The Sickness!

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What do you do when you're sick?

Everyone around me is coughing and sick! I always get paranoid that I'll catch it, but I usually never do. I haven't been sick in years.

When I am unfortunate enough to catch the sickness I normally tough it out and go about my seems to help when I don't 'mentally' let myself feel as bad as my body does. Mind over matter.

What about you>?


I get down with the sickness.

Oh you mean... sleep earlier, drink more water.

Captain Nic

I'd tough it out, perhaps see a doctor if the implications are serious. Besides, I catch "near-fevers" on bad days.


This depends on how bad it is. As some of you know, I'm sick all the freakin' time... Because of that, I'm used to just going out my daily life, just with a sore throat, runny nose, a cough, etc etc. :D Regular lifestyle.

Otherwise, if it's really bad, I go to my couch or my bed to die and complain. I stop eating because I have no appetite. I take a lot of pills. I drink tons of water... I'm a pathetic mess when I'm really sicku. lolol

I also play my video games more often than usual. Distracts my mind from the fact I'm ill. *thumbs up*

The Butterfly

Fortunately I'm blessed with a great immune system. I rarely get sick, and all the large illnesses that everyone seems to get usually miss me entirely. Though when I am sick, much like Fluff, I am absolutely useless. I want to be doted on, but I'm a pain in the ass... I mean more so... and no one wants to put up with me. So I take something to stop my coughing and sleep. Maybe have a fever dream where a giant piggy bank wants to take up all the room or something. Good times.


For me it's either, I stiff it out, and if it doesn't kill me then hopefully it'll make me stronger.. I credit North Dakota for that considering everyone who's not sick is working, or drinking, or I drink the sickness into submission. Not to the point of binge drinking, but a nice buzz helps me get my blood moving, and tends to jump start my immune system. I credit that to my dad. Everytime I had a cough, or looked like I was done... BAM! Shot of warmed hundred proof whiskey.

Never got sick.

That I can remember...


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Okay, this one is just stupid.

Tuxedo Mask

Kinda like your face Asmo. Snap.

I get sick maybe once or twice a year. I'm not counting headaches or migraines as I get those once a week. Partay. My immune system isn't as awesome as the rest of ya'lls.