object. It produced unexplained powers, some which could even deny the laws of physics.

It was not long after the government had hid the meteor that it was stolen. As time went on a new organization popped up. Nobody knew where its head quarters were, what they were called, what they looked like, or even the name of their organization. They were the omnipotent hidden rulers. The story begins inside the walls of such an organization.

A man was chained against the wall in a dark room lit only by a dim blue light overhead. The man was wearing a uniform, nearly destroyed from torture. A sliding door opened across the vacant area as the sound of footsteps could be heard. Several people were sitting in the darkness as the chained man opened his eyes. "Come to torture me again? I told you, I am not one of you."
"I could spend my time lashing large, confusing words at you; but I find that you are just a waste of time. My choice is obvious, you will die here and I even honor you with my presence at your execution." A man said, his voice had a British accent to it. "I hold with me the manuscript of your execution, and you know there is no escaping that power." He continued, slapping the back of his hand against a large stack of papers.
"I swear, some day you will regret this."
"I highly doubt it. Just remember to tell the devil in the afterlife, Asmodeus still lives." Several gunshots rang out as the blood splattered against the wall. The figure dropped lifeless. The dripping blood resonated through the room. "Take care of him. I need this place vacant for my next victim." Asmodeus said leaving the room.

We continue our story aboard the USS Viking. What troops have been assembled there and for what purpose? What will happen to this organization and what does it scheme? Only you can find out.

I hope you all are interested in this one. There is a new technology out the produces amazing effects, something that will be useful when fighting this organization. (*hint hint* *wink wink*) Those who are fighting for the "good team" we are starting on the USS Viking. This way we are all together and can get the story rolling. Now without further delay the Character Sheets.

Name: (Preferably your Iwaku name. Only exception is to staff members who want to play good guys.)




Goal/Purpose: (Why do you want to fight this organization?)


Abilities: (What abilities have you gained from this brand new technology? Your powers can be borderline fantasy like manipulation of elements or alchemy. Limit it to three major ones and put them in least powerful to most powerful order.)



Now let's get partying.
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Name: Psuedo (Real name: Sid Ordis)

Age: 26

Gender: Male


Goal/Purpose: To Promote what Good and Justice is about. The organization is the first on his list.

Weapons: Trained to know how to use sonic disruption weaponry. The weapons use high sonic waves when hitting the target to rip apart muscles, organs, bones, etc. The weapon he uses is two sonic daggers.

For longer range he also carries a six shot revolver with ammo modifications. The bullets are armor piercing diamond tip. With these bullets hard to find Sid normally resorts to close range.

Abilities: Regeneration: Even after a presumed death the body still regenerates so long as the heart and brain are intact.

Darkening Power Enhancement: Physical abilities are enhanced in the absence of light. For some reason the energy from the sun stalls the nanites inside his body. In total darkness his powers reach peak performance and allows his third ability to come forth.

Vampiric Resolution: Has no need for weapons and instead uses claws. Blood only fuels this final stage.

Personality: Pseudo has his eyes set on justice and the way of good. He likes to believe that he can find good in people no matter their history but does not hesitate to take action against those who do not see it. Helping out has always been something he believed in and likes to have company.

History: When Sid was just a young boy he was taken in by the organization. He was assigned to be taught by one of the commanders of this unit. He learned what it meant to have a happy ending as well as a tragedy. His focus was on making that ending a happy one. After seeing what the organization was doing he decided to train under the farce of a loyal servant. Because nobody could tell when he was lying or when he was being truthful he earned the name Pseudo.

To make sure he could compete he secretly took some of the nanites stored in the labs. Not long after he tried a hostile take over with what troops he could. His rebellion was quelled and himself sentenced to death not even able to experiment with his powers. Now he floats closer and closer to the USS Viking still barely alive.
Oh, this looks like fun. Do the abilities have to be related to each other? Example: wind manipulation and flight.
Abilities do have to be related as it is more Science Fiction than Fantasy.
Name: Harli Quinn

Age: 16

Gender: Female


Goal/Purpose: She believes that the Staff is evil and Harli doesn't like evil. *Sucks on lolly*

Weapons: Her parasol has a razor-sharp point at the end.

Death by Sweets!: The power to summon random pastries from out of no where. Foes find themselves buried under a mountain of cookies.

Moeblob Face: The power to use her eyes to influence even the coldest of hearts. The "victim" sees Harli as the thing that is cutest and most adorable to them. (Hence why she is a cat-girl in the picture)

Telekenesis: Because it's awesome. >_>

Personality: To be simple, Harli is the epitome of Moeblob. She loves everyone and it usually takes a lot for her to get mad, but when you do, WATCH OUT. She likes giving out Lollypops to everyone she meets.

History: She was born the daughter of the owner of the largest Bakery and Candymakers in all of Scotland, "Quinn-tessential Sweets". She was brought up a proper lady and turned very loli-like because of her abilities.
The Staff took away her father's factories and she decided to take revenge on them because of it.
Same as Harli, I'll most probably join as myself. I'd like to be a bad guy.
I suck at filling in 'abilities', so I'll have to use some time on that.
Name: Vay

Age: 21

Gender: Male



Goal/Purpose: Vay is searching for something, that much is obvious. But what it is is perhaps unknown even to him. Nor now he has found superpose in fighting the invasible hand of the organization.

Weapons: Carbine that sprays out standard 15mm rounds at around 7 per second, modified to carry a grenade launcher under the barrel that fires either frag grenades or smoke.


Fire Manipulation: While unable to create fire from nothing as long as there is something hot enough close by he can manipulate the heat into flame which will follow his very will without the need for physical contact, though he has to be standing pretty close. Fire also does not affect him or his armour, no mattes for hot it get it never burns being made of fireproof materials, he can also channel the fore through the tube of his grenade launcher (as long as a grenade is not present) turning it into a flamethrower with a range of around 8 meters.

Burning light: As long as sufficient heat is present Vay can clap his hands together releasing a brilliant flash of light blinding anyone for several seconds, the advance systems in his helmet keep his own eyes safe.

Healing flame: Vay is able to heal minor wounds more quickly by sealing the wound with fire. This works by both cleaning the wound and stimulating the nanites that repair flesh that require high temperatures to operate.

Personality: Born with a fiery drive to achieve Vay can be impulsive and is prone to akt without thinking. Though recently this has been tempered by a restraint that comes from the long hours of training so that he didn't hurt others with his fire-based abilities. Currently he is calm most of the time, disciplined and not overbearing, even if he is extremely strong-willed and occasionally explodes with fiery rage, or acts without thinking.

History: He was a traveler, never staying in one place too long and always looking for something new but never really staying long enough to savor the experience, sometimes working as a mercenary and others just doing whatever people needed doing, it didn't really seem to matter to him what he did. He eventually joined up with people the where fighting the organization and was infused with nanites gaining his abilities.
Name: Alarice

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Appearance: Alarice is 5'6" with an average build and long dark brown hair kept in a braid down her back. She has a round face, a full mouth and dark brown eyes. She wears eyeglasses instead of contacts, although she often has to push them up as they keep sliding down. She has light brown skin and long legs and fingers.

Goal/Purpose: To find (and save!) her older brother who went MIA during a mission to infiltrate the organization

Weapons: A pair of semi-automatic handguns, Beretta 92's, no modifications. They were her brother's of course and although she has both of them, she's only able to efficiently handle one at a time. She considers them a last resort, preferring to use her abilities.


Molecular earth-alteration:
Alarice puts her hands on the surface she wants to alter and focuses on how she wants to alter it. If the surface she is touching is earth and rock, the change will be instant. For example if she wants to turn clay dirt into quick sand or beach sand into hard clay. If it something like steel or glass, the change will take much more focus and at least three minutes to complete.

Petrification: She basically turns anything (and anyone, excluding herself) to stone with a touch forcing her to wear gloves, and avoid touching people in anyway. It is unknown if the process can be reversed as of yet.

Terrakinesis: Alarice has the ability to control earth, sand, rock, dirt lava and other minerals with her mind. She can move them, levitate them, use them as projectiles or as shields or walls. There appears to be no limit to how often she uses the ability as she has used it consecutively for hours at a time and not suffered from fatigue.

Alarice is calm and mature with a warm and caring nature. But her petrification ability forces her to keep to herself and avoid people to protect those around her. She is prone to procrastinating on important tasks and staying up late and minds her own business. Alarice doesn't like to get involved in conflicts unless absolutely necessary but does like to watch on the sidelines. She is a bookworm and a daydreamer and a "geek" at heart.

History: Taught from the very beginning that family is important, Alarice and her brother were close. They joined the military at the same time although he became a Navy SEAL and she became involved in the medical field. Originally, her brother was to be given the nanites but when he disappeared during a mission, Alarice, the next choice after him, was given them instead.
Both accepted. Hopefully we get some more sheets in later the evening. Once I get a good amount I'll proceed to making the IC.



To prevent such factions as the Staff to dominate the world.
Even though a free civilization has it's flaws, he believes the flaws of The Staff's vision is much greater. And to do so he will aid all who are on 'his' side while on USS Viking.

-Standard M16, usually carried on his back.
-S&W 952 6" 9mm, semi-automatic.
-Standard army-knife.


R Torsty:
Raping and Pillaging – Torsty's powers allow him to have extra strength to crash through pretty much any barrier. The amount of strength that can be increased depends on the size of the weapon. It is said he is now captain of the USS Viking and uses his power on the ship itself.
[Thanks to Piro for this ability.]

Electronica Martial Arts:
Having already mastered several techniques of martial arts before the meteor occurred, Torsty can now use these same techniques while sending electric shockwaves through the victims body, thanks to the nanites.

Electric Kamikaze:
His most powerful technique ends with killing himself, so obviously it's a one-time-only sort of weapon. By sucking all the power in the range of a major city and it's metreopolis, the energy shoots back out in form of shockwaves pulverizing anything(perhaps almost anything...) in it's range.

Torsty has become a friendly and likeable man after escaping The Staff's minions. While on the ship, which he spends 99% of his time on, he usually spends his time being busy repairing what needs to be done and keeping company with his affiliates/company. He will often ask if you need any help.

Being one of those that opposed the plan; 'taking over the world', Torsty made an attempt to make his stand and still be alive to fight against the very idea. The attempt was assisted by T.K another member of the Staff, but they got split up during the route of action.
Apart from that he doesn't remember much of what happened until he was handed a large amount of products which he would use to assemble to USS Viking. Which runs on his own power, you can say he's the heart that pumps life into the ship.

And with these new-found powers, he uses them to help his comrades fight the tyranny of The Staff and what he believes to be the 'evil' of this world.
Name: Kitti

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Around five feet and four inches in height, she standing with a very militantly strict posture, without appearing very rigid. Her hair is brown in color, something akin to stained wood in shade, dark but not close to a black shade, and curling loosely at the ends. Her eyes are blue-gray, wide, and almond-shaped.

Goal/Purpose: To eliminate those whom she finds painfully lacking in intelligence, otherwise known as much of the people in at least the United States.

Weapons: A single dagger and a collection of vials filled with alcohol and metal spheres.

Kitti can absorb small amounts of metal and her body then activates an enzyme that produces much more of the metal, which her body uses to form a shield beneath her skin.

Within her own body, Kitti can sense the separate metals, as well as various other components, combining them to her own uses. She can also do this outside of her body, though she takes longer to identify the materials.

Welcoming and pleasant at first glance, she has a bitter undercurrent that despises the lack of intelligence shown by most people she passes on a daily basis. She is not easily annoyed but rather harbors her anger, people fueling it daily.

One of the mysterious crew members who somehow managed to get a hold of the startling power that has been recently discovered. She works against freedom of the people, as well as their current luxury, believing it has allowed the world to regress in intelligence.
Alright looks like entries are slowing down a bit. I guess I can make the IC today some time. So everyone who wants to get in a character sheet or finish it please try to do that today.

Oh and everyone so far is accepted.
Alright the IC is up. The Staff IC

It is a bit of a long introduction but should set things up for you to introduce yourselves and display a bit of your personality. I set it up for both sides in the first post so get posting, you have no reason not to.
Sweet. Thank you, Piro.

Since I'll be gone for awhile, people are free to ignore Alarice. I can figure out something later and plot with someone once I get back.

Have fun!
Sorry about poofing. I was doing some things with NaNoWriMo. Now that we are back I hope you all are willing to continue.
*grin* Still hanging around and still wanting to continue playing.

And it's cool. NaNoWriMo is only one month every year.
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