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So this is my first time making one of these and i hope i am doing it right. At least i hope. So onto bussiness.

The purpose of me putting this advertisement out is pretty much to try and get 1 or 2 people for a discord rp group iam in. I havent talked it over with the others in tbe group yet mainly cause i wanna see how this gose. But this group of 4 (got a 4th member not to long ago) we do rping on discord diffrently we have 3 rps selected and every week we alternate to a diffrent rp in the cycle so each is given enough time and also so we dont burn out on the ine we are doin.

NOW heres the issue. Weve tried getting people from other sites to join in our rp shinagins but they either ghosted the server. Couldnt do it due to irl stuff which is perfectly understandable. Or just leave without saying a word. Our little group is a dedicated one thats trys our best to be on as much as possible but usually boils down to it being in the afternoons to night. So if your looking for a dedicated group we are it

Another thing. Our rps have a big cast of characters. Sure if you REALLY cant rp multiple characters thats fine but itd help if people who could joined due to some rps we are doing requireing big character casts. If there villians protags or one and done characters for the story. Multiples makes it fun.

Anyway onto the GOOD of our group. We are chill overall careing about each other geeking out about stuff like anime video games ect but also being there if someones going threw tough times cause were all here rping to have fun and escape the real world might as well try and cheer people up in the process.

So to end off ill put my discord name and the name of a sever that is joinable before the main group so either join that link or contact me directly on discord


And with that i hope ye all have a swell day and cant wait to meet peeps