The Secret of Nostradamus

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Basically anything as long as it has a good story line.
Story of the past

He was looking up at the sky. At first he was confused. He was watching stars for a long time and sometimes he saw things that later came true. Unfortunately, people thought that he was losing his marbles. No matter, how they were doubtful, Michel himself thought differently. Being raised in Catholic family, gave him the believe that there were people chosen by God but Michel was afraid to step out to the sunlight and pronounce himself a prophet. He was also afraid that one day his...visions would get worse, that stars would tell him about fights and death. No matter how hard he tried to avoid it, tonight he saw something that frightened him. All he didn’t want to experience, came to him at once.

The constellation of stars was eerie. Michel sixth sense was screaming at him yet he couldn’t make out what he had to do. Instead of writing down his thoughts, he started to sketch. It was quicker and in some ways easier to document his vision. He spent the whole night outside, sketching. Afterwards, once he was back in the house, Michele put in words what he experienced last night and suddenly there lied a terrific prophecy in front of him. Scared of sharing it, Michel hid it and for several years it fell to oblivion.


“Michel!” called out his mum and with a wide smile greeted her son. “Or should I call you monsieur Nostradamus?” She asked, chuckling. Taking the hand of her soon, she walked with him back to the house. How long had it been since he last visited this old house? He didn’t care because it was always pleasant. However, he was tired after the journey from Paris so with a quick excuse he vanished into his room. His old, good room. He couldn’t believe how much it hadn’t changed since the time he left. He lied down on his bed and all of a sudden fell asleep.

When he woke up again, Nostradamus was feeling strange. It was almost like a deja-vu but that wouldn’t be so odd because in the past he had woken up in that room several times. This time it was different. Trying to lift himself up, Nostradamus’s hand slipped and fell behind the bed. His fingers touched something. He stiffened.

‘What could that be?’ he thought and gripped the unknown object, pulling it up from its hiding place. The thing that was hiding under his bed was an old, folded piece of paper. Surprised and curious, the prophet unfolded it. His throat tightened. His mind went blank for he couldn’t believe what he was holding. The prophecy of a great fight between evil and good. Why had he forgotten about it?

He spent couple more days with his parents before he left for Paris. This time he was carrying with him something that no one knew about - rewritten verses of his vision from his childhood.


Story of the present

“No, it can’t be found. What do you think I was doing throughout the years?” Verik asked one of his mates who sank into depression once again. The foretold battle was arriving quickly and they still hadn’t found their destined human helpers. Gargoyles were out every night, searching the city. They had been out even during the light when the cycle of Three days of Full moon began. Still, their search went in vain

“But there has to be something!” exclaimed Verik’s fellow friend. Verik, the Guardian of the Library, sighed. How many times before did he say it? Did they listen to him or not?

“Ok, I will check again,” he said resignedly because he was too tired to experience another argument. Verik himself believed that there were hints somewhere. Hints that would lead them to the prophecy that Nostradmus left somewhere here, in the Library of Notre Dame which was hiden deep within the catacombs. Getting up from the table, Verik bid his goodbye and left. His head lowered, soul unsettled.


Summary of the game

This RP is set in the modern world, in Paris. History would mingle with the present. Notre Dame, the great cathedral, isn't what it looks to be. Gargoyles that sit upon its moulding are alive and they are searching for humans with some traumas from the past. Those humans are the chosen ones that will have to face the evil forces. Why? Because Nostradamus, the prophet, foretold that a great battle will emerge when the time would come. Such a battle could wipe out the good and only evil would rule the world....or the scales could turn back into balance.

This roleplay combines elements of history, supernatural and thriller.

Oh and by the way, the prophecy got lost so noone really knows when or where it would happen.

  • 3 gargoyles
    • males
    • in stone form during the day
    • in human for during the night
    • if gargoyle stays in human form during the day he will get burned to ashes
    • each gargoyle has to return to Notre Dame before sunrise
    • Three days of Full moon (described later)
    • gargoyles guard the library in Notre Dame’s catacombs
    • are also guards and guides for elected humans
  • 3 humans
    • males or females (but I would prefer females)
    • have to have a trauma from the past
    • get an ability from the gargoyle they were assigned to

Three days of Full moon


- before, during and after the actual Full moon
- the only time when gargoyles can stay in their human form during the day as well


For Gargoyles (still searching for one more Gargoyle)

Appearance: (only human required)


Notre Dame
- build from 1163 to 1345

- a place where gargoyles live and from where they cooperate

- there is a huge library in its catacombs which is the source of gargoyle’s knowledge
; every gargoyle protects it but only Verik (mentioned later) is the ultimate guardian of it
- it is believed amongst the gargoyles that Notre Dame has to do something with Nostradamus yet there is no historical fact that would confirm it

- 1503 - 1566

- found the catacombs and the library

- deposited his secret prophecy to the Notre Dame library but it got lost

NPC (=non-player's character)

- The Guardian of the Library
one of the oldest Gargoyle
- considered to be very wise, brave and mysterious


1. I am the Game Master. I will play no character apart from the NPCs.
2. I want to see structured text of at least 2 paragraphs. No short replies unless there is really nothing to write.
3. Check what you wrote before you post it. We all want to understand what you mean.
4. If there would be any problem between players. Do not argue in here!
5. Any problems about the game should be discussed with me.
6. If you know that you are going to be absent for a longer period then please let me know otherwise I will not be able to continue with the RP and you would only slow down you fellow role-players.
7. This the most important one so pay attention - Enjoy the game! ^^


NOTE 1: I am not making any characters myself. I will only play for NPCs and will provide you with description of the surroundings and will decide what will happen in key moments. I might warn about that in advance.

NOTE 2: We only need Gargoyles now. Last female post has been taken.

,D Yay, it's up!

[[ finished! ]]

Name: Anastasia "Annie" Yuelin

Age: 19

Trauma: A nine year old Annie was rescued from a burning home by foreign neighbors. They adopted the orphaned child and took her along with them to Paris on their return. They named her Anastasia for when they arrived in Paris, she suffered from amnesia, but had manners and sensibility to that of a princess.
Her foster parents gave her the surname "Yuelin", which was a variation of what they could remember of her original name, Yue Liang - 'Moonlight'. Often the memory will return to her in bits and pieces, but she will not understand it. When she was sixteen, the elderly couple passed away. They had very little assets, but what they did have, they gave to her. Now she lives on the streets of Paris, doing odd jobs and singing in the streets to make money for her tiny apartment. She graduated high school, but does not have the money for college although she does teach herself with books bought with her spare cash.

Personality: Sensible, polite, and solemn-faced, Annie smiles lightly and her eyes reflect a tiredness. Although she is thankful and content, she wishes that life was not such a struggle to survive and often has to overwork herself to make financial ends meet. She is incredibly hopeful and positive, always believing that there is more to life than difficulty. She hopes one day to recover her memories, so that she might feel that she knows she is in this world. She is happiest when day dreaming, though time often forbids her from being able to do so.
I just have to join this RP:D

Name: Eira Connor

Age: 22

Appearance: vampire-diaries-lost-girls-promo-still.jpg

Trauma: As a eightenteen year old Eira still lived in Ireland with her parents, having a perfect life in her eyes, quite wealthy family, good grades, friends and a boyfriend. But a summer evening when Eira and her boyfriend were on their way home from a party, they had a small argument in the car and in a crossing another driver's carelessness ended in a severe car accident involving three cars. Eira survived with a broken leg and bruises while her boyfriend died after laying in a coma for a few days with head trauma and broken bones. The driver that caused the accident had been a drunk and was punished with jail, but even so Eira blames herself for her boyfriend's death, or rather the fact that she made it out with a minor injury while he took the brunt blow and died. She believes that if they hadn't argued they could have avoided the crash, she also feels guilty over the fact that the last words they said had been from an argument. To get away from the place that brought back bad memories, Eira waited till her leg healed and finished school and then moved to Paris hoping to lay the whole thing behind her. She lives in a small apartment working at a photo studio and has a quite good life but she still feels guilty and has a hard time letting anyone too close, she fears that those she holds close will be hurt leaving her with the pain.

Personality: Friendly, polite, serious and open minded yet she fears letting people too close and has a temper as well. After the accident her usual positive attitude has changed towards a more negative view on life. She likes meeting new people and seeing new things, she is loyal to her friends and family and also very curious. Despite being a very empathetic person she has never been one to show her emotions openly and is a bit akward with physical signs of emotions as well. Eira loves photographing, mostly nature and still life, and is often out on the streets of Paris or out in the nature surrounding the large city taking photos whenever she isn't at work.
Name: Calvin Rodrigez
Abilities: He can speak with light and use moon light to create weapons, only blades and knives.
Personality: He is a mute. He can't speak without using light or tallking to someone in their mind. He is obviously quiet but he is just like any other guy, only when the sun rises, he turns back into a stone Gargoyle.

Nope, I am only doing NPCs and key moments and description of places ;) I will supervising you ;)
HI! Sorry, I am starting on a character currently, but I just wanted a clarification what you mean by Traumas.

I am not entirely sure what to put down for that.
Well, as for trauma it might by something that mentally affects your character even now. For instance, you character was raped in past or was stalked by a maniac or was a kidnap by a maniac but rescued. Anything like that but it should affect your character mentally.
Oh! I see now

I was not sure if it was supposed to be somethng explicitely linked TO the prophecy or what not.

I gotcha. :3 Thanks for clarifying!
That's ok ;) Looking forward to seeing you character ;)
:3 I'm sincerely sorry I have not sent one in yet. >< Things keep fucking popping up!
But I'm snowed in, so hopefully if I wake up early, I can settle down and just do it!
Name: Sitca Lorenzo

Abilities: Other than having a great sense of fashion, Sitca has an ear piercing screech and if loud enough he break eardrums.
Personality: Flamboyant and the affectionate sort, Sitca enjoys touching people. He doesn't do it in a perverted sense, he just enjoys laying a hand on your shoulder, and he will greet you with a kiss on the cheek or a hug. He is a sensitive person but can get easily angry. At that point, it is safe to assume that he will throw a tantrum.
Name: Elise Vanderose

Age: 21

Trauma: As a young girl, Elise enjoyed wandering from home. When she was eight, she had grown an interest for bugs, and creatures that lived in the brooks, ponds and streams surrounding the woods near her house. When she'd find the many interesting organisms, she'd try to capture them so as to show her parents just how amazing they are. One day, she had found a frog in a creek by her house. She followed it as it hopped away into a bigger stream. Without thinking, the girl hopped in the stream thinking it was shallow enough to stand, but landed in the deeper part. She had nearly drowned, but somehow she found herself awake by the stream bank, saved by someone. Who, she has no clue.

Personality: Quirky, introverted and shy. She is very "nerdy" to some people considering that she wears glasses, keeps to herself and often is interested in the finer things rather than simply make up, boys, and random girly things. She is polite, but sometimes say things that tend to be awkward, or out of place. Elise does not fear touching the 'icky' stuff, and will happily contain random creatures for examination later on. Ever since her drowning, she has had an acute sense of fear towards large bodies of water. But despite that, she also longs to know who it was that saved her so many years ago. Her attempts at finding said person so far, have lead her to no success.

edit: Sorry for the tiny picture, just click it to enlarge. I was having issues putting it on so I just attached it.

Yay! Thanks Curi!

So we have all humans and only 1 more gargoyle is needed :)
Hi Guys!
I am so sorry that this RP got stuck so suddenly and doesn't seem to be moving on. But it seems that it would take a while tilll Tetsuri will make a Character so i was hoping that if any of you could ask one of your friends to join, it might be quicker.

I am sorry again and I hope that you all still want to participate.