The Soul of the Dawn

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  1. Everything has changed so much... Just a few thousand years everyone was living like in the tales and fantasy movies; living in towns, harvesting crops, using gold and silver as currency... But then those stubborn dwarfs brought progress and industrialization. Villages and old cities quickly became substituted by tall mazes of concrete and glass plagued with all kinds of people and races. Even those those who had always kept to themselves like the Orcs or the Fomorians came out of their caves and strongholds to join in the decadence of the big 'modern' cities.

    And then came the fancy Elves with their arcane studies and their science. We where just getting used to the new founded cities and industries when a wave of scientific advancements hit the lands and everything became more shiny, more fast, and more violent. And it didn't stopped there. Science only brought more and more science, and just in the last hundred years we created ships capable of travel into space, entire networks packed with all kinds of data called the 'internets', war machines and super-soldiers and flying cars that only covered even more the sun we once venerated as a God.

    David let out a sigh, looking at the polluted horizon from a balcony on a 403th floor of a hotel. No, he hadn't rented that room, he had sneaked into it and used it to get some rest for the night. It was sad to see the world being eaten little by little by so much progress, science and corruption... But thank God, there were still things to be discovered, lands to explore and adventures to be had, and that brought a brief smile to David's lips.
  2. Orimi frowns as she watches the water becomes more and more polluted. Sighing to herself she decides that it would be best to find a place to sleep. She walks until she stumbles across a hotel, going in she buys a room at the 403th 'why so high up?' She thought to herself as she goes into the elevator.
    Once she reaches her floor she tiredly walks to her room, unlocking her door she walks in tubing her eyes tiredly.
  3. David was mesmerized by the strange beauty of the sun setting behind all the pollution on the air, letting the breeze run through his short hair. He was so distracted he took a few seconds to realize there was someone else in the room. Once he was well aware he wasn't the only one in there, he turned around at the same time as his helmet unfolded itself around his head in a very sci-fi manner. Then he got into the room with a small leap, taking out his gun and pointing at the lady. "Hands up!" Exclaimed him. "Who are thee? Who dares to come into MY room?" Asked him, trying to use a more possessive tone, but failing at it and sounding more like a comedian.
  4. Orimi jumps in shock as the stranger pointed his gun at her, she puts up her hands in fear as she listens to him. "Oh! Wait, what?" Her fear starts to diminish as he speaks. Orimi slowly puts her hands down and tries to stifle her laughter at the sound of the stranger who tries to sound intimidating.
  5. David looked at the girl reacting to his threats in a way he sure didn't expected. "Oi! Why are you laughing?" Wondered him, only adding more fun into his act. "I mean, Why are you laughing?" Repeated him in a tough guy voice. But he was just not meant to be the threatening kind of guy, so he eventually let it go, placed the gun back in his pocket and folded the helmet back into the solid collar that guarded it. "Hmmm... Look, I'm sorry I scared you. I'm not from around here, and have little money too, so I sneaked in here thinking about spending the night and have some rest..." Explained him. "I guess I'll have to go sneak into another room. Hope I don't scare anyone else!" Said him with a mild chuckle and a brief shrug.
  6. Orimi smiles and stops laughing "yeah, you don't seem like a typical tough guy." She said as she watches him put his weapon away. "You can stay here for the night, I mean it's dark out and it's dangerous to be out even if it's in the hotel." She says in a more concerned tone.
  7. David looked at the girl and smiled. "You really don't mind?" Asked him, slightly surprised by her kindness. "I Mean, just a couple of seconds ago I was pointing a gun at you... I guess the usual thing to do would be to kick me out of the room as fast as possible..." Said him. "Not that I'm saying I want you to kick me... Not in a literal way neither..." Added him, gently scratching his head. "Hmmm... I guess what I'm trying to say is thanks." Said David, bringing back that charming smile of his.

    "But, I'm going to return the favor. And I'm not taking a no as an answer." Said him. "So, let me introduce myself: My name is David!" Exclaimed him cheerful. "You may have heard of me before, you know? David the Bard? David the Mighty Adventurer? No?" Wondered him. No, no one knew of him. "Hmmm... Well, I'm fairly new in this business, so I guess is alright." Muttered him. "In any event, My name is David! And as I've stated, I'm and adventurer, bard, story-teller and retired wood-worker!" Announced him as if the whole thing was a great thing to announce.

    "So, as you may have imagined by now, I plan to repay your favor by telling you a great story!" Said him. "I may not have a huge amount of stories yet... But did you ever heard the story of that handsome guy who once sneaked into a hotel room to spend the night and then meet a gorgeous girl?" Wondered him with a mild blush in his cheeks. "Its one of my favorites."
  8. Orimi smiles at him "I am just a kind person" she told him. As he continues talking Orimi starts to feel more comfortable And stops seeing him as a threat. She blushes when he smiles at her "I am sorry but I have not heard of you."
    She looks at him in excitement as he tells her what he does and who he is, "that's so cool, I can never tell stories because I have no stories to tell." Orimi says in a saddened tone before snapping out if it and smiling at him "my name is Orimi and well... I'm a bit of a nature girl." She tells him with a smile
  9. David listened to her musical voice and nodded. "It's a pleasure Orimi. And I'm sure you have lots of tales to tell!" Exclaimed him cheerful. "Maybe not action-packed like in the movies, or maybe not full of drama like in the novels, but interesting stories none the less." Said David. "Moreover, you do magic things and fancy tricks! That must be awesome!" Exclaimed him. "I wish I could do magic things like some of you do! All I have are my fancy chatter and music... Which is pretty neat, but... I don't know, I guess it would be really cool to be able to move rocks... Or maybe trow fire and all those kind of things." Said him, talking a little bit more than he might have wanted.
  10. Orimi listened to him with a smile on her face "will it might seem all cool at first but it's a lot of work." Orimi noticing that she dropped her bags, opens it up and takes at some food. "Um...are you hungry?" She asks as she looks up at him and holds up some packages of food.
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