The Serbian Sickle (Post Apocalyptic)

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  1. OOC:

    I've written up a bit of a backstory that I thought was pretty cool, and I'm going to post a section of it here. If it get's popular enough, I'll post the whole thing and try to get a group started, thanks for reading!

    [BCOLOR=transparent]It is now 2047, a mere 2 years after the initial outbreak of what has now been called the Serbian Sickle. As advancements have come in fighting and studying the disease, it has been found that the virus attacks nerve tissue in the brain. From what can be gathered from its beginning, the initial strains of the virus hit their intended target of disabling the area of a person’s brain that allowed them to use their diaphragm and the brain’s regulation of it, meaning the host could no longer breathe and, therefore, died. As more and more people were infected, the virus mutated and evolved, first evolving to not only attack the breathing part of the brain, but the parts of the brain that allowed use of extremities, or parts that allowed the brain to regulate the operation of organ’s such as the liver, which led to blood poisoning and other complications.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The final, and perhaps most frightening current mutation was that of reanimation. Once the body was brain dead, not always fully dead, the virus could commandeer the control of nerve tissues, making dead bodies spasm and the likes, and then would soon reanimate the entire host, destroying memories and most instincts other than to attack and survive. The virus thrives simply to spread and infect, it appears.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Reanimates can be of any shape and condition. Since many, many cases of the virus involved attacking many different parts of the brain, many reanimates suffer from loss of any number of functions, such as seeing, hearing, use of the jaw, or even loss of both legs. Every case is different, leading to any large numbers of different and varied reanimates with different enhancements or disabilities.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]It is unknown if those killed by the earlier strains of the disease can be reinfected by the new strains and reanimated. If so, it would mean the possibility of a large surge reanimates in perfect condition to combat current survivors and regulated government forces.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Machines have been developed to manually breathe for subjects that have been attacked by the Serbian Sickle, but they cannot protect against further attack of brain use, should the virus decide to keep attacking once the function of the diaphragm has been disabled.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The virus is also airborne, meaning that only cities with ArtAmos, or Artificial Atmospheres, have survived the disease. Major cities have remained, or new ones formed, around ArtAmos, with few being let out, and next to none being let in, as to risk the entry of the virus, which has happened to irresponsible ArtAmos in the past.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]EDIT: Figured It might stir up a bit more interest to post some more of the OP, here ya go.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]You are now part of the CDC’s Disease Containment Squadron, or better known as ‘Big Docs’ to locals. You each wake up in the same room, restrained to a chair, free only to look around and observe the others. Some you recognize, some you don’t. You all have one thing in common: you all USED to be soldiers. You are no longer soldiers of a large government. You are the special military force of the Center for Disease Control, under control of solely the CDC and none other. A man, along with a few scientists, enters the grey, well lit room, in a white military-type outfit, except instead of being marked with ranks, he only wears the insignias of the CDC, some buttons containing the eagle and people, some the circular logo. [/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]He looks like he’s no older than any of you in the room, but you can tell by his presence that he wields a fair amount of power. As he stands at attention before the room, some of the scientists begin to place fliers in each of the soldier’s laps....[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
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  2. Yes, yes and yes.
    I'm interested.
  3. Welp, that's one lmao.
  4. Oooohhh!! This definitely sounds like something I'd do- what are the genres and story elements of the roleplay? :)
  5. Genre's could include survival horror, maybe a tiny bit sci fi, along those lines. Story elements would be strong character development among small groups, loss and tradgedy, suspense and fear of the unknown, maybe a a lot of distrust since no one knows why they are there in that unit and they don't know many of the people there. There's probably a lot of things I'm forgetting, or I may not even be telling you what you asked for lmao, i hope that helped! :)
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  6. Oh no! That's a perfect explanation- thank you very much! I'm definitely interested now! :D
  7. Seems interesting. Let me know when it starts and I'll be happy to take part in the rp.
  8. Ya know, I think 4 people might be a cool number of people for this type of idea I'm going towards. I think I'll make a few changes to the Op, along with the massive error with the title, and set it up in the group RP thread and message y'all when I get it up. If more people end up signing up, it won't hurt at all, so here's to a good roleplay!
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