The Seven Deadly Iwakuans

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Which Sin do YOU most embody?

  1. Sloth

    8 vote(s)
  2. Lust

    5 vote(s)
  3. Greed

    2 vote(s)
  4. Wrath

    2 vote(s)
  5. Pride

    3 vote(s)
  6. Gluttony

    2 vote(s)
  7. Envy

    5 vote(s)
  1. You wouldn't be looking for fingerprints on the bodies themselves. If people have been careful enough to not touch the broken robot arm, then THAT is what Naomi should lift prints off of.
  2. can i dab with you cuz you didn't need to dab twice ;)
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  3. no get out
  4. See, there's your average shitposter, and then there is Bomb. He puts so much dedication into his shitposts that they rise from the grave of shitposts and become actual, legitimate posts. Sometimes, his work can even be declared art.
  5. Oh yeah, Doremi up for interaction. She's having singer problems D:

    Everybody else was posting so fast... I was trying to keep up...

    EDIT: I've done my job. Heading to bed now...
  7. For some reason, viewing Aki-Era MGs even for research purposes (I'm trying to get a census of how most MGs start: Kidnapped or they naturally end up somewhere, or a mix of both) makes me weirdly uncomfortable.
  8. Astorath's clothes changed to jeans and a plaid shirt and scarf. "This'll do."
  9. "Yeah." Anya smile.
  10. "They're always learning."
  11. "They're working on a poison."
  12. Ichiru was slowly trying to inch out of the room, "We're next." He mumble softly.

    "Not yet." Diane sulk, "She was mean."
  13. Kunari held his arms.
  14. Totally diggin' mine, thanks Asmo! *eyebrow wiggle*

    *screams like a baby and jumps onto table when she sees a roach*
  15. Faith: clue.
    Hope: Sakura
    Charity: Kura.
    Prudence: T.C.
    Justice: Asmo. -__- Go with it, dun laugh...hes...fair as a mod...after he's done making intelligent and higher than thou comments in the cbox. >__<
    Temperance: ....Sho?
    Courage: Nino?

    Lust: TK and Myrn will have to have a slap out to decide. Either will do in my book.
    Sloth: jinx will hush. JINX!
    Wrath: Soldato. O__o...or perhaps one of the rage 'boys' in the cbox.
    Pride: Frost. He has a painting of hisself, nufffff saiiiiiid.
    Envy: Vay.
    Gluttony: ME.
    Greed: diana...greed of...POSTS!...just being stupid with this one.

    Death: Ryker/McCarthy/blah blah blah and so on. >__>
    War: warmaster cuz...damnit its in his name and I dun wanna put ryker here -__-
    Famine:Rory cause its the first name that popped in my head.
    Pestilence:Inky for the sole fact that she seems to be sick everytime I see her in the cbox.
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  16. *feels left out*
    Nah, JKJK.
    I'll make something here in a bit.
    *BRB sign goes here*
  17. @ asmo, dear asmo papa, why the hell am I Lust????
  18. It's a shame you can only click on one option. That, and I think 'indecisiveness' should be a sin XD That'd be mine.
    Other than that, my friends and I tried to work this out for each of us, but no one could get mine O_o either I'm sinless or I'm a conglomeration (cor, that's a big word).

    Hmmm, I'd feel a little guilty assigning sins to you all, but I suppose it's truthful to say that everyone has a sin that sticks out most - like a big, misshapen horn on the back of your head or something - but I'm not sure who would be what D:

    (That was a very roundabout way of saying 'I don't know' XD)
  19. So can we use former members as well?
  20. Hmm...I think I'm a mix of Pride and Lust. I'll go with Lust more though.
    I'm almost surprised no one has picked me for pride or lust yet. I have my own freeken Fan Club!
    So yeah. I would make one, but I'm not sure I know everyone enough yet. lol