The Silence - Part 1

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  1. Silence. That was all. The all-powerful, all-seeing force. Gnawing at the very foundations of mental structure, a seemingly innocent mouse that would quickly demolish fortresses, leaving only a trail of devastation and blight. Thousands had succumbed to its might. They became mad in seemingly infinite quietness. Insanity had gripped them, forcefully plunging an ironclad hand into their chest, and wrenching away their memory, feeling, foresight, and very sentience itself, reducing them to a snivelling beasts. After all... The Silence had a plan.


    Clouds drifted slowly across the sky, as if they were vultures patrolling a dying animal, staring at the stones, piled upon stones, rising upwards to the sky, the huge, impenetrable walls keeping the citizens inside safe from the menace and wrath of the alien wilderness. But they did not keep out the essence of fear. Rumours of the Silence wreathed its way through cracks in the ancient walls, stirring suspicion and fear in the hearts of all, a wedge slowly driving them mad with worry. But an insignificant pair of youth were to stop whatever was coming for them.
    Dagmar sat precariously on an aged stool, with an expression of deep contemplation on his face. Rather long, scruffy brown hair hung down over his face, half covering bright, emerald eyes. Nearby, Mithra paced in agitation up and down the path, her darker hair swinging behind her. Her violet eyes blazed, an archaic sign of royalty.
    "We still can't be sure something is coming for us Mithra," Dagmar said with a sigh. Mithra froze, showing a sarcastic, mirthless smile.
    "We have to evacuate everyone. Everyone, you hear me?" Mirtha snapped back.
    "But how? If someone, or something is even going to attack, they have a great plan. The townspeople trust no-one anymore. Not even they're own families." Dagmar replied, burying his face in his hands.
    "But they'd trust me, I'm royalty! I'm the princess, I've always looked after them!" Mithra exclaimed. The boy looked up into her eyes.
    "Not even you."
    "Come on, we have to try -" a deafening boom sounded, and force through them onto the ground. Wincing in pain, they both said,
    "... We were too late."

    Aaaand, 63 three years later the next part comes out. Sorry for the degrading of good writing at the end, im not so good at speech
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