The Sick and The Love (The Story of Gypsy)

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    Heather is a sick woman in her mid-twenties who has been suffering since birth. Her immune system has nearly shut down leaving her vulnerable to any illness to sneak up from behind and attack. But since her twenty-first birthday, she has been making a new home in an nearby hospital known as Lake West Hospital. Suffering, she has spiraled down into a depressed state of mind beginning to reject all her friends and family. Heather has closed herself off from reality now taking little care of herself. What happens when someone steps in to change all of that including the world of fantasy?

    Partner Search: FxF or FxM
    This story gets personal as it is me with a minor tweak of the fantasy world in my head. Depending if my partner is a friend or a stranger will determine how far I will go to reveal a lot about myself.

    You are another person either it be a newly made friend, doctor, old friend, or a sibling. I prefer a romance but won't mind having a sibling (No Incest). How you met me, I do not know but what I do know is that you have actually shown interest in me as a friend (at first) and you want to see if you can change my life around. What may appear as a realistic story you are actually taking a leap into my mind from time to time. Various of worlds that represent video games or shows that I have seen and you must be able to rescue me from different situations as we work together to escape the fantasy. These fantasies can be fantasies from Spyro to Resident Evil or shows from Naruto to Big Bang Theory. Of course one may not know these things which will add to the challenge. Can you turn my life around despite my many illnesses, help me see the light, save me from my own death? I can only hope so...

    List of Public Illnesses/Issues:
    (Only These are Known by Everyone While Others May be More Sensitive and Private. Can discover later on.)

    1.) Heart Palpitation: The Heart Beats Slowly. While they are usually harmless, I reside under a rare case where it is a possible sign of a heart condition and influences Heart Attacks.
    2.) Syncope Episodes: Linked to the Heart Palpitations, I pass out when I am undergoing heavy emotions like stress or anxiety, vigorous physical activity or hormonal changes and having panic attacks.
    3.) Hip Fracture: With a hip fracture, I constantly am in a limp and/or pain on my right side.
    4.) Muscle Deterioration: On my right side in my calf, the muscles have tightened preventing long excessive walks. This was due to a lack of exercise after an car accident.
    5.) Shaking Leg Syndrome: As many people experience this unknowingly, it as an jerking or "twitch" of the leg during night while one is sleeping. Can lead to insomnia. Luckily I do not experience this too often. (Will not be in the RP)
    >Must Be At Least 1 Month Old on Iwaku
    >Active (4 Days a Week at the Least)
    >Committed (This RP Must Be Carried Out Till the End)
    >Grammar Must Be Good Especially Spelling
    >Willing To Have This RP on Showcase.
    >Learning A Bit/Lot About Each Other Unless You Make A Fake Character.
    >Full of Details.

    >Active Unless There Is Some Personal Issues in the RL. I Can Wait For You.
    Grammar Decent. I Understand English Isn't Some of Your Guys First Languages.
    >Willing To Showcase
    >Learning A Bit/Lot About Each Other
    >Full of Details
    >Keep In Contact
    >You Love Me <3 >:)
    **Will allow one or two other friends to join. Depending on how I feel.

    @WarriorHeart @C92cool @Amalia~lia @Urdnot Grunt

    Got questions? I'll answer!
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  2. Can I be the janitor? Start off creepy but like an onion of awesomeness, I have soooo many layers!
  3. Why an onion? Can't you find something else with layers? Ick...
    Eh a Janitor huh? Creepy.... But smelly. I got to think about that one. 0.0
    Promise you will take a bath/shower everyday, twice a day?
  4. I was thinking tragic past, newfound simple life, nice guy but doesn't look like it.

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  5. Oh mer gawd! I use to watch him on TV!!!! Yeah sure we can do that. Hopefully some of our other friends will join. If Amalia joins it would be one small happy family like in our Group or on my wall. <.<

    EDIT: I am going to be a older picture of myself (Like 7 years younger I think lol) in this case because all my pics are not... fitting for the feel of the story. One that is normal is seductive in a way, don't know if I want to use it.
  6. I'm so on this. I'll even throw some of me into the char for you.

    I never would have guessed you were a blonde. O_-
  7. I feel that I am not sure if this is a good RP for you actually.
    It is your call to do of course, it just is what I feel right now.
  8. Im not a blonde!!!! I'm a brownie you jerkle.
    (Well now burgundy/orange)

    What do you mean Amalia?
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  9. COUNT ME IN!!! :3 I wanna be a fellow patient, if we're gonna get personal I don't mind revealing some of my own past experiences of things, but I'll be using a picture I found and not one of myself.
    Jackson Jamie Jamerson.jpg
    I call him Jackson Jamie Jamerson, but he prefers to be called Jack or JJ.
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  10. I really don't care about pics guys ~
    Except for WH's, he has to keep it so I can drool over it like equivalent to a wet dream . man he use to be so hot... (Not WH the pic)
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  11. Haha bad you don't get who my character is from(the pic not the name) :3
  12. I looked at but since o just woke up I didn't pay attention. Looking at it now I still an not 100% sure.
  13. It's young Dean Winchester from Supernatural.
  14. .... Oh...
    Never seen it o.o
  15. *gasp* You've never seen it!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I shall promptly come to your house now and make you watch all nine seasons of it lol. But yes though, I shall be using that character but with more of my own experiences and all.
  16. Nooo please don't! I rarely watch TV now days D: -sobs-

    That's fine. I'm not asking you guys to get too personal and if you didn't want to at all you don't have to
  17. No no I enjoy sharing...the darker aspects of my mind and all are a real treat for anyone who wishes to listen to me.
  18. You know I'll listen to you. ^.^ I'll.... Listen to all of it! -insert creepy face here-
  19. Good...since you're so willing, there's no need for the rope then *creepy smile activate*
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