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  1. Interview with Keito Aminoe from PopStar Magazine

    How old are you Keito?
    A: I'm 22 my birthday is August 10th So, I'm a Leo

    How tall are you with out those heels you love to where?
    A: about 5'6"

    Okay, We all know you are a lover of contacts so will you let us know your real eye color?
    A: Sure, my eyes are plain brown nothing special I'm just as normal as my fans under it all.

    What about your hair color?
    A: Oh, wow when was the last time I saw my natural hair color. I think I'll keep that secret I die it every other day so I don't think anyone will ever know.

    Are you afraid to ruin you hair from dying it so much?
    A: Not to worry. I'm half Hispanic so my hair grows so fast is is so strong I really don't worry about it.

    So, We mostly know what you do for a living but lets go ahead and fill in those who might be new fans.
    A: Sure, I mostly dabble in singing and backup dancing but every now and then I will co star in a film with my brother and of course I love photo shut I'm a natural at it.

    Your brother he is defiantly a looker but he never does any interviews and hardly makes apperances what can you tell us about him?
    A: Well Kenshi has been an actor since child hood. We both started out as kids. He has a straight to the point personality and if you ask me he's a bit of a loner and doesn't like attention.

    Okay, this is for all you male fans out there. Do you currently have a lover and we have you dating both sexes which do you prefer.
    A: No No, I don't I haven't found anyone I have wanted to keep around. I'm also gender blind just whoever I'm attracted to.


    Personality Split:
    In the spot light.
    Keito is the center of attention a trend setter and a idol who connects with her fans. A perfect outspoken and self styling idol.

    Alone or with people who don't know who she is (inside her head)
    Mean, Twisted, Unplesent, and rude. She is more then likely to let you get hurt then help you and she as though more then a few time that if she could push someone of the roof and get away with it she would.

    With her brother.
    She is sweet loving and playful with her brother loyal and caring. but this side of her has only ever been shown to her brother.

    Likes: Smoking, Drinking, Video Games Virtual reality, She also lovers her mix martial arts classes she started taking for self defense and to vent anger.

    Dislkes: people, Relationships, feelings, the unknown, yet not being the center of attention within the pop culture world.

    The siblings have a very troubled past and is the reason the therapist diagnosed both with mental disorders.

    At a young age when Keito was seven and Kenshi was ten. Their mother killed there father before taking her own life. Though before their life was filled with screaming and the sight of their father beating their mother bringing home other women and even making their mother be in multi partner relationships. It was only a matter to time until their mother snapped.

    After their parents death they were adopted by a talent agent and his wife. They covered up their past got them therpy and decided to put them both into the entertainment business so they didn't have to merge into the normal world where they wouldn't be consider untouchable and have to socialize.

    Kenshi was the only one who saw the bloody mess in the bedroom. He quickly stopped Keito and took her out side before calling the police but the fighting and everything else had already scared her to having mental problems.

    Kenshi on the other hand came out with different problems. Besides his acting work he dosen't talk to others. He has trust and anger issues. He has often lost it and put many in the hospital but his money easily covers it up. He seems unaprochable to anyone except for his sister Keito.

    The two are often together even living in apartment next to each other. The day someone brakes the walls of these two is the day that hell freezes over
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  2. I was hoping to find someone to play her brother. Maybe a forbidden love between the two but can also make on adopted if needs be
  3. Interview with Kenshi Aminoe from Superstar Broadcast

    How old are you Kenshi?
    A. I'm 25. My birthday is the 9th of December. I'm a Sagittarius

    How tall are you?
    A: 5'8

    What about your eye color?
    A: Crystal blue

    What about your hair color?
    A: Dark Blue

    You really got natural blue hair?
    A: *chuckles* There are more mysteries out there than my hair color.

    So, We mostly know what you do for a living, but let's go ahead and fill in those who might be new fans.
    A: I am an actor for mostly dramas, but I do also feature as a model from time to time due to my height, though I prefer acting above all else.

    Your sister is a very talented, what can you tell us about her?
    A: She's hardworking and will strong, but a brat. I suppose that explains about everything that needs to be told about her.

    Okay, this is for all you female fans out there. Do you currently have a lover and we have you dating both genders which do you prefer.
    A: I'm not looking for a relationship, and I don't care about gender.

    Why do you not like the media when you're working in the entertainment business?
    A: Because they ask so many unnecessary questions. Be happy I agreed to do this one.

    This is the last one. What can you tell us about yourself that we might not know?
    A: That I am leaving right now. *leaves*

    Race: Human


    In the spotlight:
    Kenshi is a bit distant and usually tries to stay on the more quiet side of absolutely everything. He doesn't like nosy people, or those who don't respect privacy, and if he feels the need to push anyone away he will do it. Usually he tries his best to keep up a fake smile and a polite personality whenever he is in the spotlight, but he's especially cold towards the media. He doesn't like them.

    Due to the fact he witnessed his parents dying in front of him, he sometimes suffer from flashbacks from that time. Whenever he does get these flashbacks he will go into a panic, he won't hurt or injure anyone except himself, but he will have troubles talking to people. Usually it results in him injuring himself, and screaming out in pain. He can't stop them, and he can't tell when they are to come, but he usually gets them when no one else is around and he tries his best to keep it that way, as he does not want Keito to know.

    With his sister:
    Can seem a bit cold and distant and has a habit of calling her a 'brat' though it is only due to the fact that Kenshi is almost unable to tell anyone compliments, but he smiles around her a lot more. He's responsible and protective of her, but tries his best to not take over her life or tell her what to do. Kenshi is really caring towards her and tries as hard as he can to support her through everything she does.

    ~Archery (outside work hobby)
    ~Violin (outside work hobby)
    ~ Fencing (outside work hobby)
    ~Drinking tea
    ~Video games with his sister
    ~Sweets (has a sweet tooth)
    ~Dark nights

    ~Journalists (or nosy persons in general)
    ~Pushy people
    ~Clingy people (except his sister)
    ~The fact he easily blushes
    ~Feeling vulnerable
    ~Trust issues


    Keito was only seven years old and Kenshi was ten, his mother decided she had enough of their father. He never blamed her for being put up with all of the madness their father could do. One day he would beat their mother, another day he would be getting drunk and bringing home other women, other times he would get so drunk he almost went crazy on them, but their mother always stopped him in time.

    The fateful night came when their mother grabbed a gun and shot their father. Bam straight through the head. One bullet and he was dead, the second bullet was shot to his groin, only to add the satisfaction of killing him. However, she stooped so low she couldn't live with what she had done, she didn't want to see her children being taken away from her. The ten year old Kenshi tried to stop her, but he was too late. Her final words were "Look over your sister okay?" Bam. Third shot and she was gone.

    It didn't take long for both Keito and Kenshi to be adopted by a new family, though Kenshi never liked them. There was no one in this world that could replace or substitute for his mother, and originally he was against the idea, but did it for Keito. Unlike Keito, he never went to therapy. He said he didn't need it, so he skipped every single one of the classes. That may be the main reason why he suffers from the flashbacks, because he decided to never talk about it. He simply accepted the fact they were dead, and they weren't coming back.

    The flashback came about a year after they were adopted, and of course their adoptive parents know about his small 'panic attacks', but they are the only ones who knows. Kenshi never went to any therapy or any doctor to confirm what was wrong with his mental state, he refused. He didn't feel the need to talk to a stranger about the bloody mess that was created that night, a stranger had no right to tell him how he felt or how he should react. It disgusted him just to think they were suppose to know how he felt, they had no clue.

    (Is this okay? ^^)
  4. Wow you made a charcter that fits really well I would love to rp with you.
  5. Glad you like him :) Is there anything else we should clarify before we begin the RP?
  6. Yep

    Uhm, living situations would you like them living together or next door?

    What is your normal reply leangth?

    How comfortable are you with the sexual content?

    Are you fine with it not been all about porn and fallowing a story?

    Last but not least do you prefer forums or pms? Dose it matter?
  7. Quiz time~

    1: I'm fine with either, so if you want to have the two of them living together then that is fine by me ^^

    2: I normally write everything from 1-2 paragraphs or more. It really depends on what I get too, since the more you write the more I get to work with ;)

    3: I do not mind sexual content and I do not mind incest if you're wondering ^^

    4: I hardly ever do more porn than plot, as I feel it is more interesting to develop characters than to get them to bed as fast as possible.

    5: It doesn't matter! Feel free to do the one you prefer! ^o^
  8. I prefer pms since it's faster and since I have yet to use the forms and dont know if you can close it off to others or not I'm still a bit new to the site.
  9. Okay that's fine for me ^^ though I sadly need to start RPing with you tomorrow since I need to get some sleep before school =_=

    You wish to start or have me start?

    That and do they live together or are they neighbors?
  10. I figured together and that's fine I'll send you a starter for tomorrow.
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  11. Thanks!
    I'll answer as soon as school is done!
    Looking forward to RP with you!
  12. I'm back and I'm ready whenever you are!
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