The Shift

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    "Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. A magical place for kids and grownups alike, where fantasy and fun comes to life."

    An elderly man sighed and looked at the application that sat on his desk, he didn't expect anyone to apply for the job so soon. He actually thought the sign would be sitting out there for at least several months...given the fact this was a place for children and teens and adults don't like this stuff, unless they are into this kind of stuff.

    "Well looks like you're good to go. You'll start off by making $100.50 and you'll be our night guard. During the day it will be covered by...I forgot his name...anyway thanks for applying you'll start tonight....someone outside will show you around."
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  2. Tobias looked at the papers...well that was to good to be true, "well thanks I can't wait to start" Tobias ran around kicking and punching the air around him "CAN'T WAIT!" He chanted, as he ran up to the Toy Freddy and kissed it's face.
  3. " you're the new guy...making a name for you're self already...missing that bear and all." A man dressed in all purple said with a sick grin forming on his lips.

    He tipped his purple hat and his purple eyes flashed a slightly menacing glow "Whats the name kid?"
  4. "Hey pal! No touching us, buddy! Wouldn't want to get hurt get me sticky! Hoo hoo hoo!" The robotic bear continued this jolly laugh on repeat, not seeming to stop any time soon. "One of us You're gonna love the pizza here, kiddo! We have all sorts of toppings!"
  5. Tobias turned to the guy in purple " the names Tobias" he said as he let go of Freddy and pat his head " heh, What time is it...better get ready for the first night on the job. He said dusting his hat off and stumbling to his office.
  6. The Purple Guy glared at the animatronic bear he always hated animatronics and the fact he worked in a place with them angered him but this was the perfect place for someone like him, forcing a smile he said in a fake tone "Good ol Freddy, you got yourself a new friend!"

    He turned to Tobias and lead him to the security room "This is where you work...keep an eye on the camera...."

    He purposely didn't tell him about the music box, flashlight, and mask.

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