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  1. Hey guys! :D So basically this story is about a young man named Eli James Storm, my main character which I like to use alot. Anyways, he just turned 17 and he is about to discover the truth about himself! What could it be?...
    -Characters Needed-
    -His best guy friend- Taken by Akuma.
    -Another Best friend who happens to be a girl- UnicornX
    - The new girl in school- Taken by SilverJae.
    *Hope to see you in my RP! :D*
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  2. Yesh! :3
    Just put your CS here!
  3. Name: Xanthia Zale
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: She has bright blonde hair that goes to her shoulders and waves inwards slightly. She has curious green eyes and a bright smile, if you can get her to smile. She's about 5'7'' and is pretty competitive and athletic.
  4. Accepted SilverJae!
  5. man i will be your best friend lol
  6. Well I would hope so! :P Long time no see man! Just put you CS here! :D
  7. good to see you again lol

    Name: Akuma Kagutsuchi
    Age: 17
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  8. Maybe he should be younger lol. Eli is still in high school.
  9. word o.o 17 would be better lol
  10. Yes! :) Accepted Akuma!
  11. Is the female best friend still up for grabs? If so, I'd like to take it please. :D
  12. Of course you can UnicornX! Just put your CS here then we can start! Btw when you see the RP you will noticed I put it in the first person. This is because this is the actual story (which I made) that I am basing this on.... and well I just pasted my first chapter onto it because I was too lazy to type XD. I have written 4 chapters so far :P. But however I do not expect you guys to do exactly as how I wrote it... just doing it for fun! If you guys do however want to read the rest of the chapters let me know and I will PM it to you!
    P.S Eli looks like the pic on the left but with silver eyes
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  13. What's the title of the IC?

  14. ''Battle of the Demi-Gods: New Edition!"
  15. Thank you!!

    I'll work on getting a post in tomorrow in the morning, but I must go for now. It's really cool!
  16. Alright! See ya! :3
  17. Shit! Wait a sec I meant to put The Story of Eli! XD My bad! Thats a different RP I am doing XD
    My bad I am multi-tasking XD
  18. Name: Fiona Valentinov
    Age: 17
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    She stands at five foot nine inches tall and weighs approximately one hundred twenty nine pounds. Oddly enough, she is blessed with a pair of natural crimson colored eyes, which leaves skeptical impressions on others more so than not. She adores small animals and enjoys bringing her Entlebucher Sennenhund puppy wherever she goes, even if some areas restrict pets from entering the premises. She's a bit of a rule breaker; less 'I'm-badass-so-I'll-skip-class' and more 'The-happiness-of-others-come-first'.

    Er. I've never roleplayed first person before and I'm pretty sure I'll be horrible at it. I'm comfortable with third, so I think I'll just stick with that for now. ^-^
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