The Sorcerer's Legacy

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  1. The first man or woman to have magic were the nomads of Etheria, located outside of Edain's major continents. The family discovered a way to harness nature through small crystaline stones. To signify the different elements, per stone, they were marked with symbols. This was the first of rune magic. Only a select few of these nomads were capably gifted though. Thus they began to teach themselves and heir children and their children's children and so on. While these nomads taught their children. The magic itself became more refined over the years until stones were considered outdated and useless.<o:p></o:p>

    Eventually many of the nomads wandered into what is currently considered Edain, creating tribes or cultures if you will. Over time more magical "elements" were discovered creating variations of preexisting magics. Sorcerers found new ways to master and combine the elements to better aid them in some way, as well as finding new sorces of magic from the ethereal plane. These forms of power came to be the magic of the mind, varying from psionic to kinetic. However due to mana limitations(mana is the amount of energy a person can weild in order to use magic) sorcerers could only master multiple powers to a limited extent.

    Although the following is true there was only one exception to the rule. Acronire, was brought up by a tribe of women.<o:p></o:p>
    They treated him horribly and forced him to learn their old ways as well as the new magical arts. It was through this treatment that he learned all the secrets of magic though it fostered his hatred for his 'care-takers'. While growing up through this trial he was made to learn the history of the people and was introduced to their magical nature. At 13 he began to practice it himself against the older of his people (because he was an adopted child). He was a prodigy and in about 5 years he nearly mastered rune and mental magic. Thus he became one of the most powerful sorcerers. He was so enraged by his forebears that he laid waste to the entire village by using the magic he learned. He set out on the land to claim it as his own and eventually the demon race had caught wind of this new powerful wizard. In fear of him they decided to use him as a weapon and control him. They did so with deceptivly accurate skill but he soon turned the tables and by manipulating their minds enslaved them.Now, however, there has been rumors whispered in dark alleys of young wizards being able to control more than one aspect. Acronire is beginning to grow suspicious and has ordered a lock down of every territory he has control of in search of these.He seeks to either control these new sorcerers or put them down. Will you join him willingly? In fear of his wrath? or fight back with the growing resistance?

  2. [​IMG]

    Roisin - Roisin is a dark continent. Most of the inhabitants are seedy and<o:p></o:p></PRE>
    malicious characters. This is the place where poison magic was founded and the<o:p></o:p></PRE>
    Assassin Guild began. Since then the guild has dispersed and expanded its territory.<o:p></o:p></PRE>
    <o:p> </o:p></PRE>
    Blenheim - This fertile and docile land was home to the most abundant group of nature<o:p></o:p></PRE>
    druids, gathering their source of energy from the rich earth.<o:p></o:p></PRE>
    <o:p> </o:p></PRE>
    Tir-nan – This comforting and mountainous region is home of the sky domain. Wind<o:p></o:p></PRE>
    wizards once abound here and some claim they still do, practicing magic in secrecy.<o:p></o:p></PRE>
    <o:p> </o:p></PRE>
    Droll Islands - This the original home of the psionic and dream-sensing mages. Acronire<o:p></o:p></PRE>
    targeted this region first for he knew they would be the most detrimental to his cause.<o:p></o:p></PRE>
    They are currently the rarest of sorcerers.<o:p></o:p></PRE>
    <o:p> </o:p></PRE>
    Miurnin-This grassy area has always been known for its rains and its rivers of sparkling<o:p></o:p></PRE>
    water. Thus it drew mages seeking powers in water sorcery as well as wind, since on<o:p></o:p></PRE>
    clear sunny days a sweeping wind comes across the grassy plains.<o:p></o:p></PRE>
    <o:p> </o:p></PRE>
    Rutzau/Katzavere- This is the original spawning area of the Brotherhood. Here Acronire,<o:p></o:p></PRE>
    lord of fire and earth, chose it for its ashen surrounding and the many natural<o:p></o:p></PRE>
    volcanoes surrounding the islands.<o:p></o:p></PRE>
    <o:p> </o:p></PRE>
    Gervais - This is an island that has been shrouded in a deep myst, caused by the<o:p></o:p></PRE>
    abundant waterfalls. Strangely enough, people that have been on the island say it is<o:p></o:p></PRE>
    covered in an almost holy aura on land.<o:p></o:p></PRE>
  3. SKILLS of Sorcerers

    Ability Title </PRE>
    -elemental- </PRE>
    Wind:::::::::::::::::::::Windwhirler </PRE>
    Water::::::::::::::::::::Waveherald </PRE>
    Earth:::::::::::::::::::::Earthaugurer </PRE>
    Fire:::::::::::::::::::::::Firelord </PRE>
    Lightning:::::::::::::::::Shockcount </PRE>
    All::::::::::::::::::::::::::Spellkeeper *you would have only a brief limited knowlege</PRE>
    of all the skills if you choose this type* </PRE>
    Combination Title</PRE>
    Wind/water:::::::::::::: Stormwarden </PRE>
    Wind/earth:::::::::::::::Sandsteward </PRE>
    Wind/lightning:::::::::::Thunderbard </PRE>
    Water/earth::::::::::::::Vinedruid </PRE>
    Water/lightning::::::::::Currentkeeper </PRE>
    Telepathy/telekinesis::: Dreamshifter</PRE>
    Psionic/shadow:::::::::::Shadowlord</PRE>Note: If you choose to give your character a single mastery/skill then you will be able to control all aspects of that skill:

    ie. an Earth-auger can manipulate sand, rock, tree, grass etc

    But if you control multiple masteries such as a vine druid then you can only control each mastery to a limited extent:

    ie a vinedruid can control the trees and plants but not as well as an earth auger, and he cannot manipulate the ground either.

    Also please note that your mana, while not monitored as in video games or D&D style, is limited in the same way that a person's real stamina might be. So you cant say that you created a towering mountain, and then immediately in the next moment, create a thundering rock slide.
  4. RACES

    For the majoity there are peoples from all over that are particularly like the hominids we call humans. They appear as much as we do on earth. They typically come from Roisin and the Etheralia. They are partial to earth augering because it helps them with their production and such. It is alsot he home for poison magic as stated before, thus lending to the cration of assassin guilds. many of whom are loyal to Acronire.

    The Muirnin lands are occupied by pale blue skinned hominids that resemble antennaed aliens. But otherwise look like humans. They are particularly skilled at mental magic such as dream weaving etc. few people ever really venture to Muirnin.

    Blenheim is inhabited by darker skinned peoples, who are shamannic and one with natural magic.

    [As time will tell, there may be other races added from other planes and other planets. This world shall be linked with Hunter's Sci-fi project]
  5. Character Sheet

    Home land:
    Mastery: are you a single magic user or a combination user?
    how your mastery manifests is up toy ou, but I ask that you keep it within the realm of realism.

    History: make sure to include how character's history and their mastery are connected! Whom is your alliances with?
    Personality: demonstrate this in an example of interaction
    Anything else: any other personal information you want to include about character?
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