The Seven deadly Inn

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  1. So I have this idea to do a group horror/romance/fantasy role play.
    The plot is pretty simple.

    A group of men and women wake up one morning a hotel, none of them are aware of how they got there or where exactly they are. However, this hotel isn't normal, when the players wake up a note is placed on each ones desk explaining why they are here and what their goal is here in this hotel and explains to them how to get out,the hotel is owned by a man named Mr.Cab . none of the people have ever heard of him, or know of him. There is a way out of this place but it will take the fulfillment and "curing" of each players deadly sin to get out and even then "Out" could be different for each person. The players are also left with a key to their hotel room door. On the outside of each door is their sin. There is one other catch though, each night that passes without someone getting out, someone dies, and for each person that leaves, another one enters.

    That is all I have developed of it so far. I want to have a co gm to help me develop the plot and make sure that everything is going to plan.

    The story will start with seven people and the obviously more people will join as people die/leave. There is an ending to this but only one other person besides myself and the co gm will know how to end all of this because I am including that in one of the sins.

    I was thinking it would have somewhat of a saw feel to it.

    Like I said though I so want to have a co-gm to help me develop this and make it good. So let me know if you are interested. :)
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  2. Interesting-- but I might suggest changing the name of the inn keeper unless you're intending for it to be a direct reference to the recent film...
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