The Silver Dragon

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  1. When forced by your parents to clean out your great-grandmother's attic, you come across a two-foot-tall silver dragon statue with a bronze base and an inscription that reads, "Pat my stomach, rub my head, feed me." Curious, you pat his head, rub his stomach, reread the inscription, switch actions, and then puzzle over what to feed a statue. After impatiently stuffing the statue's mouth with antiques and historic papers, you get an idea and stretch your hand to place a finger between the statue's teeth.​

    And then it's not a statue anymore. It morphs into a real dragon, with colors other than silver. You start to feel dizzy, and the world around you bends, shifts, and twirls. You blink several times. After the fifth blink, you realize the world has changed. In the distance is a large castle surrounded by a moat. Under the pink, cloudless sky is you, surrounded by other baffled kids with dragons next to them. You look down and see your own dragon, nudging your leg.​

    Where are you?​
    Alrighty, here are the Character Sheets.​
    (For Kid)​
    Personality: (optional)​
    Dragon's Appearance:​
    Dragon Type: (Choose from:​
    Classic Firebreather; Acid-spitter; Flathead-ram things; Camo-dragon-blends in with surroundings; Custom- choose one major power and two minor powers.)​
    (For teacher/servant/maid/king/queen at castle)​
    Personality: (still optional)​
    Dragon's Appearance:​
    Dragon Type:​
    1. No godmodding. I hate that, even though I do it sometimes​
    myself. Please remind me if I start taking control.​
    2. No Mary Sue/Gary Stews, just come up with a unique character.​
    3. No foul language. Got it?​
    4. No excessive romance. I understand if your character thinks someone​
    else's is a little cute, or you go out on a date; that's fine. Just don't​
    go to far.​
    5. Only 2 characters per person, please.​
    6. I can add rules at any time. I have a horrifical memory, so I'm​
    probably gonna forget to put something on the rules list.​
    7. HAVE FUN!!!​
  2. Name: Kasi​
    Age: 15​
    Gender: Female​
    Appearance: Brown hair, green eyes, tall and strong-looking. ​
    Personality: Nervous around people but comfortable in open/nature places. Stubborn and clever​
    Dragon's Appearance: Dark green with piercing green eyes​
    Dragon Type: Custom, Tree-dragon. Major power- Speaks with trees (can kind of control them that way, asks them to do things. They might not always listen however, but can gather information) Minor power #1 Meld with Bark, appears as if part of a tree, though slightly oddly shaped and not for very long. Minor power #2 Tracking, has a high ability to smell and see trails of others left behind.​
    Looks like an interesting concept, looking forward to seeing where it goes.​
  3. Awesome! I forgot to put in my own CS, so here it is:
    Name: Zag​
    Age: 14​
    Gender: Female​
    Appearance: dark brown hair, darker brown eyes, a mess of freckles across nose, pale skin​
    Personality: Shy, but when she does talk, she talks REALLY fast. She's very sensitive about her name.​
    Dragon's Appearance: black with red speckles​
    Dragon Type: Classic Firebreather​
  4. Hi @Hghrulez and @Tyranes ! Just letting you know that I split your Char sheets, OOC Comments and signup info from the In Character roleplay (and put them in the Signups subforum where they belong). The in character thread is right here! Happy roleplaying!
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