The Smite Academy (School/Action God RP)

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  1. So basically I had this Idea where it's all the gods going to a school where they fight and battle each other in teams, free for all matches etc. Of course there is going to be background as to why the school exists. Hundreds and hundreds of years ago, all of the gods were killed in a holy war like no other. The power within them however had not vanished, only one god had lived, it had been Zeus himself, however from all the injuries he sustained in battle he was left weak. An oracle told him that all of the gods would be reborn in due time, and to prepare for that he created a school for when they would be teenagers. This was a battle school, one where the gods would make teams and spar, this was supposed to help them work together and learn to control their abilities. After centuries of preparing his hope had started to run our, until then his two brothers were born, Poseidon, and Hades, and after that gods started popping up all over the place. In time the school would be filled with all the gods til they properly matured.

    Let me know if you're interested, I'm going to add more later.​
  2. Seeing that Smite does consider beings that aren't gods like Arachne gods(the same way MOBAs call villains heroes)...

    ...I'm thinking of a certain character that has made quite some fame in Oriental legends.

    Is this limited to SMITE characters or...

    And my next question - is this related to SMITE or can we just ignore SMITE's canon and go with it?
  3. Smite is just my inspiration behind it so yes characters such as medusa and other immortal beings will be allowed and no it's not limited to smites heroes, and we can ignore smites canon if we wish.
  4. I am interested if there is space.
  5. If your open I'm interested
  6. I'd like to get a few more people before I make the sign ups so if you guys know anyone, send them here. ^__^
  7. One ? Is this all God's or just greek
  8. Why would it be only Greek?
  9. You mentioned war of faith then mentioned Zeus so it somewhat lead me to think of primarily Greek gods
  10. You mentioned war of faith then mentioned Zeus so it somewhat lead me to think of primarily Greek gods
  11. Well Zues is generally known as the king of the gods that's why I chose to have him be the only one to live the holy war, but no all gods are included.
  12. Are we starting after the twenty sixth
  13. Interested in this~
  14. Can I pull a genderbend?

    gonna play Cronus and Yamata no Orochi as lil grils.

    If more than two characters are allowed... I'll consider one of Loki's brood
  15. Genderbends are perfectly fine, I mean the avatar wasn't always male or female in his reincarnations. For now I say only two characters per person.
  16. Working on the ooc and signups now.
  17. I'm working on nuwa from Chinese myth and one other still deciding
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.