The Slytherin & His Gryffindor

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  1. Harry James Potter
    Twenty-Three | Gryffindor - Auror in Training for Ministry of Magic | Married

    Hope Lillian Potter
    Four Years Old

    Grace Ginevra Potter
    Two Years Old

    Ginevra Molly Weasley
    Twenty-Two | Gryffindor - House Wife | Married

    Luna Elena Weasley
    Twenty-One | Ravenclaw - Magizoologist & Naturalist | Married

    George Fabian Weasley
    Twenty-Five | Gryffindor - Weasley's Wizard Wheezes Owner | Married

    5 Years Later, Our Story Begins...
  2. Fire Whiskey only succeeded in dulling the anguish dwelling inside of the man's broken heart. Hog's Head Pub is not his home and yet, he felt more at peace here than anywhere else. His real home, the walls with assorted pictures of a loving family, was becoming more and more comparable to a prison. A pregnant wife was waiting up through the night with only the company of her worries and he just continued consuming the burning alcohol with each passing hour. This has become his salvation. How pathetic.

    "Shouldn't you be at home with your wife?"

    "What about yourself, Malfoy?"

    He isn't the only one with a family. Draco and Harry have outgrown Hogwarts, but that isn't to imply that their dislike towards each other has ended. When Draco suddenly decided to join Harry at the table, the former Gryffindor was less than enthusiastic. The original plan had been to get drunk, erase memories of his early marriage and then return home to play the role he's been assigned. Having a conversation of any degree with Malfoy was not in the schedule.

    "Don't you have a Pure Blood wife at home for you?" Harry knew Draco's traditionalist purist views and they have continued to disgust him.
  3. Draco’s body stiffened, and he couldn’t help but snap back at Harry.

    “Don’t pretend your wife isn’t Pure Blood too.”

    Draco regretted his words the moment they fell out of his mouth. The mention of his wife made Draco’s face contort in a mixture of anger and disgust. The whole purpose of going to the Hog’s Head every night was to spend a few hours pretending she didn’t exist in a place where he wouldn’t be bothered. It made his heart twist in his chest to know that Harry was the one pulling her back into the front of his mind.

    On top of that, the way Harry brought up his family’s tradition of only marrying Pure Bloods made Draco's stomach clench in anger. That stupid tradition was what got his life this screwed up in the first place. His mother chose Astoria for him because she wanted a Pure Blood heir to the Malfoy name. At the time, Draco begrudgingly accepted his fate, knowing he could never be with the only person he truly wanted. There wasn’t a day since he got married that Harry didn’t cross his mind, and every time he thought about the fucking Boy Who Lived he increasingly regretted going along with his mother’s silly ideals.

    Draco took a slow, deep breath to regain his composure. It was quickly becoming apparent that Harry didn’t want to talk about his wife or family. What wasn’t clear, however, was whether Harry didn’t want to talk to about it to Draco in particular, or whether, like Draco, he was trying to pretend she didn’t exist at all.

    Even from across the table, Draco could smell the alcohol on the other man’s breath. He knew that if he mentioned Harry’s family again, their conversation would quickly turn into a shouting match, so even though he wanted to continue prying into Harry’s family life, he changed tactics.

    “I haven’t seen you in here before.” Draco winced at his words, hoping they didn’t make him seem like an alcoholic who spent more time in the bar than at his own home. “Any particular reason you are doing your best to consume every drop of liqueur in this bar tonight?”
  4. "A reason?"

    For once in their shared history, Draco actually raised a rather excellent question. Unfortunately, Harry remained puzzled by his own actions, unable to answer the curious Malfoy's suspicions. Unlike the others that frequently occupied the pub, Harry has a loving family and thriving career awaiting him every morning, there's truly no requirement for him to be present in a place like this. However, here he sits with three accompanying empty bottles of Fire Whiskey. Harry's breathing began to thicken, his lungs restricted by the sudden increase in smoke floating above their heads. Erupting into a series of involuntarily coughing, the lad's treasured glasses slipped free from his nose and collided with the table.

    Slowly stricken with the realization of his blurry vision, a mixture of the alcohol and missing glasses, Harry outreached his hands to search for them. His firm, slightly calloused, hands slid around the surface of the table, blinding seeking the glasses he'd grown so dependent to. Becoming frustrated with the lack of success at locating them, Harry's hands quicken their pace and left no area of the table untouched.

    Just then, Harry's brows furrowed together in confusion. A warm, smooth and rather slender object was resting underneath Harry's stilled hand. It definitely wasn't his glasses, that Harry noticed immediately. No glasses are possible of producing such a warmth at merely his touch. Struggling to squint his eyes, emerald orbs strained to gather a clear view of the mysterious object...Harry's mouth fell open.

    His hand....had fallen....onto Draco's own.

    Even more interesting, Harry enjoyed the other man's skin in contact with his own.
  5. It felt like time had slowed as Draco watched the glasses slide down Harry’s nose, hit the table and fall to the floor. Apparently, Harry had no idea where they had gone as his hands searched over the table for them. Just as Draco was about to bend over and pick them up, he felt a hand on his own.

    Harry was touching him.

    Draco instantly pulled his hand away, as if it had been burned. His eyes were wide with shock, and his heart thumped loudly in his chest. Draco’s mind flashed back to the last time Harry had touched him. It was when he was saving Draco from the Fiendfyre. As they were flying out of the Room of Requirements, Draco had his arms wrapped tightly around Harry’s torso. At the time, he had thought that it might be nice to spend the rest of his life like that. But now, the surprise of being touched by the man he had dreamed about for so long was alarming.

    Slowly, he relaxed his body and bent to pick Harry’s glasses up from the floor, knowing that in his current state, Harry would never be able to find them on his own. They hadn’t broken after hitting the floor, but the lenses were coated in dirt and dust. Draco rubbed them clean on his shirt, an act that he wouldn’t repeat for anyone else. He leaned forward and placed them on Harry’s nose, slowly pushing them back behind his ears. He felt his face grow hot as he touched Harry’s annoyingly messy hair, trailing his fingers down the other man’s neck and outlining the border of his collarbone before his hand came to a full stop on Harry’s chest.

    Tingles ran through his body and the hairs on the back of his neck were on end. The thought that he should probably stop touching Harry Potter briefly flitted through his mind, but he ignored it. It had been a long time since he had the feelings of sparks in his chest and butterflies in his stomach and he couldn’t stop himself. Even if the end result was a punch in the face, it was worth it.
  6. Blaming the state of intoxication for his reckless actions, Harry reached to grab Draco's wrists and held them firmly with no remorse. A woman's touch, his own wife's, often churned the insides of his stomach. A man's touch, Draco Malfoy's nevertheless, erupted a burning through the flesh of his skin. Slightly frightened, more so confused by this reaction, Harry shoved the blonde's hands backwards with faint reluctance. He didn't wish to let go, to surrender the warmth and smoothness of Draco's skin. However, if they prolonged this behavior any longer, they'd surely attract a few curious glances in their direction.

    The last thing Harry needed was public harassment. Having just recently managed to separate his public image from everyday life, Harry dreaded the return of the media circus and Rita Seeker's troublesome reports in the Daily Prophet. Immediately after dropping Draco's hands, Harry rose from the table and suddenly became painfully aware of his drunken state. Collapsing back into the chair, weakened knees and a loss of balance forbidding him from walking even a single step forward.

    Harry knew he'd be unable to walk back home and Apparation while drunk is not very wise, unless you happen to favor a splinch in the process. A muddled mind with alcohol and exhaustion did not prove very successful at figuring out an alternative way home. Fatigue beginning to take hold, Harry slumped forwards and concealed his face behind both hands. The tips of his fingers tangled in the front of his dark hair.

    He needed to get home and soon, Ginny would begin to worry and possibly contact her brother or Luna to go searching for him.
  7. Tingles ran up Draco’s arm from the place where Harry grabbed his wrist. His body felt like it was on fire, and his face had an uncharacteristic pink tinge. The room seemed much warmer than it had ever felt before. His chest felt tight and it was becoming increasingly difficult to breathe. He drew in deep breaths through his mouth, forcing his lungs to expand.

    Suddenly, his hands were pushed off of Harry’s chest. Draco could sense Harry’s intoxicated confusion. Harry got up to leave, but was so unstable on his feet that he collapsed right back into his chair. As Harry stood, Draco’s eyes swept across the room. It must have gotten very late because there were only a few stragglers left. It was the time of the night that Draco usually left. By this hour, it was almost a guarantee that Astoria was long asleep, and he could slip back into the manor unnoticed.

    Draco’s gaze returned to the man in front of him. Harry’s head was in his hands, and Draco was hit with a vaguely regretful feeling that he could no longer see the shockingly green eyes. Tentatively, he reached out a shaking hand and moved Harry’s hands away, bringing his chin up with his fingers until Harry’s eyes were in level with his own.

    The edges of his vision seemed to be blurred out around him and all Draco could see was Harry. The green eyes. The messy black hair. It was all exactly as he remembered it. But the look of confusion and depression that Harry had worn all night seemed foreign on the face of the man who once saved the Wizarding world.

    Before he could stop himself, Draco leaned forward and let his lips press lightly against Harry’s. Draco’s heart was pounding so hard that he could practically hear it. His hand was shaking as his fingers brushed over Harry’s cheek. His mind had gone fuzzy. What he was doing was beyond any logical comprehension.

    All his life, he had wondered what Harry tasted like. Now he knew. Even through the strong alcohol coating Harry’s lips, there was a taste that was distinctly Harry. The smell that he remembered from years ago was still there. Harry was filling every one of his senses, and it was intoxicating.

    He forced himself to pull away. Even though his body was aching for him to continue, and he desperately wanted to know what Harry’s mouth felt like, it didn’t seem right to continue kissing a person who couldn’t even stand up. His fantasy had been fulfilled and he was prepared for the inevitable ass kicking to go along with it. It wouldn’t be much of a fight in Harry’s current state of inebriation, but Draco had no doubt that when Harry sobered up and came looking for revenge, he would never be able to take an Auror who defeated the Dark Lord at seventeen years old.

    As much as he knew it was wrong, Draco didn’t want to let go of the man he had dreamed about all his life. It was foolish and desperate, but he had to try. The stupid desperate little spark of hope in the pit of his stomach would never let him leave after he had gone that far. He leaned forward, his cheek brushing against Harry’s, and whispered into his ear. “Will you meet me here again tomorrow night?”
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  8. Draco's proposition elicited a curved smirk to form along Harry's lips, his eyes darkened to a shade closer towards black and a hand raised into the tangled locks of hair atop his head. "You must be joking, Malfoy." It wasn't a question, more a statement. "I have a family. I can't be wasting my time with you." Besides, it isn't normal for two men to be acting in such a manner. Draco was the first to begin the flirtatious actions, but Harry never rejected them. At least, not until now.

    "Leave me alone, Malfoy." Harry rose from the table, stumbling towards the exit and nearly toppled over a few entering guests to the pub. He needed to get home and soon.

    Back at the Potter household, Harry's suspicions were confirmed. Panicked for her husband's absence, nearly two hours without communication, Ginny called out to her elder brother. Luna and George were not quite expecting to find Ginny standing on their doorstep, with Hope and Grace held protectively in her arms.

    "Ginny?" Luna stepped forward, happily taking the youngest child into her hold. She gently rocked Grace back asleep. Despite not being a mother yet, Luna is rather maternal and easily handles children of all ages. Hope on the other hand, she jumped free from her mother's arms and ran to hug George by the leg. Only standing tall enough to reach his mid thigh. Sadly the kids have begun to inherit Harry's lack of height and Ginny doesn't stand much taller.

    Compared to George, though, everyone is short.

    "What is going on?" Luna questioned, continuing to sooth Grace's subtle cries.

    Ginny rushed inside, pacing the living room in a circle. "Harry went out two hours ago and I haven't heard anything since then. I don't even know where he went!"
  9. The fact that Draco was prepared for that answer didn’t make it sting any less. Having dug up all of those long since buried emotions only to be shot down by the Chosen One made his heart fall into his stomach. He suddenly felt like he was eleven years old, standing in Madam Malkins’ robes shop and having his offer of friendship was shot down by the little boy with infuriatingly messy black hair and bright green eyes hidden behind obnoxiously round glasses.

    Draco watched Harry stumble toward the door. He was holding on to things and running into people. He clearly wasn’t the expert at hiding an inebriated state that Draco had become. It wasn’t clear, however, how he planned to get home. If he tried to Apparate in his current condition he would undoubtedly Splinch himself, and he was walking in the opposite direction of the Floo. An image flashed in Draco’s mind of the Daily Prophet with the front page headline “Savior of the Wizarding World Drowned in His Own Vomit.”

    As much as the bitter sting of rejection wanted to let Harry struggle to find his own way home, that absurd little spark of hope made him stand up and walk over to Harry, grabbing him by the arm to keep him from falling. “Potter, if I don’t help you out the door, someone is going to find you passed out in the gutter,” he said almost reverting back to his childhood sneer.

    He was holding most of Harry’s body weight up when they walked through the door. Once on the street, Draco flagged down the Knight Bus. It was the only way Draco could be sure that Harry would actually make it home in one piece.

    The bright headlights came barreling toward them and a realization hit Draco. Every time he asked Harry, he was shot down. But what if he didn’t give Harry the opportunity to say no? “I will be back here tomorrow at midnight. Meet me here.” It was a statement. A command. There was no question, nothing for Harry to say no to. Before Harry had a chance to respond, before the Knight Bus’s headlights were in front of them, there was a small click and Draco was gone.

    When Draco was back at the manor, he closed his eyes and let his head drop. The silence of the huge house seemed to pulse in his ears. His head pounded, his heart ached, and his body was crumbling. He fell to his knees and stared at his reflection in the cold marble floor. He watched as wet little drops appeared on the floor, and for a moment, Draco was confused at how they had gotten there. Then slowly, he lifted a hand to his face and felt the soft tears on his cheeks. He couldn’t remember the last time he cried. He couldn’t remember the last time he actually felt anything except hatred and regret. Now he seemed to feel everything all at once and it was unbearable.

    A small distant cry cut through the silence. Slowly, Draco stood on his wobbly feet and walked down the hall to his son’s bedroom. Scorpius was well past the age of waking up in the middle of the night, so he was concerned about what was going on. Draco sat on the edge of the small bed and ran his hand through the pale blond hair that matched his own so well. He turned on the bedside lamp and looked into his son’s face. The little gray eyes were red and swollen, and his cheeks had red, blotchy patches over the normally pale skin. Running down the tiny face was a steady trail of tears. For a moment, Draco felt as if he was looking at his own face in a mirror. He took a deep breath to steady his thoughts and to keep himself from breaking down in front of his two year old son.

    “What’s going on, Scorpius?” he asked gently, smoothing his son’s hair down.

    The little boy’s eyes grew wide with surprise that it was his father who had come to see him. “I had a bad dream,” he whispered sitting up.

    “What about?” Draco pulled the small body out from under the covers and carried him over to a nearby lounge chair to sit on his lap.

    “I dreamed that I lost in the dungeons and nobody was coming to find me no matter how much I cried.” Scorpius twisted his tiny fists into Draco’s shirt and looked up at his father.

    Draco wanted to tell Scorpius that it would be ok. He didn’t have to worry because that was never going to happen. But somehow, his throat tightened and he couldn’t speak. Suddenly, tears came rolling down Draco’s cheeks and crashed into his son’s pajamas. Scorpius’s eyes were wide with alarm. He had never seen his father in such a state. He reached up and touched the tears with his small fingers, as if he were trying to figure out whether or not they were real.

    Draco had no idea how long he sat in the chair with his arms wrapped tightly around his son. Even after Scorpius fell asleep, Draco stayed still, tears finally slowing to a stop and leaving a pounding headache behind.


    George’s eyes were wide with surprise as he opened the door to find his pregnant little sister holding her two young children on his doorstep in the middle of the night. He was alarmed and confused as to what emergency had necessitated this visit, without even a Floo call to say she was on her way.

    Just as he was about to step forward to comfort his clearly distressed sister, a small body knocked his legs backward. He picked up the small girl, but all of his attention was on Ginny. He was infuriated to hear that Harry would treat his baby sister that way. When it came to Ginny, he had always been overly protective and anger was seeping through his pores that Harry would leave his pregnant wife in this much distress without even telling her where he was. It was times like these that he wished he had a Marauder’s Map of the whole world.

    “Did you have a fight before he left?” he demanded, his face twisted in rage.
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  10. "He just seemed agitated and then left," Ginny replied to her brother with an undertone of fury present. She was practically seething with anger. Allowing her emotions to shift so radically is dangerous for pregnancy and luckily Luna noticed this immediately.

    The younger female walked to the kitchen, balancing baby Grace along her hip. She quickly summoned a glass of steaming tea and served it to Ginny with a small smile at her lips. The ginger-haired woman received the offering and thanked Luna for her kindness. Luna's consideration was enough to calm Ginny for now, but she'd be livid again quite soon if this situation wasn't fixed.

    "I'll take the girls upstairs, yeah?"

    Ginny nodded, allowing Luna temporary guardianship over her daughters. Already carrying Grace, Luna motioned to Hope, but the child was reluctant to leave her uncle. "Hope, come along, please." Luna asked politely, waiting at the stairs for the elder daughter to join. Leaving George's arms, wearing a pout at her lips, Hope obeyed Luna's command and together they ascended the stairs.

    * * *

    Harry arrived home, drunk and restricted by a blurred sense of vision, he stumbled inside and collapsed painfully to the floor. Half expecting Ginny to come rushing to his aid, Harry's hopes were crushed when he realized that no one else was home. His family was gone. Frightened as the memories of Voldemort's war came flooding back into his mind, the lad troubled himself back to unstable feet and began searching his household.

    Unfortunately, his children and wife were absent. Without a trace of an abduction, Harry had to reason that perhaps Ginny had gone to George and Luna's? He knew that she often sought their assistance whenever faced with a problem, but considering the hour of night, he wasn't completely sure if Apparating there was a good decision. Not to mention, he's still suffering from a drunken state.

    Rather than embarrass himself, Harry chose to sit down in the living room with a cold drink and await his family's return.
  11. George gratefully put the little girl down and let Luna shuffle the children away. He flicked his wand to levitate the teapot toward him and sat down on his couch to pour it into a cup. He took a deep breath and blew gently on the hot liquid, causing ripples to move quickly over the surface in an attempt to cool it down. His hand came up to rub his forehead as he thought about what had happened over the last five minutes. It didn’t make sense. It wasn’t like Harry to act like this, at least as far as he was aware. He didn’t want to believe that Harry would do something like this without good reason.

    “Sit down and we will talk through this.” George took a small sip of the streaming tea. “Has he ever done anything like this before? Could it possibly have been something for work? Aurors must have crazy schedules sometimes.”

    Though the words exited his mouth confidently, George hadn’t quite convinced himself. It didn’t seem likely that Harry would leave without saying anything if it had been work related. He would never have left his pregnant wife in that much distress if it was something as innocent as working late.

    “What exactly did he say before he left? Did you get a chance to ask where he was going or when he would be back?”


    Draco’s eyes fell heavy as he held his sleeping son. His mind had finally settled after hours of running through ever line of dialogue that had been said between the two men that night. He kept wondering if seeing Harry again was a good idea. If he went back tomorrow, would he just be setting himself up for more heartbreak? The emptiness of dehydration lulled him to sleep with the small boy in his arms. It was comforting to know that he didn’t have to sleep alone.
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  12. Ginny refused to answer George's questions. She knew that Harry would be back and this wasn't exactly a situation she could discuss with her brother. However, Ginny felt it would be wise to leave her children in George and Luna's care. She trusts them completely. "I don't want Hope and Grace at home in case Harry and I begin arguing. Could they stay with you and Luna for a few days?" Ginny knew she was asking a lot of her brother and sister-in-law, but she had to ask for this favor.

    Having left Hope and Grace upstairs to play, Luna descended from the stairs and overheard Ginny's request. Without allowing her husband an opportunity to pass a decision on his own, Luna answered on their behalf as a couple. "Of course, Ginny." Standing at George's side, Luna dropped a hand onto her husband's shoulder and squeezed gently. "You and Harry need time to discuss things between yourselves. We won't mind taking the children for a few days." Besides, it wasn't like they got to see the girls frequently.

    "Isn't that right, love?" Luna pulled George into the conversation, placing a chaste kiss at his cheek and smiled happily.

    * * *

    A combination of boredom, stress and intoxication lulled Harry to a slumber while waiting for his family to return.
  13. George had always considered the savior of the Wizarding World to be the only person who was truly worthy of being with his sister. Really, he would have preferred if no man ever touched her, but the man who defeated He Who Must Not Be Named multiple times was a close second. But now, after hearing all of this, George reverted to his stance that there wasn’t a man in the world who was good enough for Ginny.

    George’s eyes grew wide at Ginny’s request. A few days? Was it so serious that Ginny thought that she and Harry would be fighting for days? He wondered if there was more to the story than she was willing to let on.

    “Of course we can take them as long as you need,” he replied after Luna’s kiss reminded him that he was supposed to speak. The idea of having young children around for that long made George nervous. There were a lot of things from his shop lying around that would be dangerous for a young child to be around. He couldn’t imagine the trouble he would be in with Ginny if she came back to her daughters having eaten an entire back of Puking Pasties. He and Luna would have to spend a few hours child-proofing their house, and he would have to be sure to lock the door to the room he used as a workshop, where potions were brewing and unfinished prototypes of new products were lying around.

    “Just go and deal with your husband. These two little devils will be perfectly safe here,” George replied with a smile, and then added, “probably.” He knew that it would turn out alright. Since he had opened his shop years ago, he had become good with kids. Unfortunately, most of what he sold to kids wasn’t quite parent approved. But Luna had great motherly instincts despite not having any children of her own.
  14. Knowing that her children would be in careful hands, at least with Luna, Ginny felt comfortable in her decision. She called the girls downstairs, saying her goodbyes and exchanged the obligatory hugs and kisses. Hope and Grace were understanding with their mother's choice, although immediately after Ginny apparated back home, Grace began a loud series of screams.

    Tackling the motherly role without much effort, Luna cradled Grace in her arms and rocked the distraught baby slowly. Luna even began to hum a lullaby, a song which had soothed her as a child. Meanwhile, Hope stood beside George and peered her curiously, emerald, eyes up to her uncle.

    "Are mummy and daddy breaking up?" Intelligent, even for her age. Hope knew there was a conflict present between her parents. The tension within their household was difficult to miss. Thankfully, Grace isn't quite as perceptive to emotional shifts just yet.

    Pausing from the lullaby, Luna turned her head to Hope and frowned ever so slightly. "Hope, don't think such terrible things. Your mum and dad love each other. They care for you and Grace with all their hearts. Adults argue and disagree sometimes, love, that's all."

    Hope decided to test this theory. "Even you and Uncle George?"

    A moment of silence spread across the room, even baby Grace had gone still in Luna's arms. Hope raised a brow, watching her aunt carefully, waiting for a reply. Surprisingly, Luna just smiled in response. Of course she and George have encountered a few fights every now and then, but nothing serious.

    Luna's patience, willingness to accept the impossible and her beliefs have allowed her and George to have a remarkably stable relationship. Despite the four year age gap and the doubt of their relatives that a marriage between them would even be possible, Luna and George are happily married.

    "Uncle George? Why did you marry, Auntie Luna?"

    * * *

    Ginny returned home, finding her husband passed out in the chair beside their fireplace. Not willing to have a fight at the moment, Ginny used her magic to teleport Harry upstairs and get him settled into bed. She joined her husband after a long bath, relaxing in the warm water and letting her muscles release the gathered tension. Harry stirred quietly in the bed, yet he didn't awaken.

    Finally the disgruntled wife snuggled underneath the covers and welcomed sleep. However, there was no cuddling or even the faintest contact exchanged between herself and Harry. The large bed making it easy to share the bed without coming into contact with each other.

    * * *

    After dinner was served and the baby put to bed, Luna requested Hope get herself to bed as well. Having inherited her mother's stubbornness, Hope refused. Pouting cutely with an overturned lip and crossed arms, she stayed seated beside George.

    "Hope, you need to sleep."

    "I'm not tired, Auntie."

    Luna sighed, slumping her shoulders and brought a hand to pinch the bridge of her nose. Normally a woman with all the patience in the world, having cared for a baby left Luna less tolerable than usual. "Hope, please, do as I say."

    Showing her defiance, Hope turned her head away and pleaded silently with dampened eyes to her uncle. "Do I have too, Uncle George?"
  15. George watched his wife slip into the mothering role. It was fascinating to see how easily she took the task of taking care of his sister’s children. They had never really talked about having their own children, and George never felt like he was ready for that next step, but Luna would clearly make a good mother. She would be able to pick up the slack, but right now, he was happy with the occasional visits from the hoards of children Ginny, Ron and Bill brought over on a regular basis.

    George blinked at the little girl’s question. Clearly she knew how to manipulate adults. He smiled over at his wife before turning back to Hope. He bent down so that his face was on the same level as hers. “I married Luna because she was the prettiest woman I had ever seen, and because I love her more than anything else in the whole world,” he replied, hoping that answer would satisfy her curiosity.


    When they were putting the girls to bed, it suddenly occurred to him how young girls are when they learn to manipulate men. He wondered if this was how it worked when she was at home: if Ginny says no, ask Harry and hope he says yes. Hope was so adorable that it was difficult to say no to anything she asked, but he definitely did not want to challenge Luna’s authority with the girls.

    He picked her up and brought her into the guest bedroom where the girls were staying. “If you go to bed now, you will get to wake up even earlier tomorrow and have the whole day to play.”


    Sun was shining bright through the window and Draco’s eyes slowly opened. He was confused for a few moments, until the unfamiliar surroundings made sense. Scorpius was still asleep in his arms, but as soon as Draco began moving, the gray eyes opened and the small boy let out a big yawn.

    “Do you feel better this morning, Father?” he asked quietly, feeling Draco’s cheeks to make sure there were no tears left. “I didn’t have any more bad dreams. Could you sleep with me all the time? It makes me feel better.”

    Draco just smiled down at his son as he set him on the floor. He didn’t have the heart to tell him that he couldn’t. How could he explain to a two year old that most of the nights he came home he was completely plastered, so no he couldn’t put him to sleep. “You have your mother to help you go to sleep,” he answered, patting him on the head.

    “But Mother doesn’t tuck me in anymore,” he replied sadly. “Twinkle helps brush my teeth and reads me a bedtime story until I fall asleep.”

    Draco was stunned at this realization. He had assumed that while he was out, Astoria was busy being a mother to their son, but the stupid bitch wasn’t even saying goodnight to him anymore. She was using the house elf to do the things she should be doing on her own. So what was so goddamned important that she couldn’t complete even the bare minimum duties as a mother?
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  16. Harry awoke with a massive headache. Actually, that was an understatement. The aches, throbbing, pulsating discomfort within his head was almost unbearable. Thankfully, being a Wizard and a rather talented one, Harry was able to lessen the pain with a healing spell. Something basic, just useful enough to dull the side-effects of his unwanted hang-over.

    The space beside him was absent of a human form. Overhearing the ruckus downstairs, Harry knew Ginny was awake and most likely preparing breakfast. Reluctantly lifting from the bed and padding across the wooden floor, Harry discarded his clothing and soaked in the hot water of a relaxing bath.

    * * *

    Always being the type of person to rise with the sun, Luna was already feeding Grace and Hope their breakfast when George finally decided to join them in the kitchen. The girls were clothed in colorful dresses, no doubt a creation of Luna's own design. Hope's was a radiant shade of blue, complete with twin bows in her hair on both sides. As for Grace, the younger girl wore a yellow one-piece with a matching bonnet.

    As for Luna, the elder female had chosen a simplistic outfit for today. She'd forgone the colorful accents and instead dressed in an over-sized red jumper, obviously having belonged to George originally, and black sweatpants with white slippers. The curled mass of blond hair was brought into a messily made bun and sat atop Luna's head with a rubber band holding it in place. She never wore makeup and today was no exception.

    "Uncle George!" Hope sprung free from the chair, running past Luna and hugged her uncle tightly around arm. "Good morning!"

    Unlike Luna, Hope was bursting with energy and bounced on the pads of her feet while tugging George to the table. Grace gurgled at his presence, spilling applesauce along her chin. Luna cleaned the mess with her napkin, continuing to feed the baby. Scooping another spoonful into the babe's opened mouth, the kettle called for attention and Luna immediately went to pour herself and George some fresh tea.

    She returned with two cups, setting her husband's down first and pressed a kiss to his cheek. "Morning, love."

    Watching the elders from her seat at the table, curiously twirling the fork between her fingers, Hope asked, "Why don't you have children of your own?"

    * * *

    Dressed in his usual attire for work, a black suit with a crimson tie and polished shoes, Harry approached the kitchen with cautious steps. Knowing that Ginny would be angry for his absence, he figured it would be best to avoid any confrontation with her. A hand ran nervously through the curled locks of hair that sat, still damp, atop Harry's had. His glasses perched halfway down his nose, lip curled inwards slightly and his teeth biting down into the sensitive flesh till it begin to swell.

    Harry stepped to the table slowly, finding Ginny at the stove with her apron tied at her waist and hair spun into ringlets of ginger. She'd actually taken the time to style her hair. Confused as to why she'd hadn't started questioning him yet, Harry sat down without a word.

    He'd been expecting anger, yelling, shouting, even a possible slap if she so desired...but instead, Ginny greeted him with a smile and handed him a plate of deliciously cooked food. "Gin?" He watched her curiously, eyes narrowing ever so slightly. "Aren't you mad?"

    His wife just shrugged, silently returning to her cooking and joined Harry at the doorway before he left for work. "I love you, Harry."

    Those words stabbed him, the pain radiating through his heart.

    "I...I love you too, Gin." He lied, kissing her cheek quickly, then Apparated to the Ministry.
  17. Draco was livid. How the hell could Astoria leave the house elf to take care of their son? He tried to remain calm as he snapped his fingers and Twinkle the house elf appeared. “Twinkle, please get Scorpius dressed for the day,” he said through gritted teeth before striding off down the long corridors of the Malfoy Manor.

    Astoria’s eyes widened as the door to the dining hall slammed open, rebounding off of the wall. Draco shot through it with a murderous look on his face. He marched up to where she was eating her breakfast at the long oak table in the middle of the room, and stopped short in front of the table. His eyes shot daggers at her.

    “Why the hell have you been letting the house elf put Scorpius to sleep?” he snapped, his voice echoing off of the marble walls. His fists shook with anger. His blond hair had fallen out of place and his pale cheeks were tinged with red.

    “I’ve been out,” she replied, returning to her breakfast.

    “Out?” he shouted. He slammed his fist onto the table, causing the plates to rattle and forcing her gaze back up to him. “That’s your excuse for not being a competent mother?”

    She looked back up into her husband’s enraged eyes, still considerably red from the previous night. They hadn’t seen each other in weeks, but she was all too used to the shouting matches. “Isn’t that your excuse for not being a competent father?”

    He was caught off guard as he was smacked in the face by the hypocritical irony playing out before him. “No,” he replied, rage seeping through his pores. “The reason I’m not around is because I can’t stand the sight of your face, you stupid bitch!”

    Instead of responding, Astoria’s eyes looked over Draco’s shoulder with a sudden alarmed expression. Draco turned to follow her gaze. Scorpius stood at the doorway, gray eyes wide as he watched his father shout. Draco rushed over to scoop up the little boy. “Tonight, I am putting him to sleep. You just stay away,” he tried to stay calm as the words left his mouth.

    He threw one more disgusted look toward Astoria before storming off with Scorpius in his arms. He muttered a quick spell to change his clothes and strode out through the main doors with his son. He had no idea where they were going but he needed to get as far away from Astoria as possible.

    They ended up at a park with lots of other children running around. Draco wasn’t sure exactly how they had gotten there. He didn’t even remember Apparating. It took him several moments to recognize where they were. It was a park he used to come to when he was young, but all of the playground equipment was new and the landscape had changed dramatically in the fifteen years since he had been there. He sat down on one of the park benches with Scorpius on his lap.

    “Do you and Mother hate each other?” The gray eyes staring up at him filled him with guilt.

    “Sometimes adults don’t get along,” he replied softly, even though the answer was a clear resounding yes in his mind. He set the small boy down on the ground. “Why don’t you go ahead and play with the other children?”

    Scorpius nodded and hurried down the hill to the playground, leaving Draco feeling empty and alone.


    George had almost forgotten the girls were staying with them until he walked into the kitchen to see them dressed in their brightly colored outfits. He smiled down at Hope as she hugged his legs tightly. She always had as much energy as he and Fred had combined when they were at Hogwarts. “Good morning, Hope. I see you slept well.”

    Smiling at the touch of Luna’s lips on his cheek, he sat down at the table, taking a sip of the hot tea in front of him. He nearly choked at the four year old’s question. Why did everything this little girl asked have to be so complicated? “The stork hasn’t brought any to us yet,” he replied, hoping this would satisfy her curiosity. He didn’t have any other explanation that a four year old would be able to fully understand.
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  18. "How about we go to the park?" Luna's suggestion served as the perfect distraction to Hope's curious state of mind. Not even sparing a moment of hesitation, Hope hurried up the stairs to grab her shoes and some sandals for Grace as well. Always so considerate, just like her mother.

    Meanwhile, Luna cleaned the smears of food from Grace's cheeks and gently sat the baby down onto the couch. Luna needed to get herself changed for public, so she called George over to watch the kids. Leaving to their bedroom, Luna emerged several moments later with her usual style in place. A fitted sundress, periwinkle-blue with white straps and lace falling down her arms, and black flats on her feet. Ringlets of golden curls cascaded down her back and a few strands fell forwards.

    "Are you coming along, George?" He was invited to tag along. Luna lifted Grace into her arms and called Hope down from the upstairs. "We're leaving!"

    * * *

    The Ministry was a welcomed atmosphere for one deeply troubled man. Harry Potter felt himself to be overwhelmed and lost with his wife's behavior at breakfast. Ginny expressed no anger or even disappointment, even though she would be perfectly validated in either.

    Perhaps Ginny's pregnancy was the reason for her surprising tolerance?

    Regardless, Harry forced his concerns aside and struggled to focus on the work at hand. Literally, a stack of paperwork sat precariously on his desk.

    * * *

    Finally his lunch hour rolled around and Harry was released from the Ministry for an hour leave. Deciding to avoid the pubs, in fear of running into Draco, the park was Harry's destination. Arriving a few minutes before his children, Harry sat down at a bench and looked off into the distance.
  19. George took Grace from Luna’s arms as she hurried off to change her clothes. He wondered if this was what their future would be like if they had children. He had to admit, it wouldn’t be so bad. But they had all the time in the world to have kids. It was nice to just enjoy each other’s company for now. It had been five years since the death of his twin brother and Luna was the only person who was able to get him back on his feet. That was how he fell in love with her. But somehow the prospect of children made him nervous. Losing a child would be like losing Fred all over again, and he wasn’t ready for that much responsibility.

    “I think I’ll stay here and get some work done,” he replied, when his wife returned to the room. He gave her a quick kiss. “You ladies go on and have fun without me.”


    Draco watched as Scorpius run around on the jungle gym, going down the slide and playing in the sandpit. The two year old was thrilled to be playing in the sun with the other children. He wondered what Scorpius had been doing every day. How many days had gone by since the little boy had seen another human being? How long had it been since Astoria abandoned all of her motherly duties?

    While staring absentmindedly at his son, Draco noticed a man sitting down at a bench catty-corner to his own bench. He had to blink several times to make sure that what he was seeing wasn’t a mirage. After going four years without seeing the other man, he had run into Harry Potter twice in two days. Paranoia filled Draco’s tired mind. Was Harry following him? Draco knew there were more than a few people at the Ministry who were angry about his light punishment after the war. Were the Aurors now trying to catch him doing something illegal?

    Draco stayed put. His plan had been to go back to the Hog’s Head tonight and wait for Harry. He hadn’t anticipated running into Harry again, and he had no idea how to react. Was Harry here with his kids too? Draco’s eyes scanned the playground, but it was no use. He didn’t have a clue what Harry’s kids looked like.
  20. Luna had wanted to George to come along, but she respected his work ethic. Besides, Luna wasn't going to argue with him. The girls did not need to witness any unpleasantness today. Taking them to the park would allow the girls to play and relax, removing them from the tense surrounding of their home and parents.

    After Apparating there, Hope ran off into the field. Luna lowered herself to the grass on folded legs and cradled Grace in her arms. The baby giggled happily, bouncing on Luna's lap and watched her sister in the distance. Using a simple spell, Luna prepared a blanket and picnic basket for herself and the girls. Grace crawled along the blanket, chewing idly on a biscuit that Luna had given her.

    Meanwhile, Hope found a playmate. A cute boy, younger, with blond hair and light eyes. He seemed lonely and Hope wanted someone to play with. She approached him, smiling brightly without a care in the world to bring her down.

    "Hi!" She introduced herself, joining him at the jungle gym. "I'm Hope, who are you?" Waiting for his answer, Hope grabbed a lock of ginger-hair and twirled it playfully around her finger.

    * * *

    Seeing children with their parents, the shared happiness and laughter between them, brought guilt to weigh heavily within Harry's stomach. In the past, before Grace had even been born, he enjoyed spending time at the park with Hope and Ginny. Back then, he had no conflicted feelings towards his wife. He'd loved her, entirely and honestly. She has always been a wonderful mother and Harry had been excited to learn about their second pregnancy.

    It's truly amazing how much can change in just a few years. Now with a two year old daughter, Grace, who is a tad delayed in development from a terrible fever she endured as an infant, Harry was dreading the birth of his third child. Another baby, son or daughter, to be born into a family that is collapsing. The reason? Harry's own loss of interest. That's not to imply his affections for Hope and Grace are wavering, but instead, he no longer desires a marriage with Ginny.

    And yet, this famous savior of the Wizarding world, sits silently as a coward. Afraid to confront the reality of his feelings. Terrified to make a decision and destroy the only family he has ever known.
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