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  1. Game Features:
    Choose what happens next!- As the story progresses the survivors will be given choices and forced to pick one, having the survivors choices impact the story and progress.

    Can you discover the killers?- Survivors will discover other survivors among them dieing as the story progresses, making them choose who they think did it! Be careful though, you might just pick the wrong person. (No worries though! If you die, You get the chance to play one of The Shadows! and much more!)

    Can you survive?- The game is based on a realistic world! Wounds will need badges and infections will need antibiotics! Survivors will need food and water, just as much as they need shelter!

    A world for you and me!- This role play will not only be created by me, but everyone inside it, feel free to add details!

    The Shadows, they seek their mothers and the touch of the elements.

    United States, once a land full of modern technology and minor elemental magic, is now a wasteland full of dread and fear. It was 2036 that the virus hit, destroying life as we knew it in a simple 2 weeks, the governments fell, city's went in flames, and people died, while the rest turned into The Shadows. The Shadows are the infected, having their skin turn pitch black, the infected have no sense of anything as they have become insane, and lost the ability to speak. Losing some of the intelligence they once had, The Shadows walk endlessly as the follow their mother's call. A mother is a female that had the ability to minorly control a element before they become infected, only now do they still have stability and intelligence, do they lead The Shadows. Mother's hide deep within Large isolated buildings, or deep underground due to the fact that one beam of skin light will cause the Mother to die. The Touched are the infected that manged to reach a mother, and become fused with one of the Elements, these infected are very rarely seen, and are much stronger then a normal Shadow.

    The remaining survivors manged to withstand the air born virus, only to discover that a bite from one of the infected would cause them to become infected. It's the year 2037, two years since the outbreak of the unknown virus, and the remaining 7% of the worlds population struggle to survive. You are a member of one of the remaining survivor strongholds, and only now are you discovering the truth.

    Stages of the Virus-
    Stage 1- Stage one can last anywhere between 1-3 weeks depending on the host. Stage one consists of patches of pitch black skin, and minor vocal lost.

    Stage 2- Stage two can last between 1-2 days depending on the host. Stage two consists of skin becoming mostly pitch black, and instability of the mind, and complete vocal lost. Intelligence lost is expected to happen during this stage.

    Stage 3- Stage three can last 2-6 hours, depending on the host. The skin is completely pitch black, and the mind is lost to madness, the host will now begin to desire living flesh.

    The Type Of infected
    The Shadows- The original infected, these are the infected that fell victim to the stages of the virus and search endlessly for their mothers. They are always mute, and have pitch black skin and below average intelligence with insanity.

    Mothers- Mother's are women who had minor control over an element before becoming infected. Mother's call to The Shadows so they can taint them with an element. Mothers are more stable and have the ability to speak.

    The Touched- The infected that reached a mother, The touched are stronger then the normal infected, becoming infused with a element have made them physically and magically stronger.

    1. I will ask players to stop posting for mid round updates, and new round posts, I would be happy if you would stop posting when i ask.

    2. Survivors will need to vote on a killer every other round, meaning one round out of every two.

    3. I need decent spelling and grammar.

    Character Sheet-

    Elemental ability: (Remember, Its minor control.)

    Feel free to add to the character sheet!

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  2. Name: Ellis Willow
    Age: 15
    Post Apocalyptic:

    Element: Metal

    Family: Twin sister Annie.

    Personality: Ellis is very full of anger, and will show it when when it surfaces. He haves deep care for his twin, and very little for anyone else, Ellis is very enclosed, only speaking when spoken to, unless its Annie.

    Other Info: Ellis haves a horrible disorder, "Split personality" the doctors would call it, taking the meds he needs keeps Andy caged, but with out them, he quickly surfaces.
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  3. Hmm, do I have room for another roleplay...? WHO CARES THIS IS TOO GOOD TO PASS UP ON! Yes, it is I, the one and only (plus slightly idiotic) Cassette! I have come to sign up for this delicious grand looking role play! Anyways, enough of that, I better put up my character sheet.

    Name: Dannie Craigson
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Personality: Dannie is a rebellious tom-boy, who doesn't like taking orders. She has a lot of confidence, being very sure of herself, yet she's annoyingly stubborn. Also, Dannie is extremely curious, to the point of being reckless. Dannie can be a lot of fun, often making ironic/sarcastic jokes, however she has problems when it comes to being serious. To add to that, Dannie is very friendly to people she is familiar with, but she's vicious with strangers. Dannie's temper is very short and fierce, although it fades quickly. Finally, Dannie is quite energetic, and always ready to do some physical.
    Pre-Virus Appearance:
    Post-Virus Appearance:
    Elemental ability: Lightning
    Other: The scar on her cheek comes from an unfortunate encounter with a wolf.
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  4. I like her! If this doesn't get enough people, I will gladly take a 1on1 with you. I will be updating Ellis, and posting his Sister, Annie.
  5. Hehe, thanks. I hope we do get some interest though. Do you have a banner up?
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  6. Name: Aliya Simmons (nickname: Lee)

    Age: 20

    Personality: Although Lee is shy at times, she can take charge quickly in a tight situation. She automatically knows who she likes and doesn't like, but it's impossible to tell if she hates somebody. Although there are people she cares for more than others, she believes in equality and justice. She prefers to avoid violence, but is a decent fighter when she has to be. Her first kill was the Infected that caused her to lose her arm. Again, she believes in justice, eye for an eye, what goes around comes around.
    If somebody were to hurt a friend of hers, she would unless all Hell upon them, but not before making sure her friend was fine. She values friendship over anything else, and would die for one of her close friends.
    When she isn't hurling abuse at someone that messes with her, she is quiet, only speaking when it is relevant and helpful. In conversations, she prefers to listen.

    Appearance: Aliya has short, black hair and green eyes. She is always wearing glasses, and she can't see much at all without them. Near the beginning of the virus, an infected caught her hand and she was bitten. The people she was travelling with acted fast and hit her over the head, before quickly amputating her arm below the elbow so the infected blood couldn't spread. When Aliya woke, her arm was replaced with a bloody bandage. It was her left hand that was amputated, and because she was left handed, she can't do much with her remaining hand.


    Elemental ability: Water

    Other: she is half blind without her glasses, and losing them is her number one fear. She guards them with her life.
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  7. Yes I do. Annie will be posted soon.
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  8. Name: Sarah Leigh
    Age: 15
    Elemental ability: Dark

    Personality: Sarah is usually more observant than other people because she prefers to be acutely aware of her surroundings at all times. She is anti-social because she has anxiety and paranoia of what others view her as. She laughs alot but never smiles, and hates people who act more saddened than she.

    She is afraid of the dark and fears her element greatly, and tries to keep her power as weak as possible. The only thing that softens her to people is sweet lemons.
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  9. Updated!
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  10. Name: Annie Willow
    Age: 15
    Post apocalyptic:

    Elemental ability: Fire.

    Family: Twin Brother Ellis Willow.

    Personality: Annie is a fan of watching, and studying. She finds nothing more interesting then The Shadows behavior and how they came about, but she isn't stupid. Annie knows of the dangers the infected can cause and she takes violence in flames when it comes to it, but only when it comes to it. Nothing is more importation then Ellis to her.
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  11. @Cassette

    Sorry for so long of a wait, I forgot my password, things kept coming up, but I'm here! The game will start tomorrow or the next day, I wish a couple of people would join before hand though.
  12. Coolies Fajoolies!
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  13. Woo! Can't wait! :)
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  14. The elements that are in the picture are the ones Kiera can have, and she can only control one. Plants is not one. Before i can accept this I will need that changed and a little more detail.
  15. I will be waiting two more days before I start the IC thread, I need at least a group of six.
  16. I can invite some people over here if you like?
  17. Please do.
  18. @Cry
    @Ichigo Kurosaki
    @Domeki Sato
    @Arius LaVari

    HEY THERE! <3
    So I've tagged all of you WONDERFUL people because I'm begging you all to join this super-duper role-play! As you can see from the main post, it's going to be loads of fun, so you should all definitely sign up ASAP. I understand if you don't want to, buuuut....

    Cookies. :D
  19. I heard cookies! Natsu_ideas_about_ninjas.jpg
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