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  1. It was a beautiful, sunny Saturday at Hogwarts school, and everyone seemed to be using it to their advantage. Mostly all of the students were outside enjoying the nice weather, sitting out on the grass, dipping their feet into the water, or sitting under the shade of a tree. For a group of four males and a female, they were sitting and standing under the shade of one of the many trees. They were all wearing the colors of their house, black and green. The five Slytherins were enjoying the day just like the rest of their school, talking amongst themselves and laughing occasionally. Among the group was a tall, pale, blonde young man. It was obvious that he was the leader of the group, leaning against the tree with his arms folded across his chest.

    Draco Malfoy definitely was the leader of this small group, just as he had been for the last several years. He was arrogant, selfish, and a smart wizard. He comes from a family of great witches and wizards, and he comes from a very proud and rich family. They were pureblood wizards and witches, and they wanted to keep the wizarding world that way. Unfortunately, there was a lot of people that wanted to change that. They wanted the wizarding world to become diverse, to accept anyone and anybody. That’s why they all wanted to see the downfall of Voldemort, the Dark Lord. Draco followed in his family’s footsteps, but he wasn’t exactly sure what he wanted. He definitely had the same views as his father and mother, but truth be told, he was terrified of the Dark Lord.

    Though those were thoughts for another day, this was a day to relax and enjoy the sunshine and the good vibes. Draco was at ease, talking and joking amongst his fellow housemates. Listening in on the conversation at hand, the male realized they were talking about the new assignment that Professor Snape was putting them through, something about mixing potions. Draco had no concerns and worries about the assignment, he was brilliant when it came to potions class. So as his friends talked, he let his eyes wander around the field, noticing that basically the whole school was out enjoying one of the first wonderful days of the year.

    Soon they would be allowing the students to go into Hogsmeade, which would be a lot better than just sitting around in the sun. Pushing off the tree, Draco stretched his arms above his head as he looked around, wondering what to do that day. Standing around in the shade was fun for a bit, but soon he would be getting bored of that and would need to find something a bit more entertaining.
  2. Atropa had just walked outside to enjoy the sunshine.
    It was a beautiful day, so she'd put her bag on her bed
    and walked outside.

    Most people stood clear of her, since she was in Slytherin.
    No one liked the house, but she had a few friends.
    Looking around for someone she knew, she noticed a fellow Slytherin,
    someone that everyone knew, Draco Malfoy.
    He was pale in the sun, more so than usual, anyway.

    She sighed, and decided to sit down right in front of the school,
    looking out at the lake.
    A lot of kids were down there, letting their feet hit the water.
    The squid generally didn't hurt anyone, so it was alright.

    Atropa had brought a sketch book, a pencil, and and eraser.
    On days like this, she liked to sit down on the grass and draw.
    Atropa was a pretty good artist, although it wasn't a respected thing to do in her family.

    Her family was pure blood, and high up in the families.
    They were a supporter of the Dark Lord, but Atropa herself wasn't interested in all that-
    she hated violence.
    Today she decided she'd take a jab at drawing the giant squid.
  3. Growing rather bored of the conversation at hand, Draco looked for something else to entertain him or at least give him an excuse to leave this conversation. Spotting Atropa sitting in front of the school with her sketchbook, Draco shrugged and started walking towards his fellow housemate. He figured that could work for now, and if he honestly couldn’t find anything else to do, he would go and practice mixing potions. Since Professor Snape was his godfather and protector, he was allowed in the classroom to practice his mixing.

    Reaching Atropa, Draco dropped himself onto the grass, laying back and folding his hands underneath his head, “They are driving me crazy with this ongoing talk of the potions test.” It was evident the male was quite annoyed just by the irritation in his voice. He disliked the fact that the conversation of how worried they were was beginning to become the only conversation. Closing his eyes, the male enjoyed the sun shining on him. Though, seeing as he was quite pale, Draco could only be in the sun for so long before he would need to be back in the shade.
  4. Atropa smiled over at Draco.
    "Me too. I'm going to take it, I don't want to talk about it too."
    She continued to doodle, glancing over at him now and then.

    She opened a new page and began to sketch him,
    taking in the fine details of his face and hair.

    She'd have to add color to this later.

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