The Series of Murders

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  1. "Open the door." A woman called into the buzzer. The large iron doors swung open, permitting them to enter. She carried the sleeping girl to the council room and set her on the couch, the other members had not arrived yet. "Allow them in they have their badges." She motioned to the guard with her hand, permitting him leave.

    Plot info (open)
    There's been the murder of the Mayor and his family. Only their daughter, Jae, survived. Violet is the detective on the case, and she has called a meeting with all the important people. There's her assistant detective, the psychologist, friends and outer members of the family. Who did it? Why did he do it? How did he do it? Only Jae knows, but she has been as silent as a mouse. When awake, she stares silently at some memory that causes her to freeze and stare blankly. Other then that, she sleeps.