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  1. Well, besides Winn in the future , I run Lincoln Campbell ( clone), Lucifer ( in a RP) and James Hunter ( OC) . I don't have anyone shipped with them. ( However, I lowkey ship Chloe and Lucifer)

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  2. If we're having a story mode, I'll probably have a regular trainer prepared.

    I want to try an 'Aquatic Pokemon but not Water-Type' motif with either Eelektross or Dragalge as her ace.

    She'll start basic with Tynamo, because... I love Tynamo. A lot. They should make Tynamo plushies.

    First question - would you prefer Mason to specialise or have variety?
  3. Yeah, we read an abridged version to prep for the play tomorrow. We are reading the full play of The Merchant of Venice in class.
  4. Hey, I have read like almost ten of Shakespeares plays in four weeks
  5. That's what happens when you take a shakespear college class
    and by read, I mean spark noting, because there is no way in hell I am reading all of that in time
  6. Sign up for roleplay here
  7. So....

  8. So several of us briefed the US Army garrison commander, and though several organizations were involved, somehow my name was on all of the slides... even though I had the least number of slides/material to discuss.
  9. Ok. No problem. Take your time
  10. On my way to a Macbeth production two hours away and some kid in another car apparently threw up after 15 minutes.

    Great start.
  11. Role Play Here!
    Chapter 1

  12. "I suppose we should have another date later~" She would say as she pulled Layla a bit closer. She was surprised that there was a porn on this disk, but thinking on it she shouldnt be that surprised. "No, we never recorded ourselves. Shes too much of a sourpus for that. I mean she didn't even like having dessert covering her, or me." She startedt o settle in, not really minding watching a porn, though giggled some at the idea that they could get horny from this, or it could be just hilarious to watch.
  13. "I understand, but you!" She pointed at Callahan dramatically. "I shall not be satisfied unless I have some sort of frozen dessert, as that was what I wanted when I followed Raven."

    "Aye, that you won't. I suppose I could make a Mudslide and leave out the alcoholic bits. Add a scoop of ice cream." Callahan chuckled.

    "Yes, I do not do very well with the alcohol. It lowers my inhibitions." This here, was a scary thought. If Kori was this impulsive sober, how would she get if she got drunk? Some answers, the universe is not ready for. "Also, this Mudslide you speak of, does it contain... chocolate?"

    "Aye, lass it does."

    "Then I shall have it!"

  14. Heya, I made a new blog on Tumblr and am lacking in Anime & Manga related blogs in my blog following list (140 people I follow are all related to witchcraft so finding anime blogs through all of those is kind of difficult KEK;;), if you reblog any of the following:
    Pink, Purple & Monochromatic Aesthetics
    Video Games
    Writing Prompts/Ideas/Original Creations

    I'll give you a follow. ;v; But my Weeb Blog and main blog have different URLs so you might not notice it's me.
  15. Sorry about poofing. I was doing some things with NaNoWriMo. Now that we are back I hope you all are willing to continue.
  16. *grin* Still hanging around and still wanting to continue playing.

    And it's cool. NaNoWriMo is only one month every year.
  17. Ok...been about 4 weeks on the OOC and also a tad long on the still in this project Piro mate?
  18. Done and over.
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