The seasonal fighter vs The Veteran

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  1. Combat


    The battle will take place upon a rather beautiful vicinity. A widespread area that is covered with a multitude of coniferous Trees. That stand at about a height of 28 ft in the air. The sun shines brightly, and the winds blow rather harshly on this day. The ground below is rather wet and very slippery. The soils beautiful, and filled with nourishment. For all of the multiple species of plant that reside within the vicinity. Trees surround the fighting area in a circular shape. The fighting area is Two hundred and fifty feet, by two hundred and fifty feet.

    The rules for the fight are

    1.) No automatic striking.
    2.) No GUNS allowed.
    3.) This fight will be based Solely upon realistic combat.
  2. ~ Character Sheet ~

    "There's something else to that thrust, which is yet to be determined.
    Mind if I take a gamble?
    Of course you don't, forgive me my intrusions... but you're just delectable.
    I am not much a man of taking a risk without some way out. So, be mindful of how close you stand."

    NAME: Decadere
    EPITHET: 'The Fool'
    AGE: Unknown, Presumably 26
    BIRTHDAY: May 28
    ZODIAC: Gemini
    RACE: Human
    HEIGHT: 5'9"
    WEIGHT: 140 lbs
    SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Non-Orientated | Uninterested
    ROMANTIC STATUS: Irrelevant
    MARKING(S): Circular scar (about his neck) , Missing the tip to his left ear
    EYE COLOR: Dark Brown

    ".Dancing In The Lion's Den."

    When it comes to simplicity, Decadere does his best to keep things as such. In 'The Lion's Den', he is commonly found keeping himself locked away with nothing but his thoughts. Imagining a world where his country flourished on peace and the lives of others did not manage to fall victim.

    Like every man of legend, myth, history, and power; Decadere has a number of special qualities and tools to help him get through his everyday job of avoiding, or dismissing conflict and threats.

    • SWORD Samael : The sword of Decadere is aptly named Samael [Sam-Aye-el] after the angel of death. Relying on the sword as his main form of 'communication', Decadere does very little talking whenever he is grasping on the thin steel.
    • DAGGER Epoch : Sheathed within the handle of the sword, Epoch, the dagger is small and fashioned after a stilleto or something of the sort. It is hardly ever seen to be used whenever the foil is capable of handling the conflict. However it is present all the time.

    ".My Roar Is Fierce."
    Powers / Not used in this fight (open)

    The bending of one's aura is seen a lot in the works of martial artists, and swordsmen who find the need to rely on the flashy feel of the tangible energy that is present in all things of life and undeath. However, for the sake of Decadere, a swordsman of an unflashy style his Aura bends in two ways: 1) Elemental Emissions [Electricity, Fire], and 2) Broadcasting. Without much needed explanation, the first way of manipulation is through generating an elemental response from his aura, and thus empowering his natural attributes. The second is more like a cloaking device, that can conceal, unveil, and empower Decadere's embodiment. Such can be as simple as strengthening his strength, or heightening his voice.

    ENHANCED SWORDSMANSHIP The Epitome of the swordsman is his skill with the blade. Decadere himself has mastered the art of fencing and thus has come to learn some odd possibilities with his own body that result in his fencing style seeming rather far-fetched. His thrusts for instance can now project sharp-gusts of wind, his strikes seem to propel blades of wind and his movements are much more rhythmic than that of a mundane swordsman. However, this should go without say that even his basic swordsmanship was rather high-tier.

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