The Snake and the Moon

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  1. The Snake and the Moon

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    Ah, sinful nation! People laden with iniquity. Brood of Evil Doers! Depraved Children! They have forsaken the LORD.

    This is our reality, a forsaken realm of Inquisition and paranoia. We hope that you enjoy it, for you are here to stay!

    Every head is ailing, every heart is sick. From head to foot no sport is sound: all bruises and welt and festering sores-Not pressed out, not bound up, not softened with oil.


    The White Knight found herself in a forest of great beauty. Almost as soon she wandered off the path, a figure looking like an ancient man called for her, "Welcome Daughter of Israel. We've been expecting you for some time."


    She found herself entrapped in a caged wagon. The ancient man said she was going to the Castle, a place in which all magical and special people are concentrated to keep them safe from the cruelty of the outside society.


    Bride of Israel, you hide before your LORD. How sad, how sad, indeed!

    The Castle keeps the unwanted locked away, it does. The Knight has only been here for a short time, but she is an object of great attention to the Ancient Man. She will slowly learn what this place really is, a death camp.

    The Ancient Man and his Redcoats fear the White Knight for she is strong and is remorseless in the heat of battle. Her eyes only see the demons in the heart of men.

    I hate the Ancient Man, for he is a sinner in the eyes of the LORD. He will be slain; yes, he will be…

  2. Basic Plot Idea:Everything seems bizarre, possibly nightmarish, and certainly dream-like.

    Welcome to the Castle. In it a protagonist, known only as Wilma (don't confuse her for Willie!), struggles to gain access to the mysterious authorities of the Castle who govern over a select few for unknown reasons. Dark and at times surreal, The Snake and the Moon is about alienation, bureaucracy, the seemingly endless frustrations this woman's attempts to stand against the system, and the futile and seemingly hopeless pursuit of an unobtainable goal.

    The Castle, which on the inside is very much like a modern day hospital, is run by a group called the Red Ones. There are doctors that try to care for the people within the walls of the Castle, because many are in fact dangerous to society, while others are eccentric and pose no real danger. A few might be political prisoners...One may never know.

    House Rules:Please pay attention to any requests or specifics given

    Game Masters: Rory, Ozzie

    Characters: Only Four to five players (GMs not counting) will be accepted. Only one character per player.

    Posting Expectations: At least once a week.

    Rating: Mature, some adult content is too be expected because of violence, darkness, and other goodies that come with creepy stuff such as this.

    Genre:Sci Fi Fantasy, Surrealism, Adventure, Drama.

    Atmosphere/Mood: Serious, dramatic, horror, dream-like fairy tale.

    Timeline: Unknown, it seems like this land is one full of paradoxes. Advanced machines exist, but there's no signs of airplanes or automobiles.

    Questions: Please PM me or Ask them in this thread.


    Character Name:




    General Appearance:

    General Personality: Mix it up! Don't need five nice guys or five schizos. Trust me, there will be enough of the latter as is in the plot~

    General History:

    Powers/Skills: Each character has a power that makes them stand out from the general population. Please be original. No two characters may share the same powers or skills.


    Character Name: "Willie"

    Gender: Female, but believes that she is really a male warrior that has been trapped in the body of a young woman for punishment by the LORD for not being religious enough in the Crusade against the Red Ones.

    Job/Role:Willie is kept looked up in the C level of the Castle, along with other people that are considered too dangerous to regularly interact with other patients. She has been known to randomly attack people she deems as unholy to the cause of the LORD. She is also a bit of a smuggler and has been known to steal from others on a regular basis. No one ever dares to try find out what things she hordes.

    Age:13 or 14.


    General Appearance: Willie always looks like she is angry or upset and looking distant. Her black hair is never kept in any shape or form, other than it is short. Her clothes are tattered because the doctors in the Castle have yet to be able to get close enough to her with out getting hurt. She claims that the red cloak comes from a Red One that she killed in battle. The Doctors in the Castle believe that she is just a member of the Red Ones but no longer realizes it. She never wears shoes, just slippers.

    General Personality: A scrambled one to say the least. Willie is host to a myriad of hostile personalities, which was believed to be developed by her mind to deal with the sheer overwhelming strain caused by some event involving an experience in the dense forest. She often tends to stay silent when the "girl" side of her personality is present (though this is very rare these days).

    Do not compare her to the girl in Little Red Riding Hood, saying so will make her livid. Curiously enough, she has a high displeasure to anyone or anything that reminds her of a wolf.

    Willie is very much feral in nature. She has an above average degree of intelligence, but luckily for everyone else she tends to be more about freedom than evil. She believes that you're either a predator or prey for another predator, so to her the only thing that matters is having the strength to take what you want.

    General History:Willie is something of a malevolent apparition, often smirking cruelly at others' struggles. The rumors amongst other patients is that she was the first "special" one brought into the Castle. The doctors at first believed that she suffered from a violent case of dissociative identity disorder, using an imaginary friend, a boy named Willie as a mean to endure her harsh life. However, as time went on this imaginary being became the dominant personality and the girl's original personality became lost. The doctors are unsure of what's wrong with her, other than at this point her "special powers" have take her over mind and soul.

    Powers/Skills: She moves around like a cat stalking a bird. She has a heightened extrasensory perception to an almost clairvoyant degree. Willie is able to scale walls by being able to jump at angles. It is rumored that she might also have claws.

    Character Name:
    Goes by the name of Wilma. Her real name is kept secret.


    The White Knight


    General Apperance (open)

    General Personality:
    Obeys the laws of wherever she goes and respectful to those of higher rank. She can be confusing at times, always saying she defends the innocent but doesn't believe any person can be entirely pure. Past betrayals has made her a cynic, as well as scarily serious about her role in life. Wilma rarely smiles or laughs anymore; she wishes there was reason to. People grow more afraid of her as she continues to slay demons, evil doers and traitors. She takes lives with a stoic expression. It's all done without regret and without a single tear to shed. In fact, she can't remember the last time she cried for somebody.

    General History:
    Wilma wasn't always a ruthless killer of the damned. She had people to protect, a family and knightly friends that aided one another in battle. There was plenty to be proud of, despite all the risks she took. Life was as perfect as it could be. Sadly, one day, Wilma's life turned to dust. A pair of her comrades back stabbed her amidst an epic fight, leaving her unconscious on the ground. When she woke, there was nobody to assist her home nor patch her wounds. The White Knight was by her lonesome, with no idea where she was.

    With no monarchy to serve or a family to protect, she roamed from kingdom to kingdom in search of a purpose. Wilma's loneliness and bitterness from her allies' betrayal turned her heart cold. She later became a slayer of all evils, simply defending for who and what she believed to be righteous. The only person around to thank her, was her own self, if not any gracious strangers she happened to free from darkness in the process. Those little signs of gratitude were what kept her from giving up. Wilma knew she had more to offer the world.

    Now, she is lost in a land unheard of. She's held captive in a strange castle full of people who call themselves 'doctors'. There's nothing to do except stare out her window, wondering when she'll be set free and wondering what she did to deserve imprisonment. In her mind, she's confined for trespassing on these grounds, despite that she was welcomed.

    The White Knight has a goal to someday escape the Castle and continue her lonesome journey after freeing the other prisoners. Even if she'll be pushing her blade into their chests someday.

    Wilma considers her 'power' more of a curse. Her eyes glow in a bright yellow when she's in combat, a sign she's judging the souls of those she's about to battle. If there's blackness in their hearts, she charges at them like a bloodthirsty savage until they drop dead. Should they just be an innocent bystander, she lowers her weapon and refuses to battle, even if that means her own life is taken. That doesn't mean she won't hold her sword up in defense, though.

    That aside, she's an excellent combatant. She uses her sword well and she's very flexible, making it difficult to land a hit on her or block a swift kick to the jaw. Her frailty can certainly be a downfall, though...
  5. Character Name: Everyone just calls her Dog.

    Gender: Female

    Job/Role: She is locked into the experimental part of the castle, where life-threatening experiments are run on subjects.

    Age: 17

    General Appearance: wolffff.jpg

    General Personality: She has the instincts of a wolf. She can be very aggressive and at the moment they are trying to create a male version of her for breeding and studying purposes. She does not talk (Maybe incapable of talking), but she does growl and bark. Mostly hides in the depths of her enclosure.

    General History: She was an orphan and the wrong people found her. They took her to the castle and began experiments on her. The formed her DNA into a wolf's and formed her.

    Powers/Skills: Has the instincts of a wolf and mostly gets along with other dogs. She seems to have no shame in being naked. She acts purely like a dog. She can bite extremely hard, eat raw meat, hunt very good, and run faster than normal humans.
  6. WIP. Will finish this soon, just getting it up while I'm still coherent. I hate being sick.

    Character Name:

    Gender: Female

    Job/Role: The Red Warden

    Age: Mid to late teens

    General Appearance (open)

    General Personality: An enigmatic character with a serious demeanor and refined manner of speech, Rose embodies a sort of eerie elegance. Nothing ever rattles her. Her eyes reflect a sadness, however; or perhaps it is pity.

    General History: Rose has been in the Castle for as long as anyone can remember.

    Powers/Skills: She has the ability to read the fears and madness of others. She is also quite fleet of foot, often disappearing into the shadows of the Castle within the blink of an eye. Rose always seems to be able to find Willie no matter where the girl goes.

    Additionally, Rose wields an unusual hammer shaped like a wolf's head, with which she is quite proficient.
  7. @HMR, it would work out a lot better if your character can speak. This RP will be dealing a lot with character interactions, so it will be more beneficial for you than just to have a being that growls and bites. I'd also try to avoid trying to make a male form; it doesn't fit within the role of the Castle. Think of it more like an asylum; a refuge for special peoples.
  8. Character Name: Aurora Borealis

    Gender: Female

    Job/Role: Wander, Aurora is allowed to move through the castle so long as she doesn't cause trouble. Although her place of residency is a small cot placed alongside the window, on floor B. She regularly returns here to sleep but other times she will get into a praying position on the cot and sing tunelessly.

    Age: 12

    General Appearance: One of Aurora's striking features are her eyes. They are a deep purple color, and the color contrasts brightly against her black hair. Her bangs are cut off right above her eyebrows, but the rest of her hair flows down to her lower back. She is a rather clean person and keeps her hair properly maintained. Even though she has been offered to wear clothes that better suit her, Aurora prefers to wear overly large sweaters and baggy pants. She also has a pair of purple slippers that she has kept since her internment here; the vibrant purple color of the shoes have faded away from years of abuse. The girl is also very tiny despite being 12 years old. She has a habit of walking with her back slightly bent.

    General Personality: Generally very quiet and brooding although when Aurora chooses to sing it is done with a sort of eerie serenity to it. But when Aurora does get into one of her trances and she starts to see something, her personality completely transforms. She is prone to muttering, murmuring, yelling, screaming, kicking, slamming herself against the wall and holding conversations with no on in particular.

    General History: Up until she was about five or six, Aurora was considered to be a perfect child. She was very sociable, enjoyed playing with the other children and just being a kid. However in the next several years, her family witnessed a very odd event. At first, Aurora would predict when a visitor would come to their home, even though they knew they weren't going to have callers that day. She would then start to predict the weather, and even when one of their friends or family members was going through a major event in their lives. It had started to unsettle her parents.

    When Aurora predicted the death of their grandmother, that was enough to do in her mother. A religious woman, she had sent Aurora to the church. Aurora's condition and mentality deteriorated at this point, scaring the clergy and they decided that the best way to deal with her was to send her to the hospital. After getting the mother's consent, Aurora was sent away.

    Powers/Skills: Aurora has premonitions, sometimes they are extremely strong, and at times they are very vague.
  9. Looks pretty good, Zen.