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  1. Okay, so there is this amazing book series called The Selection, and if you haven't read it you really ought to. I would love to do a RolePlay of this. I would need a Queen, King, Prince, and the books start with 35 girls (uhhhhhh I don't think I can get that many) so I'm just going to let however many people sign up to play the 16-20 year old competitors.
    For those that are interested and have yet to read the books the selection works as follows:
    Premise: 35 girls are "randomly" (not really but yeah) chosen to compete to become the princes wife. If I get enough interest, I can put more info out. I would like to play a contestant, so if somebody offers to play Queen or King, they may also play GM.

    • The contestant cannot leave the palace on her own accord—she can only be dismissed by the prince himself.
    • There is no timeline for the Selection—it can last from days to years.
    • The contestant cannot arrange her times with the prince. If in a large social setting, this rule does not apply.
    • The contestant cannot fight or sabotage other participants. If the contestant is found laying her hands on another contestant, causing her stress, stealing from her, or doing anything that might diminish her personal relationship with the prince, the prince will decide whether to dismiss her or not.
    • The contestant can only have a romantic relationship with the prince. If the contestant is caught in a relationship with someone else, it is considered treason and punishable by death.
    • If the contestant is found breaking any of Illéa's written laws, her punishment will be tied to that offense.
    • The contestant cannot eat food or wear any clothes not provided to her by the palace.
    • The contestant must be courteous to photographers, and allow them to see her lifestyle with the prince.
    • For each week the contestant stays at the palace, her family will be compensated.
    • If the contestant is no longer in the Selection, she will have an aide to help her adjust to her new life after the Selection. Her aide will help the contestant find new housing and employment.
    • If the contestant makes it to the top ten, she is considered an Elite, and will be required to learn about particular inner workings of the life and obligations she would have as a princess. Until then, the contestant is not permitted to seek out such information.
    • The contestant's caste number is automatically raised to a Three, unless she was already a Three prior to being Selected. Her family's caste remains the same. If the contestant was already a Two prior to the Selection, her and her family's status will remain the same.
    • If the contestant wins the Selection, she and her family will become Ones and members of the royal family. The contestant will also marry the prince and become the crowned princess of Illéa, taking on all the rights and responsibilities of the title.
    • The contestant must be a virgin.
    • If the prince invites the contestant to do something with him, she cannot refuse—regardless if it's dinner, outings, kissing, and even more than kissing.

    If you haven't read it but want more info, there is a decent wiki for the selection
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  2. I only read the first book of The Selection... It does sound interesting, though, to RP it. I have never GMed any RP before, though, so even though I have an idea for a queenly woman, I know I can't run something with 15 characters.

    You may wanna cut that back even more, though. 15 is a LOT of people.
  3. I'm totally interested in this I love the books, read all 3 in 3 days they were literally glued to my hands XD. I have been looking for a Selection RP for sometime and am thinking of starting one too. First though I wanted to see if there were others out there, one thing though instead of 15 girls why don't you just leave it open to however many people join (and stop before it gets to 35 even though thats not likely).
  4. That's probably a better idea, I change that, thanks!
  5. I am interested and have no preference on what role so I am willing to wait a bit to see if anyone else wanted a specific role.
  6. Ooo! Royalty! I'd like to play a contestant! :)
  7. I loved that book :D (Have only read the first and parts of the second so far though.)

    I would looove to play the prince :3 (or a contestant if someone else would be more fit for the role) (can also double as filler contestants or servants if needed)
  8. Would love to play have read all three books
  9. I loved that book. Only read the 1st one, but count me in.
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