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    The Shannon Lake Jumper



    I finished my shift at the dealership, not really paying any attention to what I was doing, or what customers were talking about when their lips kept moving. I just nodded my head, nicely smiled and verbalized that I was paying attention; but I wasn’t really. If they knew what I was going do after work; If they knew, would they really care that their insurance information was incorrect, or that I can’t reach the manager at this time to discuss with them the new warranty guidelines to their Dodge Ram Club Cab? Would they be more concern about me, perfect Autum - just like the season, but without the ‘N’? No one has cared so far, even the few people that should care don’t lift a finger of empathy.

    So, I should just allow for things to happen…or fix everything myself. No one cares what I’m going to do anyway, right?

    “Hey, Autum…Autum?”

    Kelsea nudged me against my back again and I woke up to find the phone glued to my ear screaming profanity, and two customers standing before me waiting…

    “Oh…um…ye..yes, I do understand your concern… Let me put you on hold for a moment to see if I can reach the Assistant Manager. One second, please.”

    I hung up…forgetting to press down the red hold button. I played it off nicely so the customers witnessing my breakdown wouldn’t assume I did that on purpose. I gave them my best news anchor personality, smiled and tried my hardest to clear them from my sight. Kelsea stepped up to help me out; the only friend I had who was actually sharp enough to see that I was acting unstable.

    When all was clear, I quickly stepped away, heading to the back break area near the service desk where I worked. I grabbed my Coke from the fridge and took two sips before Kelsea entered, her brow folded.

    “Hey, chica, what’s up today? You haven’t been yourself in weeks…” She stood beside me, rubbing my shoulder and giving me that ‘Carol Brady” look. God, I wished for years that Kelsea was old enough to be my mom. She’s like Betty Crocker, Care Bears, and Mother Goose all rolled up into one tiny package. But we're only five years apart... we're probably sisters in another life. Really, she cares for me like a mother rather than a friend.

    I should tell her…she, of all people, would understand how I feel and know how to help me out. But, it’s so embarrassing…and it’s bad enough to live through it, but even worse to place it into words… the things I have to do, the stuff I hear…

    “Ah, I’m just tired, I guess; working too many nightshifts at the hotel.” I give her a cheerful glance, “I’m still saving up for my car.“

    “A car will come in due time,” Kelsea nudges me on the head with the palm of her hand. “But, that noggin of yours needs rest, and plenty of it; can’t go around turning dumb all because you’re working too hard and not getting enough sleep.”

    She hands me a half of a macadamia nut cookie she snagged from her lunch bag (or was it Kevin’s bag?) I took the offering, but not the advice. “Yea…I guess I can take a break for once… I’m thinking about heading out to the lake to go swimming.”

    “See, that’s a good idea. Relax for a spell. Oh, and this weekend you can head with me to the mall. We can catch a few sales, and I can get you something you actually like for your birthday.”

    I really, REALLY didn’t want to be seen in the mall, nor anywhere else. Patronizing her, I just nodded my head. “Sounds good,” and finished the rest of my soda. “Um, look…could you tell Doris that I left early. I’m…not up to closing this evening.”

    Kelsea’s face folded into that sweet motherly concern, her blue eyes darkened. “Are you sure you’re okay?” Was she a freaking mind-reader? I just didn’t want to be there anymore… Work is just a waste of time to me right now.

    “Um, yea… I’m just tired.”

    “Oh, alright, I’ll…call you later.”

    I could feel her eyes evaluating me as I turned away and left the break room, her x-ray vision taking a thorough assessment of all my vitals and emotional state. I was starting to worry that she would follow me out the building, or worse, drive me home herself. If she knew that I was not planning on going home right now… Hell, she would have place surveillance on me, 24/7. Kelsea cares. But, I’m tired of her caring, of her pity.

    Hell, I don't really know what I want anymore...

    Leaving the dealership with all of my affects, I trudged through the ankle deep snow towards Eddington Park, right beside Eddington-Woodway University Medical Center. It was just three blocks away from the dealership and two bus stops from home. When I need a place to get away, where there were no faces to smile at, eyes to prove my innocence to, I would head to the park.

    Today, I headed there to leave for good.

    The pristine water of Shannon Lake was beautiful this afternoon, all shiny with bits of crushed ice floating in the high current, and snow outlining the banks and on top of the rocks sitting in the water. I stood on her icy bridge and thought of the story of Shannon Eddington, the person of whom the park and the hospital was named after. Her family was one of the aristocrats who founded this town, and she, the wife of an Attorney, Bardamus Woodway, fell to her death off this very bridge. No one knows why, but many have their own version of history. The one I held in my mind was of her quest to break away from the social dramas and corruption she was forced into by the very family she loved.

    Funny, I understand her plight personally.

    I dropped my backpack into the lake, watching it break through a patch of thin ice below...and then my purse. I won’t need them, but it sure would help with my identification if they were with me. Dangling my feet over the stone railing, I watch as cars cruised around the park, people walked their dogs, people playing in the snowy fields. No one notice me at all. Not a one. Figures, they all love me on the volleyball court, in the newspaper, on TV, but they don’t even know me. They don’t know that I’m not perfect, that I’m a social moth – following the flame, only to burn. And now this? Two months is enough! It would break my dad’s heart if he knew, but then again… It’ll probably make him happy – one less child support check to deal with. Why did I bring him up now!

    I watched as the water’s movements created little winter whirlpools in various places before the current flowed under the archway. One of my black pumps fell off my foot and plopped in. I kicked the other one in next.

    I heard something else after my second shoe fell, as if my ears were already filled with water, or stuffed with cotton. I couldn't tell what it was. And frankly, it was too late to find out. I wasn't hanging around this place any longer.

    And then, I was last.

    Smooth splash.
  2. It was about one thirty or so in the afternoon, the day was quite icy and cold, and the sun made little effort in warming up the small town. Absyinthe had just moved here two months ago, and he was working in the local hospital. Today was his day off from work, and he had just been lazily lounging around his tiny apartment, when an idea popped into his brain. Why not go for a jog?

    It was a silly idea in this kind of weather, but since it was later in the afternoon, it wouldn't be too awfully cold, and he would be able to be warm enough by jogging, and by wearing a wool coat and some ski pants, as well as all the gloves and hats and scarves and things that he would want to put on.

    Absyinthe ran his long fingers through his short dark brown hair, and started to pull on his wool coat. The heater was running nice and hot in his apartment, so the first initial walk outside would be cold. He chuckled and finally, after putting on his gloves and hat, he grabbed his keys and headed out of his apartment; locking the door behind him.

    A blast of cold air hit him straight in the face and he shivered slightly. He shrugged though, and locked the door, and decided to wait to start jogging until he got to the side walk. He walked down two sets of stairs and past his Santa Fe and reached the icy sidewalk. He looked both ways, deciding where to go, and decided to head to the park, which was a block away. Absyinthe began to jog, his muscles warming up as well as his body temperature. He waved to the people walking their dogs and the postman, and wondered if he would ever start to meet more people outside of his job.

    Absyinthe was always invited to go to parties and out to drink with his coworkers, but he never had the time to. He usually always was working, and he was a bit shy.

    Absyinthe rounded the corner and soon came upon the park. The park was rather large, and it had a lake in it, as well as a bridge that ran across a small portion of the lake. It wouldn't take long for him to come upon the bridge, but he went along the path first, and soon came upon the bridge.

    Nothing was out of the norm, until he realized a girl was sitting on the edge of the bridge. He didn't think much of it, until he saw her bag go in, as well as her shoes. He raised an eyebrow, and then it hit him. She was going to jump! He sprinted towards the bridge and was just about to grab her when she slipped off of the edge and into the dark icy waters of the lake. He cried out and looked from left to right, wondering what to do. He bit his lip and went around to the lake's shore and took off his shoes, coat, hat, and gloves, and dived into the lake.

    The water sent a shock through him, and he blinked and swallowed hard underneath the water. He opened his eyes and searched for the girl's bright red hair. He saw a faint wisp of it and he dived down into the water, and grabbed her up. She wasn't heavy, but her water logged clothes were dragging her down, and he was going with her. He struggled to bring her up out of the water and soon they broke the surface.

    Absyinthe gasped for air and dragged the girl to the shore. He pulled her up onto the bank and checked her neck for a pulse. It was faint, but it was there, and he called out and yelled for someone to call the police. Soon enough, someone was on their phone and they dialed 911. Absyinthe told them she was a suicide attempt, and they repeated his words back into the phone. It was only moments after that an an ambulance and firetruck pulled up to the park and got a stretcher to grab the girl.

    The EMT's recognized Absyinthe, and he told them everything that happened. They patted him on the back and congratulated him for his heroic act. He smiled sheepishly at them, and coughed. The EMT eyed him suspiciously and told him to get into the back of the ambulance as well, and to wrap a thermal blanket around him. He did exactly as they asked and started shivering immediately. He watched the girl and watched as the EMT's checked her pulse and wrapped plenty of blankets around her. He sat back and leaned his head back and waited for them to get to the hospital.

    Of course, on his one day off, he goes to the hospital. Absyinthe sighed and soon they arrived at the hospital. The doctors on duty bustled around the girl, and he suddenly realized who she was. Autum Pearson, the volleyball star! His mouth hung open and he was confused. Why would a girl that had a seemingly perfect life, try to commit suicide? He shook his head and the doctors told him to wait in the waiting room. So many questions were swirling in his head.

  3. Autum

    Medic Clay had the young woman stable and her condition didn't change by the time the ambulance rolled under the canopy before the emergency department's double doors. Rolling her inside, the commotion of the day was ten times worse. Several doctors and nurses rushed to various rooms to deal with other trauma patients, other patients who were capable of moving about did so with their double hospital robes on and their IV units tagging along. The emergency team rolled her into trauma room 8 and began to move her from board to bed; one swift glide and she was there.

    "Oh, my word. This is the Pearson's girl." A nurse exclaimed as the medics wheeled her in.

    "Pearson?" Another ignored the charts in front of her to see for herself and then gasped, “Oh no, it is her. This is bizarre... I just read about her team heading to Nationals next week."

    Then Doctor Sheffield and RN Diedra Clay stepped in with their team. It was like a swarm of bees surrounding their queen. Everyone's attention was on her.

    "Excuse me, Dr. Walker?" A young nurse moved to his side, her hand on his shoulder with a touch of concern. "Have the Medics already cleared your from treatment?” Nurse Jessica Wuenschel scanned the new resident up and down, giving her own assessment herself to determine if he was healthy. “Can I get you anything while you wait for them to stabilize her?”

    Even though he was a doctor of that hospital who could participate in the trauma room, Nurse Jessica wondered if the dramatics of it all had the young doctor a bit shaken up. Doctors are uses to seeing trauma inside the hospital… Rarely do they see how it all happened. For some, it is a shocker and more devastating than dealing with it as it rolls into emergency.
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