The Soundtrack of Your Life

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  1. So this meme is incredibly old and over-used. But I came across it the other day and thought "what the hell, why not?" because the truth is, while these kind of games have been played over and over, they somehow never get boring. At least not for me. So play along if you want and you just might get a good laugh from what results you come out with or who knows, maybe you'll find a good theme song for that certain part of your roleplay character's life?

    Instructions: Put your iPod on Shuffle and see what the soundtrack of your life would be.

    Opening Credits:
    Waking Up:
    Falling In Love:
    Fight Song:
    Breaking Up:
    Life’s OK:
    Getting Back Together:
    Birth of Child:
    Final Battle:
    Death Scene:
    Funeral Song:
    End Credits:

    My results: Some of these actually fit really well. Some of these are just o___O;;

    Opening Credits: Miss Independent - Ne-Yo
    Waking Up: Wonderland - MONKEY MAJIK
    Falling In Love: Shiroi Blouse Kawaii Hito - SID
    Fight Song: Yakou - Merry
    Breaking Up: I Found a Boy - Adele
    Life’s OK: NO MUSIC, NO REASON - Girugamesh
    Getting Back Together: If I Ain't Got You - Alicia Keys
    Wedding: Burn My Heart - Galneryus (WTF? XD *hands out some Hannah Montana wigs and insists all her guests headbang*)
    Birth of Child: The Suicide Circus - The GazettE (*facepalm*)
    Final Battle: Rush - UVERworld
    Death Scene: I Drove All Night - Celine Dion (*sings* I drove all niiiiiight to get to you... but you were dead :/)
    Funeral Song: Sora - Yoko Kanno
    End Credits: Home - Daughtry
  2. The majoirty of these make no damn sense haha xP

    Opening Credits: M.A.D. - Hadouken!
    Waking Up: Doctor - Cute Is What We Aim For
    Falling in Love: Your Love is My Drug - Ke$ha (too cliche iPod!)
    Fight Song: Loser - Cute Is What We Aim For (what happened to shuffle iPod? -.-)
    Breaking up: Now You're Gone - Basshunter
    Life's OK: Second Go - LIGHTS
    Getting Back Together: Weightless - All Time Low
    Wedding: My Life Would Suck Without You - Kelly Clarkson (oh dear lord....haha)
    Birth of Child: Hello Seattle - Owl City
    FInal Battle: New Divide - Linkin Park (epic.)
    Death Scene: Escape - 30 Seconds to Mars
    Funeral Song: Innocence - Avril Lavinge
    Ending Credits: Anthem of Our Dying Day - Story of the Year (<3)
  3. Opening Credits: Majora's Mask Ocarina Songs Medley - CSGuitar89 on youtube
    Waking Up: One of Us - ??? (Lion King 2 song)
    Falling In Love: Aryll's Theme - CSGuitar89
    Fight Song: Take our Clothes off - Lil Chris
    Breaking Up: Final Hours (Majora's Mask Cover) - ArtificialFear on youtube
    Life’s OK: The Great Sea - CSGuitar89
    Getting Back Together: Save you From the Dark - JC Van Luyn ft Docjazz4 (jcvanluyn on youtube)
    Wedding: Benny Hill chase theme?
    Birth of Child: Kakariko Village - CSGuitar89
    Final Battle: 19sai - ??? can't remember... x.x (xxxholic op1)
    Death Scene: Stone Tower Temple - Zelda soundtrack
    Funeral Song: Hidden Village - Zelda soundtrack
    End Credits: One Man Disney Movie - Nick Pritera (goonieman86 on youtube)

    I only have like 20 songs on my ipod, the rest of the stuff is audiobooks. So youtube faves on shuffle it is. Lots of Zelda in there... O_o; yay for Zelda junkie.
  4. Opening Credits: Alibi – 30 seconds to Mars

    Waking Up: Viva La Vida- Coldplay

    Falling In Love: Erza’s Theme – Fairy Tail

    Fight Song: Sugar We’re Going Down – Fall Out Boy

    Breaking Up: Your Guardian Angel – Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

    Life’s OK: CrushCrushCrush - Paramore

    Getting Back Together: Snow Fairy – Funkist (Fairy Tail Opening 1)

    Wedding: Be As One – W-inds (Fairy Tail Ending 6)

    Birth of Child: This is Halloween – Marilyn Manson ( 0_o )

    Final Battle: Sense of Wonder – Idoling (Fairy Tail Opening 2)

    Death Scene: This is Your Home – Masashi Hamauzu

    Funeral Song: My Soul Your Beats – Lia (Angel Beats Opening)

    End Credits: Hepatica #3 – Yuki Kajiura ( Wow, my life's end credits are the same as the end credits of Xenosaga III)
  5. Instructions: Put your iPod on Shuffle and see what the soundtrack of your life would be.

    Opening Credits: This Love - Maroon 5
    Waking Up: Spiritual Abyss - Fate/Stay Night
    Falling In Love: Somebody Help Me
    Fight Song: Somewhere I Belong
    Breaking Up: Sango's Theme
    Life’s OK: My All - Mariah Carey
    Getting Back Together: I Still Believe - Mariah Carey
    Wedding: DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love - Usher
    Birth of Child: I'll Be - Edwin McCain
    Final Battle: In the End - Linkin Park
    Death Scene: Bring Me to Life - Evanescence ---LOL!
    Funeral Song: Forever's Not Enough - Sarah Geronimo
    End Credits:
  6. Opening Credits: Makka na Hana - Pierrot

    Waking Up:
    Wenn nichts mehr geht - Tokio Hotel

    Falling In Love:
    Stupify - Disturbed

    Fight Song:
    Frodos Dream - Van Canto

    Breaking Up:
    Let It Rain - Epik High

    Life’s OK:
    Clear - PANIC*ch

    Getting Back Together: Alone en la Vida - L'Arc~en~Ciel

    Wedding:Grenade - Bruno Mars

    Birth of Child:
    Sons of Plunder - Disturbed

    Final Battle:
    Pilgrim Snow - Yoko Kanno

    Death Scene: Athena - Abingdon Boys School

    Funeral Song:
    @Funny Fhantom@ - LM.C

    End Credits:
    Zero - ANNA inspi' NANA

    ..... I don't even...
  7. Opening Credits: Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson (Best Opening Ever~)

    Waking Up: Dust in the Wind - Kansas (...Rather disillusioned with life, am I?)

    Falling In Love: Colorful Mind - Broken Iris (Hey, I'm slightly insane~ Love me?)

    Fight Song: Secret - The Pierces (Yes I murdered someone! Keep it on the down low, hush hush!)

    Breaking Up: Long Live the Queen - Frank Turner (...Yay cancer?)

    Life’s OK: Almost Only Counts - Between Home and Serenity (...This really doesn't sound like life is ok.)

    Getting Back Together: Trash - Korn ( O_O;; ...Why are you still here? I've told you how horrid I am!)

    Wedding: Love is War (Pandora Mix) - Hatsune Miku (Screamo Jap Wedding! :D )

    Birth of Child: You're Gonna Go Far, Kid - Offspring (My kid shall be epic.)

    Final Battle: All or Nothing - Coldfusion (FFFF You were LYING! D:< )

    Death Scene: I'm Not Jesus - Apocalytica (You may have won, but you're not forgiven! D:< )

    Funeral Song: Field of Innocence - Evanescence (Such a touching song to end such an angry life o.e)

    Ending Credits: Still Alive - Glados (Does this mean there will be a sequal?! :D )


    I have a feeling my life's soundtrack belongs to a strange and dark film o.e
  8. Opening Credits: Go Go Naruto! - Toshiro Masuda
    "Let's GOOOOOO!"

    Waking Up: Cloudland Swing - NicolArmarfi
    "Oh... It's morning."

    Falling In Love: Team Fortress 2 Theme - Valve Studio Orchestra
    "Who's that badass?"

    Fight Song: MEDIC! - Valve Studio Orchestra
    "Doctor! Are you sure this will work?"

    Breaking Up: Team Fortress 2 Theme (Metal Cover) - warh34d
    "You WHAT?!"

    Life’s OK: Everyday Fantasy - Blue123
    "It's all good."

    Getting Back Together: Splaaash Boogie - Shiro Sagisu
    "I-it's not as if I want you... Not that I don't like you, but what I meant to say is-"

    Wedding: The Price of a Mile - Sabaton
    "Throw your soldiers into positions from whence there is no escape, and they will prefer death, to flight."

    Birth of Child: Targets - David Arnold and Michael Price
    "He's not my son, is he?"

    Final Battle: Look Pimpin' - Sick YG
    "Pumped up and ready to roll, homeboy."

    Death Scene: Lost My Pieces - Yukari Hashimoto
    "Tch... Guess this is it... Not a bad life, all in all..."

    Funeral Song: This is Our Land - Epic Score
    "He may have died, but his ideas live on."

    End Credits: Cornered - Sugimori Masakazu
    "What? There's more?"

    In a strange way, this fits me, in the sense that nothing makes much sense until the end.
  9. Opening Credits: Down in Flames - Reel Big Fish (HELL YES.)
    Waking Up: Blue Monday - Orgy (Epic wakeup)
    Falling In Love: Do It Again -Stroke 9 (Oh... wow.)
    Fight Song: The Forebearer - Senju Akira
    Breaking Up: Overdose - Hurt (Well, I guess this was a predictable end, given the way it started o__o)
    Life’s OK: Unemployed Boyfriend - Everclear (D'aww. This is cute, if out of place?)
    Getting Back Together: Stand and Deliver - Sugar Ray (Not like this relationship can get much weirder after this, at least)
    Wedding: In Space - Ludo (This is kind of cute. I approve.)
    Birth of Child: Pity - Drowning Pool (Never mind, I was wrong. This makes it weirder.)
    Final Battle: Whisper in Time - Bad Religion (Oddly sad for a final battle.)
    Death Scene: Tonight Will Last Forever - Mest (Sort of fitting, I guess?)
    Funeral Song: Hellfire - The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Thanks, ipod. That's really great of you.)
    End Credits: Here's to the Night - Eve6 (End credit song about prostitutes. Yup.)
  10. . . . My iPod should never advise the process of creating a soundtrack to a movie. Ever. XD

    Opening Credits: "Chaining Intention" - Elektlyze using Hatsune Miku
    Waking Up: "Hands Up" - September (. . . It seems like my life's pretty clubbin', so far)
    Falling In Love: "Nemureru Shiro" - Ali Project . . . (What, this is about not wanting to lose someone . . . kay then.)
    Fight Song: "Moment 4 Life" - Nicki Minaj(That made even less sense than the last one. Lmao)
    Breaking Up: "La Vie en Rose" - Édith Piaf (^ What I just said times 500)
    Life’s OK: "Where is Love" - Round Table featuring Nino ( . . . . my iPod is not cooperating today, XD)
    Getting Back Together: "Party all the Time" - Black Eyed Peas ( . . . And now we're at the club again, goodness)
    Wedding: "Say Hey (I Love You)" - Michael Franti and Spearhead (I've always wanted to have my wedding in the Bahamas where my relatives are <3)
    Birth of Child: "Sea-Through Communication" - School Food Punishment
    Final Battle: "Bring it On" - Lenny Kravitz
    Death Scene: "Solesta!" - S.C.X using Hatsune Miku ( . . . So people will be partying in the sun when I'm dying, great.)
    Funeral Song: "Histoire d'un Amour" - Dalida
    End Credits: "are" - School Food Punishment (and we're back at the club . . . )
  11. Opening Credits: Rick Ross- Push it To the Limit ( odd.)

    Waking Up: Alesana - The Thespian (Fuck the fuck YEAH.)

    Falling In Love: Poets of the Fall - Change (You have got to be kidding me. -///-)

    Fight Song: Lordi - Would You Love a Monsterman (HAHAHAHAHAHA....ha....)

    Breaking Up: Kamelot - Moonlight (So...fucking romantic.)

    Life’s OK: Black Eyed Peas - Hey Mama (Legit.)

    Getting Back Together: Naruto OST - Oh! Student and Teacher Affection (SOB... T___T)

    Wedding: Frank Sinatra - A Day in the Life (...What are you trying to say, Ipod?)

    Birth of Child: Romantic Guitar - Innocence (^///^)

    Final Battle: Egypt Central - Dying to Leave (Fucking perfect.)

    Death Scene: Damian Marley - Born to Be Wild (...Accepting...)

    Funeral Song: Adele - Rolling in the Deep (I laughed so damn hard.)

    End Credits: Kamelot - When the Lights Are Down (Of course. It all makes sense.)
  12. Opening Credits: Lonely Island - Like a Boss (LoL, I dont even have a job)
    Waking Up: Maroon 5 - Move like Jagger (HellYea! get up and dance in the morning)
    Falling In Love: Teairra Mari ft. Gucci Mane & Soulja Boy - Sponsor (OHWOW. a golddigger song ...)
    Fight Song: Nicki Minaj - Stupid Hoe (Perfect)
    Breaking Up: It will rain - Bruno Mars (acceptable)
    Life’s OK: Nicki Minaj - Starships
    Getting Back Together: Billy Paul - Me and Mrs. Jones (OLD SONG)
    Wedding: Lonely Island ft TPain - Im on a Boat (Wedding on a yaht, ipod???)
    Birth of Child: Kanye West ft Jayz, Nicki Minaj - Monster 2011 Mix (OHGOD, BAD SIGN)
    Final Battle: Johnny Cash- Hurt (Awesome but sad sad song...)
    Death Scene: Rihanna ft Chris Brown - Birthday Cake RMX (HA, Really ipod???)
    Funeral Song: Katy Perry - The One that Got Away (thats more... just.... No Comment)
    End Credits:
    Lonely Island ft AKON - I just Had Sex (AWESOME! Best end theme ever! You start with lonely island you end with it...)
  13. It was making sense..... right up to the Fight Song.

    Opening Credits: Lullaby - The Cure
    Waking Up: Never Enough - The Cure
    Falling In Love: Silent Lucidity - Queensryche
    Fight Song: Have a Heart - Bonnie Raitt
    Breaking Up: Janie's Got a Gun - Aerosmith
    Life’s OK: Bitch - Meredith Brooks
    Getting Back Together: Your Mama Don't Dance - Poison
    Wedding: Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen
    Birth of Child: Local God - Everclear
    Final Battle: Wrapped Around Your Finger - The Police
    Death Scene: Every Rose Has Its Thorns - Poison
    Funeral Song: Your Love - The Outfield
    End Credits:Cum On Feel The Noize - Quiet Riot
  14. Opening Credits: Lithium - Evanescence
    Waking Up: All These Lives - Chris Daughtry
    Falling In Love: All The Things She Said (Techno Remix) - t.A.T.u
    Fight Song: Sorry, Sorry - Super Junior
    Breaking Up: Second Go- Lights
    Life’s OK:
    My Girl (Ladidada) - Nightcore Version
    Getting Back Together: Unfaithful - Nightcore Version
    Wedding: Pyromania (Skitz Mix 36 Remix) - Cascada
    Birth of Child: No More - Three Days Grace
    Final Battle: Lost In Paradise - Evanescence
    Death Scene: (I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight - Nightcore Version
    Funeral Song: Akutoku no Jajjimento (Judgement of Corruption)-KAITO
    End Credits: The Phantom Of The Opera - The Phantom of the Opera 1986 London Cast

    ...Almost none of these make any sense... Guess my iPod is as crazy as I am then
  15. Opening Credits: The Soggy Bottom Brothers - Man of Constant Sorrow (ahahaha sounds about right!)
    Waking Up: Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
    Falling In Love: Gorillaz - Dare
    Fight Song: Oingo Boingo - Insanity (damn, I was hoping this'd be a Sabaton one!)
    Breaking Up: Sisters of Mercy - Temple of Love
    Life’s OK: Rammstein - Amerika (wat)
    Getting Back Together: Bad Religion - Punk Rock Song
    Wedding: Simon and Garfunkel - Sound of Silence (oh jesus)
    Birth of Child: Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire (AHAHHAHAHAHAH I CAN'T)
    Final Battle: Laibach - Life is Life
    Death Scene: Serj Tankian - Empty Walls
    Funeral Song: Biohazard - Dogs of War
    End Credits: Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds - Dead London (so I was killed by a Martian?)

    That was fun!
  16. Opening Credits: Aerosmith - Dream On
    Waking Up: Ska-P - Casposos
    Falling In Love: Bob Dylan & Janis Joplin - It Ain't Me Babe
    Fight Song: Bajaga - Zazmuri (ENG: Close Your Eyes)
    Breaking Up: Metalica - Nothing Else Matters
    Life’s OK: Perkele - Cowards
    Getting Back Together: Jimi Hendrix - Easy Rider
    Wedding: Giuseppe Carabino - U ruševinama (ENG: In The Ruins)
    Birth of Child: Pankrti - Civili in vojaki (ENG: Civilians and soldiers)
    Final Battle: Helloween - All My Loving
    Death Scene: The Animals - What's Your Name, Who's Your Daddy
    Funeral Song: Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water
    End Credits:
    Guns 'n' Roses - 14 Years