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  1. This is the ooc and sign up for The Silent Song, the main post will explain what it is and everything like that. Now the skelly


    Real Name
    Side class
    Total level



    Classes in the game tell what sorts of weapons in the game some one could use. there are 3 class groups, and a large amount of classes inside of those groups.

    Magic users
    <People that use magic for attack and defence, they have low attack and health but high long ranged and IQ>

    Witch Doctor: They can take raw materials; mushrooms, roots, vines and other sorts of things and make powerful potions and deadly poisons.

    Illusionist: There magic can trick others to seeing, or not seeing, what they want them to, they can also see thru other illusionist's spells if there magic is the same or greater.

    Shaman: They can summon spirits of beasts they have killed many times, some shaman cant be beaten because they have an army at their disposal

    Sorcerer: There magic is black magic, highly defensive and are bad with defencive spells, there magic is used to destroy opponents before they have a chance to fight back.

    Enchanter: Enchanters can enchant tools and weapons, as well and cast powerful runes on the battlefield as traps. they work well with teams and hardly travel alone.

    Druid: Druids have the ability of healing, curing and if they are great resurrecting (only works within 5 minutes of death) druids are mostly white magic of healing and buffing their allies.

    Monk: Monks magic is in banishing beasts and spirits, there magic is less useful unless going up against dark beasts. if a monk faces something of a dark aura there team can take it down with little to no effort, also light beasts will not attack a monk.

    Soulcaster: Soul casters can change the will of living beings (Including other players) there magic is great if they have time to cast their spells, at most they can take controll of 3 people at a time.

    Healer: There magic is healing spells, they are one of the most useful but not the most effective for going alone.

    Binder: Binders can debuff enemies, making them slower weaker or even damaging them. they have powerful attacks and level up quickly.

    <Tanks are classes that can take a lot of physical damage, they use physical attacks>

    Viking: They are best with blunt weapons, there health is usualy higher but they lack in speed

    Gladiator: They are good with 1x1 combat, not working well with teams they can use any weapon effectively

    Valkyrie: They use bladed and enchanted weapons, they can take a large amount of damage and are very fast.

    Dark Knight: Dark knights tank threw attacks, they use bladed and cursed weapons (Note: Cursed items have no effect on Dark knights) They can take a large amount of damage and work well with teams.

    Cavalier: Cavaliers are best for doing damage then running, although they have the lowest health of any of the tanks there speed and offence is the highest. they are one of the few classes that can wield two weapons at once

    Samurai: Samurai are best with planed attacks, they can draw all enemies and ignore some damage for a short time. they are one of the most common classes played.

    Death Knight: Death knights have average health speed and attack, what makes them special is they can gain back half their health when they would have died once per fight.

    Soulguard: Soulguard's can block attacks from mages, taking half the normal damage. they have high speed but low attack.

    Barbarian: The second highest attack they can deal lots of damage but take a bit more then other classes.

    Weapons specialists
    <Weapon specialists are faster and more agile than other classes>

    Dragon Rider: The only class that can tame wild beasts with a lower or same level, they can only have one pet at a time.

    Paladin: They are holy knights, they do 2X damage on all monsters but half on other people.

    Ninja: They are the stealthiest Class, they can attack from the shadows and move without sound.

    Thief: Thief's can listen thru doors, lock pick, and pit pocket with MUCH greater success than other classes.

    Puppet Master: Puppet masters can take controll over dead corpses and use them as his weapons, they can tie up people and control without ease living people, if the living person breaks free the puppet master is defenceless

    Archer: Archers can use bows and arrows, they can jump higher and dodge simpler

    Ranger: Rangers are one of the few classes that can use two weapons at once, they also can use bows and arrows being similar to archers.

    Swashbuckler: Swashbucklers can swim faster, jump father and run faster. they have the lowest health from any class.

    Magehunter: Mage hunters only take 1/4th damage from spells but they take X2 from physical attacks, they are mainly used to attack mages. they are a less common class.

    Shadowstalker: Shadowstalkers have the ability to disappear, teleport and backstab. they have the second lowest health and cannot use there powers when seen, even by allys.


    Side classes can be anything from cook to bartender, any normal job.
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  2. Real Name

    Alex M. Parker








    He was born in washington, one of the few cities not completely destroyed. he left on one of the first ships, not waiting to leave last. his mother and father said they "Had" to stay. in truth they could only afford one ticket. he stayed in the game training for five years taking his anger and frustration out on the local monsters, soon he reached a highest level. once the hack was known, people were dying he left the city, destroying most people in his way by himself. he tends to stay away from others, not risking getting P.K.ed.
    He tends to be docile unless threatened, he also tries to be a slight "Hero" when dealing with others, but with growing risk's and realization he may die tomorrow that ember of heroism may get put out or burn to a blaze. only time may tell.


    He is shorter with black hair, although after five years he has forgotten most of his facial looks, his avatar looks very different from him.




    Dragon to those who know him



    Side class


    Total level



    He has a large backpack, a white cloak enchanted so it is as strong as steel fire and waterproof and a magic ring that can make small fires.


    The swords name is "Dragon breath" a fairly large, broad, warped blade made of steel is held by a grip wrapped in regular, maroon cow leather.
    With its sharp, dual-edged blade this weapon will slice, dice, stab and jab your enemies and shred whatever's left of them.

    The blade has a thin, slightly curved cross-guard, just large enough to make sure your fingers are safe and the blade will remain firmly in your hands. The cross-guard has a jeweled dragon scale on each side.


    His avatar has black hair that reaches to his shoulders, his eyes are a deep set black. he stands at an even 6 feet. his build is what you would expect of a holy knight, he has a scar over his left eye. He has normal looking hands and acts swift even for someone of his class.​
  3. (Any one? its open if no one knew..)
  4. (Again the form is open..)
  5. No one then?)
  6. Hello Asher

    I see you're having a bit of trouble recruiting, eh? I just have a few questions in regards to your RP that I might have missed in my read-through, mostly background elaborators and such.

    Outside of the Silent Song, Earth has become a wasteland, but why was that? Nuclear or is it just that resources were used up over the years? Besides that do the people in the Song remember their lives etc? Where is there ship sent to? Another planet, so they will eventually be reawakened given enough time? Or will they just drift endlessly in known space until the ship can't sustain itself anymore?

    Then, inside the Song, what tech is in use? I noticed your char has a sword and you mention bows, so I assume that the RPG world is set in medieval-like times? Are all chars humans or can the avatars be something else? Elves, dwarfs, et cetera if in a fantasy setting with your dragons?

    Will our chars be collaborating or be single? Is there a final destination, i.e. defeat of the hacker, in the RP or are we just surviving? If we assume to one day defeat the hacker, which I guess would be someone alive and awake on said ship, how are the chars able to awaken themselves, and how do they find out about this method?

    Apologies if I bombarded you somewhat.
  7. Thank you for one response first off, i may have missed a few things there but ill answer every question now.
    Earth has become a wasteland from humans being humans litter, yes nuclear waste, building to much, draining out the resources, destroying natural habitats things like that.
    Second they do remember there lives, ageing doesn't happen because the body is frozen even if the mind ages, so children would stay children elders would stay elders.
    The ship was sent randomly off hopeing that they would find a earth-like planet somewhere, when the ship finds H2o on a planet its auto-pilot starts up and tries to land, the ship how ever is made self sustaining, and can sustain many more then the people already on each of the ships.
    The Char's can use magical items and mundane items as long as its in the medieval-like times, yes to that second question.
    and finally there are bosses in the game like in any RPG as well as quests, weather or not people defeat the hacker is up to the roleplay, the hacker much have a char. some were so, thats yet to be decided. the people should not wake themselves up before going onto a planet because they would be trapped in more or less a bulletproof glass coffin.
    And weather you overwhelmed me or not, a little.
  8. Real Name: Damian Masters

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Height: 6'0

    Bio: As a boy, Damian grew up in a family consisting of his mother, sister and himself. His father died in a war he couldn't be bothered to remember and they lived a fairly comfy life with the military pay out afterward. By the time the first ship was to leave, his mother had died of an illness and the he thought the best he could do for him and his sister was to be on it.

    It was an adjustment at first, but in the end he and his sister made a life in game as well, he keeping an inn and she looking after the guests. One day after many rumors of the hacker going round a man came into their inn. He had kept to himself the most of the evening. Little was Damian to know his sister's life was at an end.

    Looks: A man of average height and stature, Damian has no remarkable features and would pass by most people unnoticed. He wears his head clean shaven and a beard with mustache that frames his mouth. Eyes are brown and facial hair black.

    Username: The Master

    Nickname: Masters

    Class: Ranger

    Side class: Innkeeper

    Total level: 28

    Equipment: When not at work, Damian wears leather armor for protection and makes sure to carry various pouches on his belt with spare bowstring, snares, flint and tinder as well as spare arrowheads. All the necessities. Another valuable object he had found through the years is a dark cloak that bends light off of it. This makes it particularly hard to be spotted given he doesn't move.

    Weapons: Although proficient with most bows, Damian prefers his yew longbow with the hem string. He usually slings this so the string sits across his chest and the wood at his back.

    Also worn on his back is a dark leather quiver. Flared on the one side whilst the other side of the mouth is shortened to help with quick drawing. The quiver holds bodkin arrows of the number 24.

    As a back up, when arrows run out, he carries an 11" steel dagger at his boot.

    Avatar: His avatar is fairly similar to himself, albeit with small improvements. He was still brown skinned and bald, but some fat was trimmed and he had his eyes widened. He had no problem with his bit of a broad nose, nor his length.
  9. Accepted, if you know anyone else who would enjoy this roleplay point them in this direction.
  10. I want to be a puppet master. I like the idea of throwing people! And things!...Would I have better luck as a magic user? Do they have a sort of telekinesis trick?
  11. A soul caster is the magic version of a puppet master, how ever puppet master have A LOT of trouble with living things.
  12. Hm...What are the kinds of things a magic user can do? What sort of magic makes them special?
  13. Well most magic users can use more forms of magic, what they are called is what they specialize in. an illusionist wouldn't be as good as a healer with healing and stuff like that.
  14. Any other questions are welcomed, by the way the role play has started if any one wants to hop in.
  15. You started it after receiving only one confirmed character sheet? Don't you think that's a little risky?

    I might want to be a sorcerer, but I'd like to hear more about what they and binders can do.
  16. Ok, theres a difference between risky and wanting to write when i have time, just because its started doesn't mean it will close anytime soon here.
  17. Fair enough. Can I still get a little more information on sorcerers and binders? I don't really understand from the descriptions given what their exact abilities and limits are. For example, what does "debuff" mean, and how do sorcerers destroy enemies (or is that last part open to interpretation)?
  18. Debuff is the opposite to buff, buff meaning power-ups like strength and speed. a Debuff would be something like weakness, slowness, hunger, blindness.
    Sorcerers use spells, like fireball and magic missile.
    Binders main use is to make the enemies weaker for teammates, sorcerer main role is to destroy enemies.
  19. still looking for more ppl
  20. Real Name: Connor Jenesir
    Age: 17
    Gender: male
    Height: 6' 2"
    Bio: His father was one of the prime programmer's of the ship's life-support systems. When it came time to leave, he and his family were granted a free pass. He accepted it in part to save his family, and also to prove that his system works. However, not being the only person who wrote it meant that others from the project could access the system. If anyone could have identified the culprit behind the sudden deaths, it would have been Jenesir senior. But he was killed in the dream simulation, one of the first, so he would never find a way to stop the mysterious mastermind.

    After that Connor's older brother also died in the simulation, and his mother disappeared, presumed dead too. He was already studying the magic components of the fantasy world they found themselves in, and his loss made him go down a darker, more vengeful path. He became a sorcerer so he would have power to destroy his enemies and find his father's killer
    Looks: A gangly kid. His height would be impressive if there was any sort of muscle on it whatsoever. In truth, though he's a very bony little string-bean, with dark hair, a hollow face, and pasty skin. Naturally far-sighted, he wears Harry Potter style glasses.
    Username: Jenesir_3513
    Nickname: Jens/Jen Sir
    Class: Sorcerer
    Side class: I'm not sure what to put here
    Total level: Not sure what to put here either
    Equipment: Spell book, a few charms for paralyzing people and undoing enchantments (also not sure what to put here. Hope that's okay.)
    Weapons: Sorcerer's staff to do typical, sorcerer things
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