The Spirit of the Youth and City Streets - Urban Fantasy

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    Slum 404

    In this very special area of New York is where the street urchins live. The year 20XX and technological advancements have soared to heights those who lived in the beginning of the century could never imagine. Despite all this progress, the city that never sleeps hasn't changed. The school system is still failing for those who cannot afford to go to a decent school and many of the kids don't even attend. They either have to work or steal for a living. Their lives aren't ideal and maybe it will never change. Or so they say.

    But then one day, something amazing happens. Several of these street children have discovered that they posses magical ability. Maybe now they will be able to make change.

    Hi Hi ^^ well as you can see I have made a plot storyline but this time it is for a group rp. I got the idea from various sources. A french song I am learning in chorus, some picture I saw a long time ago and the title from that game most people ironically forget, Remember Me.

    Aha. So I am doing an interest check and a group plot discussion. I threw a skeleton out there and now lets make an roleplay!
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  2. This looks and sounds more dystopian than urban fantasy. Where does the fantastical elements come in?
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  3. Ah yes! Earlier I forgot to add something. Thank you for reminding me.
  4. Can I join ouo?
  5. Of course
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