The Sound of Control ~ A Dystopian Pokemon RP

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  1. The Sound of Control
    The year? 2034. It's been five years since the fall of civilization. Domes have been erected around the region of Unova as a way to keep the Rogues out. A scientist in one of the domes made a breakthrough. He found a way to create gloves that could be powered by the few Pokemon who resisted the frequency. Earlier this year, a team of twenty trainers was sent to the base of that Team Plasma and Team Flare created to stop the frequency. Only three remain.[/fieldset]
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  2. The Trainer's [RPers] wake up on what feels like a wooden floor. They had been knocked, blindfolded, and lined against the wall. As they sat there, two voices, seemingly male, conversed softly. "- more careful." "You said knock them out and bring them here." "Yes, but I tthink you hit them too hard. They're still not awake... Wait... I think they're stirring..." ((Let the posting COMMENCE!))
  3. Xion held his breath, terrified and completely helpless. 'What do I do? What do I do?' His heart was racing and so was his mind. He froze when he heard the voice talk and tried to remain motionless. What a predicament he has gotten himself into.
  4. Evangeline blinked and groaned as she could feel her head throbbing looking around she spotted Adrian not too far from and rushed to her brothers side.
    Sighing as a groan was given to her as a response she finally took the time to look around and then noticed that there were others around them and sticked close to her brother as he began to stir.
  5. Min continued snoring, seemingly still asleep; in reality he was awake, and was trying to listen to the conversation. Keeping his breathing regulated, he took note of a couple of things. First, they said 'them', which was good, and it meant that they didn't just kill the others. It didn't really matter if he died though. Actually, he might have even welcomed it, this new world was proving to be too much for him to handle, and suicide was never far from his thoughts, though of course he never acted on it. Second, there were multiple voices, which meant that this was a coordinated effort, not just some psychopath, which complicated things. He didn't know anything about his situation, other than he was blindfolded, which meant that this was premeditated, and he heard a female voice earlier, which signified that the others were awake or beginning to stir. Third, they were absolutely screwed unless a miracle happened.
  6. ((I write better in first person))

    *While dreaming* I see the ground below me, but I am not on the ground, I'm above it..... flying. Suddenly, I am falling. It looks around 15000 feet and I notice the ground closing in fast. As I hit the ground, I scream. *I wake and scream*.
  7. Divinus starts shaking his head as he wakes up. He feels a pain on his head and then realizes that everything is dark. Confused, he doesn't move from his position against the wall.
  8. *Calms down and whispers* Can anyone hear me? *Tries to move*
  9. He hears a voice and mumbles, "What? Who's there?" Then moves his head left and right but to no use in trying to figure out who was the one talking since everything was dark due to the blindfold.
  10. Xion didn't reply and just lad there, still. His breathing got slower and calmer as he notices more people waking up and stirring around.
  11. Who's there? Why I'm here! Who might you be? *continues squirming*
  12. The blindfolds are removed from their eyes. Jack stands in front of them smiling. Aren stands to the side, frowning and holding the blindfolds. The room they are in has maple wood floors and light blue walls. There are no windows and only one door. In the corner is a table and a few chairs.

    Jack clears his throat. "Hello there. My name is Jack. That is Aren over there. We apologize for... Kidnapping you. It shall all be explained in due time. If you would, please follow me. I will lead you to your Pokemon." He turns and walks towards the door. Turning when he reaches it. Aren stands on the other side.

    ((Sorry for the delay. Gem is not able to do this anymore. School and stuffs. I shall be taking over for him and using his characters. He has given me permission and will be guiding me when needed.))
  13. *Stands* Well, as long as you have a good reason for the kidnapping..... and wait...... did you just....... say...... our Pokemon? *Rushes after Jack*
  14. Confused, Divinus does as the perso b talking says. He knew he wasn't in any position to fight and with out his Ralts, he would stand a chance.
  15. ((I'm going to make a new post of this, I think. Let more people join. We seem to have lost everyone.))
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