The Snake's Lair ~ A Collection of Brief Plots ~

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    Hello Everyone!
    Hehe, it's been a while since I last used Iwaku. Family troubles came up, and so I haven't really had the time to partake in as much roleplay as I would normally. Now, I've decided I will get back into it with a little partner search. If your interested in any of the roleplays or pairings listed, please message me or leave a comment below! From there, we can decide what to do.

    A Little About Me
    • First off, I'm a mirror poster. This means I am normally comfortable with matching my partner's post length.
    • I do tend to play more dominant characters, but sometimes I will take on a submissive role.
    • I love drama! So, don't be afraid to toss some into the roleplay~
    • I normally enjoy chatting with and planning with my partner through my roleplays, so an OOC convo would be nice.
    • I'm hard to disturb, so don't worry about making me uncomfortable!
    • Don't be afraid to ask questions or give suggestions!

    Now, onto the plots!

    Plot #1: Tyrant //Open//
    Needed Role: Character A // Male // Semi-Submissive
    Triggers: Possible noncon, bondage, BDSM, and torture.

    Male x Female
    The world in which character A lives has been divided into two. One side was ruled by a wonderful, kind goddess. The other side had been taken over by character B and her assisting God. Character B has plunged her side of the world in the dark depths of despair, breaking and forcing her citizens into suppression. Character A has been outraged by the actions of Character B, and so he fled from the light side of the world in hopes to dethrone the dark side's ruler. However, he is unsuccessful. While he did manage to stir up a bit of trouble for the powerful character B, his attempts all ended in failure, up until the point when he was captured by character B's soldiers. He was then taken prisoner in character B's castle, but soon it is revealed that B has quite a few plans for her rebellious character A.

    Plot #2: Magic Pet //Closed//
    Needed Role: Character A // Female or Male // Dominant
    Triggers: It's a little hard to say for this one, since your character will be in charge.
    Male x Female or Male x Male

    Character A has just begun his/her training to becoming a magician, but it seems that the school which he/she intents to enroll in requires that every student have a familiar by their side. At the time, A was unfamiliar with just what a familiar was, but upon going out to purchase one, he/she found his/herself in a pet store. When browsing her available options, A selected a more feline animal (character B). She/he purchased this animal without being fully aware of just what it was, and then finally character A was granted access to the school campus. The first day was fine, it wasn't until the next morning that something strange happened. Character A had fallen asleep with her/his familiar at his side, but come morning that familiar was gone. It was replaced by the nude form of a sleeping man who had snuggled himself against character A's frame, dozing soundly.

    Plot #3: Obsessed //Open//
    Needed Role: Character A // Male // Submissive
    Triggers: Noncon, bondage, possible BDSM.
    Male x Female

    Character A has never truly had a relationship work out for him. His potential partners keep disappearing, and he had no clue why. He does wonder if it is something about his personality that ruins his chances, or perhaps it could be something about his appearance. What he did not expect to be the cause of his relationship problems was quite the obsessive stalker, character B. B had had her eyes on character A for a very long time, and she is made jealousy very easily. Every girl who dares to speak to her precious A must be removed from the equation, so B does just that. Eventually, B decides that it is time to confess her feelings for character A. B invites A to a small dinner date, and finally confesses her feelings. What A didn't know was that B certainly would not be taking no for an answer.

    Well, that's it for now!
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  2. I'd like to try your magic pet idea, if that's cool. :D
  3. That would be fine! Shall we roleplay in a conversation or thread?
  4. Thread would be great :D Should we discuss it in PM or OOC thread?
  5. I think a PM would be best for OOC~ As long as you're okay with that.

    And one more question! Would you prefer character sheets or no character sheets?
  6. Character sheets would be cool, but I can't be bothered writing histories x-x.
  7. Neither do I, so no histories then! I'll get the thread up soon! I'm just about to go eat dinner, so I'll be a bit, but I will let you know once it is done~
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  8. Hey, I'd like to try Obssessed if that's fine.
  9. I'd be totally down with Tyrant, though I normally prefer Gaydom, I can deal.
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