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The SPME, short for Studies of the Physically and Mentally Enhanced, are a ruthless, sadistic organization of scientists that seek to understand powers to use them for their own gain. The SPME kidnap people with powers or even people they think may have powers, anyone from babies, to children, to adults.

People with perpetually glowing eyes have powers that were forcefully awakened by the SPME. This "forceful awakening" is done by putting the bearer under such extreme amounts of stress that their power reveals themselves immaturely to protect the bearer's life. As well as the constant glowing eyes, these powers are also a little more unstable, harder to control, and stronger.

To attempt to understand abilities, the SPME force supers to endure extreme stress and go through other trials, whilst monitoring vitals and other areas. The people captured by SPME are held captive for however long the SPME see fit, but it's likely you're not getting out of there just out of the goodness in their heart. Some people have spent years upon years in captivity, and children have been raised to know it as their only home. It is a cruel, cruel establishment, and who runs the whole thing is still a mystery. The public is unaware of the SPME.

Anyone who was once was, or still is, victim to the SPME, would have a trademark crescent-shaped scar on the left shoulder, as well as perhaps those ever-glowing eyes.

The SPME headquarters resides in [REDACTED]. They have multiple locations across the world and are on the cutting-edge of technology, with a range of devices that can monitor and track a super. They are on the scene of every meteor shower, as they have come to learn that meteor showers are always where huge spikes in power occur. When meteor showers happen, people strangely disappear moments later. This is usually the SPME, kidnapping those they believe have gained power from the fallen stars.
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